MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) The “try” thing… It does not exist!


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) The “try” thing… It does not exist!

What is that thing we do: “try” ??? Where are you now? Let me ask you this… if you are sited at a desk, just try to pick up a pencil or a piece of paper. Could you do it? No! what you did was “pick up a pencil” you did not “try to pick up a pencil!. you see? Now try to pick up my pencil, it is right here on my desk. could you do it? No! did you try? of course not,because you know you cannot pick up my pencil. You do not even try! exactly!… There are no impossible things, but there are stupid things to do with our time and energy and, one of those is really, you trying to pick up my pencil, when you do not even know where i am and you surely do not need my pencil! you need yours! it is so much easier to get!
That takes me to another matter. what is that you need? you need what is yours and what is that? Its what lies inside of you! How do you get to what you want? well… you surely cant get there by trying! either you do it or you dont! Some of you might say: well, i do not know what i want! well… i say, do you want to feel better? yes? So… there you have it! You have something you want, right there at your heart! is it invisible? So what? Does it really matters? of course not! … Again, stop giving energy to what doesnt matter! Only matters what you want! … Or what you are, or what you feel… which is the same thing, really!
Bottom line here is:
Align yourself with your true self;
Step into that, meaning: be you and stay there and if you want to change and grow, be that change and growth as well;
Being you, focusing on you and whatever you want is doing it! not trying it!
There is not: try to love yourself! there is only: love yourself!
Chose at least one thing today through which you do! and do it! Do something for you today and do not give any explanations or ask permission! just BE that action towards yourself! at least one… tomorrow do at least two actions for yourself. Do not forget to do it from the heart and also let yourself enjoy it fully, completely!
Keep doing it every day… through all existence! You truly matter! feel that and BE that!

2 thoughts on “MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) The “try” thing… It does not exist!

  1. Danke need your help wanted to quite. Hackers in my pad all over. Got two profile. So many things happening all in secrets. Today my kids at last helped me. Am private. Dont know how to fix all this. Ask with open heart to my angels. Cannot fly meditate anymore. I stay happy and love myself. Go within for healing. But no energies anymore. Darkness happens to me 2 weeks ago. What to do dear Maria Lyra Light help. ❤💥


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