New Moon reveling our inner ascension



New Moon reveling our inner ascension

For the next 3 days, the effects of the New Moon are to be felt, worked and we can use this phase to plant the seeds we wish to see growing on our lives and the collective we live in.
The only way to unfold the future is to unveil the inner self. Lessons are here to be learned through feelings. If we chose to look at things with transparency and authenticity we can unite instead of dividing. If we divide inside by avoiding our inner parts to collaborate, we surely reflect that on the outside of ourselves.
This New Moon occurs in Scorpio, so the emotions to unveil are related to mysterious feelings we have been hiding inside. We prefer to feel comfortable and not look to what comes from the old self, pain or what we think is not natural or perhaps to much different than what we see on others.
The thing is: all the answers we look outside of ourselves, the time and energy we spend looking for someone to blame for our miseries, the solutions we ask from above… all that is inside, all we see is a reflection of us and all is created has been created from us.
This New Moon asks us to look to what must die, so we make a nice funeral and let go of the weight we have been carrying for so long; all changes and transformations take time, there are several phases through which we become stronger and feel capable to move on a little more, while we cut some more chords that make us lighter and therefore more open to the new.
That process includes a deep healing and each time we make a progress, we have done it because we have healed; to do that healing we must be truly honest, aware and analyze the situations from the feeling point of view. What is that we feel? why? does it feel good or not? are we happy? if not, why? whats wrong? not whats wrong with others, but whats wrong about what we are living now? why have we chosen a certain experience? what can we decipher so we can close it down? what more do we need to see about ourselves so we can move on? what can we discover about ourselves so we stop learning from others mirrors? how many more walls are we going to build so we do not make our emotional griefs?
The new cant come if we do not close chapters, the new cant come if we do not talk with ourselves honestly, if we do not listen to our true voice. These energy stays for a complete month so we can look within our emotional waters and its mysteries that want to be unveiled, reached, understood and loved. self forgiveness is vital at this phase. The emotions that Scorpio bring to the surface might tend to make us feel as victims, so pay attention to this and realize there are no victims , specially ourselves as whatever we live today which we want to change or improve is only a creation we manifested yesterday!!! what is we want to manifest tomorrow and the next tomorrows? inside is the answer,all the answers… Think: there will be an enormous space for creations as we clear and let our new renewed self to emerge… thousands of ideas and possibilities… amazing prospect is to know us better inside, trust us more, reveal what we didnt know we could be…
Keep in mind that the turbulence we avoid seeing inside rests on the same place we can find peace and calm. It is all a matter of choice and spiritual posture. If to gain peace we need to look first at the disturb waves of our hearts, well… we do it! with love!

As energias levam-nos para o novo ano pagão! Feliz Samhain



As energias levam-nos para o novo ano pagão! Feliz Samhain

A Lua Nova em Escorpião, bem como mais alguns eventos astrológicos trazem-nos uma grande quantidade de energia. Mas o principal aspeto dessa energias relaciona-se com as emoções, ações, impulsos e revolução interior.
Esta fase marca, também, a chamada fase Dia das Bruxas ou Hallowween, o que significa que estamos a entrar numa nova fase sazonal, mais ainda, num novo ano energético! Em linguagem pagã e, relacionada com com os antigos Celtas este momento é conhecido como Samhain, o que quer dizer fim de um ano e começo de outro. Este evento paz parte de uma das fases da Roda da Vida pagã que se relacionam com a antiga sabedoria e respeito pelo planeta, cosmos e vida!
O significa sagrado desta fase que nos encontramos é muito forte e alinhando esssas energias com a Lua Nova e outros eventos, poderá fazer-nos sentir estranhos, não faz mal, tudo está bem… somente sentimos enormemente as energias que chegam até nós, até ao nosso campo energético e essas energias precisam ser entendidas.
Muitos sentem-se tremendamente felizes, outros confusos, ou meio felizes e meio cansados. Tudo está bem! Desde que te mantenhas centrado e acordado para o que estás a sentir quando te sentires vibracionalmente em baixo… Presta atenção que este tipo de momentos são para ser usados de forma que possas descobrir o que fazer a seguir, brevemente! quer isto dizer, que sementes queres plantar na Lua Nova? que pretendes para ti e pata o teu mundo nos próximos meses? mais ainda, com este novo ano energético, que sementes queres plantar para que a próxima primavera mostre aos teus olhos o que tanto sonhaste, trabalhaste com amor?
Um dos rituais que podes começar a praticar nesta altura do ano é reunires com amigos e família e conversar sobre o ano que tiveste até agora, o que mudou, o que aprenderam, lutas, desafios, os ganhos pessoais e espirituais, o quanto cresceram… porque pensam que aconteceu, como pensam que lidaram com tudo…
Celebra onde estás, com quem estás, abre-te, chega perto de outros, cria um clima de amor e alegria e disfruta! Verás o que outros passaram e têm para partilhar contigo; Irás ficar surpreendido! Este momento é ótimo para criar laços e energizar.
Seja como for, com companhia ou não, certifica-te que pensas/meditas sobre isto tudo e faz planos para o futuro! É imperativo que consigas conhecer-te melhor, amar-te mais, confiares mais em ti próprio… e continua a prosseguir neste caminho da vida!
Lembra-te, esta Lua Nova é ácerca dos mistérios dentro de ti e como olhas para eles. Aprende com eles e usa-os para construires o teu ser e a tua vida. Ser capaz de ser feliz e em alegria em todos os momentos é uma benção e um grande feito, faz isso por ti!
Pensa nisto. Conecta-te com quem amas. vive e ama!
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Energies are taking us to the new pagan year! Happy Samhain


Energies are taking us to the new pagan year! Happy Samhain

Tomorrow we have a New Moon in Scorpio as well as several astrological events which bring us a huge amount of energy, but the main aspect is that those energies are related to emotions, action, impulses and inner revolution.
This weekend also marks the pre-Halloween phase which means we are entering an energetic season. The pagans call it the Celtic Samhain, which is the end of a year and the beginning of another. The sacred meaning of the phase we are entering is strong and aligning that to the New Moon this Sunday and other energetic events, we might feel a bit awkward, its ok, its fine. All is well, we just feel tremendous energies that are coming to our field and need to be understood.
Some of us feel tremendously happy, some others confused, or half happy and half tired or anxious. all is ok, as long s you stay centered and aware of what you are feeling and sending out as well as able to change focus when you start feeling to low. Pay attention that these kind of moments are to be used in order to know what to do next,soon…
One of the great rituals you can start practising at this time of the year is gathering with friends and family and talk about the year you had so far, what changed you,the learnings, struggles,spiritual and personal winnings, the challenges you went through… why you think it happened, if you thing you went great though it all… Celebrate where and with who you are, open, get close to others, create a climate of love and enjoy. You will see what others have to share with you and you will be surprised. It is also great to get bonds stronger and energize you.
Anyway in company or not, make sure you meditate a bit about this and make plans for the future! it is imperative that you can know yourself more, love yourself more, trust yourself more… and take your self more in this path of life!
Remember, this New Moon is about the mysteries within yourself and how you can look at them. learn with them and use them to keep building yourself and your life. Being able to feel happy and at joy in all moments its a blessing and a great achievement; Do that for you!
Think about all this during the weekend and get connected with the ones that you love. Enhance, love and live!

be life itself!



Life isn`t about waitings… life is about movements, sharings, laughs, cries, comtemplations, thoughts, feelings, searches, findings, losings, discoveries and creations… Life is you beings yourself… And life on earth is a journey you must enjoy with love each breath you take, each walk you make! Be open to the energy of life, be life itself! that is the secret, the divine message the universe is trying to send you.

Maria (Lyra Light)

Your life is a sacred journey.
And it is about change, growth, discovery, movement,
transformation, continuously expanding your vision of
what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see
clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition,
taking courageous challenges at every step along the way.
You are on the path…
Exactly where you are meant to be right now.
And from here you can only go forward,
shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph,
of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power,
of dignity, and of love. (
Caroline Adams)


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Sophia Gaia: Message to Light-Workers



MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Sophia Gaia: Message to Light-Workers

(Reposting as this message still matters)

Be ready! We see you, we see you all and we know you have been, probably, felling the changes operated on your body during the current week.
The gate portal opened for these late events is one of the undeniable star gates that shift tremendously all things! No one misses the divine energy at this point and several different consequences can be felt and observe now, depending on the degree of light circulating on each body.
The electrical current present on your body now, is the highest so far; we see it, you feel it and others mirror it! We ask you to be aware of the implications of such a high frequency when dealing with everyday issues and when performing your healings with others.
First of all, the need to release part of your own energy may be felt during the day – send some energy to the planet if you are feeling to much pressure within. One of the first signs is irritability! Confusing ideas ,anger, not being able to rest and sleep, to much pressure and even pain on the heart, and difficulty to breath are also signs so you release some light out of your body.
However we advise you not to send to other beings. the reason is those energies that need to be sent to the planet, either to the physical world or to the ether it self, are on stress because they tried to adjust to you but due to the amount of light already being integrated and working within you, they could not be absorbed; the best is to let those energies re-calibrate and re-organize themselves before entering any other field that is part of a complex whole, individual genetically mutating being.
The planet and the atmosphere are to take care of those energies you release – it is easy at this time and very natural.
You may have been feeling some pressure lately… to many thoughts on your mind, to much anxiety on the heart and physically having peaks of high or low energy. It also have been happening nights with not much deep sleep or even a lot of activity; if that is the case know that it is due to the awakening happening on other beings, which is bringing confusion, distress and stress… the lack of understanding about what is going on within their selves makes you vital to this whole process. help the ones you can by explaining things. And do not insist when you face beings that do not want to understand you. Probably they will come back to you later, so please share your knowledge everywhere with every one,for this is the way to be seen and the ones that need you will come and reach out for guidance.
This is the moment to use your teachings for your self. connecting with earth,reaching to source and staying always on your heart center.
Indeed… stay ready, feel steady as you go! do not compromise your current high vibration in any circumstance! it is vital that you keep yourself at your level of frequency, you are a light bearer and a bringer of peace to the world!


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Somente o medo bloqueia o nosso verdadeiro ser



MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Somente o medo bloqueia o nosso verdadeiro ser

Durante os últimos anos e principalmente nos últimos meses, as energias que têm vindo a chegar ao nosso planeta, tem realmente trabalhado e mudado cada um de nós. Elevámos imensamente a nossa consciência; curámos, perdoámos, limpámos e descobrimos quem somos! Há, ainda, muito mais para fazer e aprender; mudar e crescer… mas… estamos a abraçar tudo o que importa, sendo bravos, corajosos, fazendo tudo o que podemos para mostrar a diferença, para construir uma nova Terra.
No entanto… existe aquela coisa chamada “medo”! A pressão que sentimos no coração não se deve somente às fortes, transmutadoras, transformadoras energias que recebemos, é também devido à ansiedade que todas estas mudança provocam. Estamos a acreditar em algo que não vemos… quinta dimensão? Nova Terra? Novo mundo? Que raio de ilusões são essas? Milhões de seres estão a fazê-lo, senti-lo, trazê-lo!
Inclusivamente, a nível pessoal, existem tantos aspetos que nos assustam. A pouco e pouco temos sido capazes de lutar por nós próprios, de dizer “não”, de pensar no que queremos em vez de procurarmos, sempre, agradar aos outros. Mas, depois… Enfrentamos as reações dos outros, não é? Eles não se mostram satisfeitos com o nosso comportamento… tendemos, assim, a refrearmo-nos e a adiar as nossas melhores decisões e ações porque de certo modo, sentimos que estamos sózinhos em todo este processo. Emocionalmente, profissionalmente, sexualmente, construímos o nosso caráter à volta das nossas feridas, quado devíamos ser livres e totalmente o nosso ser natural.
Mas… tentamos encaixar e assim não sofrer ainda mais. No meio de tantos medos e máscaras, por vezes, temos dificuldade em encontrar quem realmente somos. O melhor a fazer é comunicar com os nossos sentimentos e emoções para entender onde se encontram os bloqueios. Encontra esse verdadeiro ser dentro de ti, não o que tiveste que construir para encaixar no mundo e sentir-te seguro. O mundo não precisa desse, o mundo necessita de TI! O universo espra que o que se situa atrás do véu confortável, se exponha sem medo, sem vergonha e confiante, feliz por ver a Luz.
Não é possível viver uma vida de amor se um vive governado pelo medo. Todas as condições que não quebramos e os eninamentos que não esquecemos, tudo isso foi-nos ensinado pelos nossos pais e pela sociedade em geral devido ao medo e para nos proteger, porque a humanidade sofreu tanto terror que os ensinamentos de aceitação das regras, de satisfazer a sociedade paternal, passaram de geração em geração. Sempre se certificaram que às crianças são passadas regras subtis que as controlam através do medo, da moral, religião e sexo. Temos sido cegados por isso, condicionados e temos tornado esse control eterno; continuaremos a perpetuar esses eternos parâmetros se continuarmos a ensinar as mesmas coisas aos nossos filhos.
O que desejas para os teus filhos e para ti mesmo? felicidade? ou falsa felicidade? a decisão é tua!
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Start today living your tomorrow!



Start today living your tomorrow!

There`s not only this day, there will always be future days. And those future days can only be lived and fulfilled if you surrender to life today! The reflections of your creations in this day, show them selves tomorrow! What is you want for your future?! Start now building it, and start by enjoying, living, breathing and creating as this is the first day of your amazing life! 

Maria (Lyra Light)

“Today is not a dress rehearsal.
This hour is not some insignificant stepping stone towards a glorious future hour on the stage. This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be apperceived.
No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life. Not nearly life, not almost life, not conceptual life learned through repetition, but raw life living itself, exploding in fullness, radically present, dripping from every nook and cranny, bursting forth in motion and in rest – life, life, life! And it is yours to be tasted now, now, now, and at no other time, and in no other place.
Life is not happening soon. It is no trailer, no coming attraction. What you long for has already arrived, and it announces itself in and as every sensation, every thought, every image, every moment of pain, boredom or bliss. It’s there even in the longing for it – that’s how intimate it is.
You stand on holy ground now, your birth place, your resting place, your womb, your tomb. The show has already begun, and the spotlight is illuminating all.
There is no time for ‘one day’ when you are truly alive, and today is the only day you’ll ever truly live, if you are to live another day.”
Jeff Foster






~ The delegation from the Mushaba People came into the second universe after the creation of it, in order to facilitate the bringing into being of the various beings or species that were to be the first to inhabit the second universe. When Creator came into being for the second universe, there was a great meeting between Creator, the Mushaba people, the Golden Knights and other beings, and this was before God and Goddess of the second universe came into being. There was a plan laid out by Creator for the evolvement of this universe. This universe had to be a universe of duality because it was something that had never been experienced before. In the first universe there is only love and nothing else exists. The duality offered the potential of great and magnificent growth that could take the entire existence to another level of evolvement. It was an experiencing of opposites that came into being. It was the first time that these beings had experienced anything other than love. It was the experience of love and hate, light and dark, right and wrong that came into being.

Various races of beings were created, and it continued on and on until the universe was flushed with life and various races of beings. The plan that was brought into being was to have several very important time periods where great change and evolvement had to happen in order for things to move forward toward the ultimate goal of moving into a third universe of creation. I will speak only of two. One being Maldek and the other being Earth.

Many of you that have been on the spiritual pathway have become aware of Maldek and what happened there with the Maldekian people and the Draconian people. Some are aware of the involvement of the Mushaba people; many are not. You know that Maldek was eventually destroyed. Those same people that were on Maldek were given a promise that they would have the opportunity to make it right, and they were given the opportunity to come to earth to fulfill that promise. Now that you are on earth you are in the final throws of fulfilling that promise that was made to you by the Mushaba people. That Promise basically ends with you of earth being fully into your total Freedom and Empowerment; free from the illusions of control and manipulation, life and death. Free from the tyranny imposed upon you by the Cabal, the illuminati, the draconians or whatever name you wish to call them. No matter what name you use, they were basically of the negative, and some even tip the scales of evil.

Your soul journey was the most challenging, most difficult, most daring and courageous thing that any beings have ever attempted. Your soul journey is at its end now and a new soul journey of your choosing will come into being!

This soul journey, besides what I said above about how the promise ends, it also ends with your total financial independence. The time of peace, love and prosperity has come and it will steal upon you like a thief in the night. When we use the earth word thief, we do not mean as if someone stole something from you. We use it as if someone brought something to you without you knowing, and then you suddenly realize it is there!

You are very wise and very mature for you made a conscious choice to come here and forget everything you know, forget who you are, and where you came from, go into darkness and amnesia, and then come fully back into yourself. What a feat! So you are here dear souls of earth at the door with both feet in the door and you will suddenly realize that you have arrived! You will be shocked with surprise and awe of what you have accomplished and what you have discovered. Be proud and gracious to yourselves.

There is one last major growth that will come into being very soon and that is the dismantling of racism and hatred for any people because of color or because of differences, religious or otherwise. That has been taking place for some time now and it is gaining an unstoppable momentum in the world. People of all races are saying enough because they realize that race has been used as a weapon against the people. And also people are beginning to realize that there must be a reason why the black race has been treated the way they have since slavery. This, by the way, is answered in the book When World’s Collide by Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba. The issue of oneness and unity of all people cannot be swept under the rug. This has to be in order to move as one united, loving, free, and empowered humanity into the evolvement of life. PORDA  through Nancy Tate


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Only fear blocks our true selves



MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Only fear blocks our true selves

“For the last years and mainly for the last months the energies coming to our planet really worked and changed each of us. We made a huge upgrade within ourselves; we healed, forgave, cleaned and found who we truly are. There is so much more to learn and change but we are embracing everything, being brave, courageous, doing everything we can to make a difference, to build a new earth.
But… there`s that fear thing! The pressure in the heart is not only due to the energies we are receiving it`s also due to the anxiety this changes provoke. We are believing in something we do not see… 5D? what if this is all a delusion? Well… are we all that delusion? Billions of beings are doing it, feeling it, bringing it!
Even at a personal level there are so many things that scar us. Bit by bit we have been able to stand for ourselves, to say “no”, to think about what we want instead of pleasing others all the time. But then… we face others reactions don`t we? They aren`t please with our new behavior… we tend to refrain ourselves and postpone our best decisions and actions because we kind of feel alone in all this process. Emotionally, professionally, sexually we build our character around our wounds when we should be free and our natural self. But we try to fit so we do not get hurt. In the midst of so many fears and masks we sometimes have difficulty finding who we really are, so the best thing is really communicate with our feelings and emotions to understand where the blockages are. Find the true being, not the one you had to build so you could fit and feel safe. The world doesn`t need that one, the world needs you!!! The universe expects the one behind that comfortable veil.
We can never truly live a life of love if one lives ruled by fear. All the conditions we do not break and the teachings we do not forget. All of that was taught by our parents due to fear and somehow to protect us, because humanity had suffer so much terror that the teachings passed to children always consist on fear, moral, religion and sexual control. We are blinded by it, conditioned and we make it eternal if we keep teaching the same things to our kids.”

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) O Divino Raio Azul



MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) O Divino Raio Azul

O Divino Raio Azul é parte de um dos sistemas metafísicos do “Arco Íris” de cura e transformação sagrada. Cada onda colorida está relacionada com uma determinada frequência de Luz Divina e a sua vibração está co-relacionada com diferentes Anjos e Mestres Ascensos com diferentes missões , dentro do mesmo plano divino.
Este Raio tem o principal propósito de guiar seres através da sua descoberta de Deus e consequentemente, ajudá-los a obter coragem e força para agir de acrodo com o DEUS INTERIOR.
O Mestre ascenso Lord Sírius é o Diretor do Raio Azul. Anteriormente era Mestre El Morya. Com este Raio trabalha o Arcanjo Miguel e Santa Fé. Os elohims são: Hercules e Amazonia. O retiro planetário é: as Cidades Etéricas de João, o Amado.
As qualidades e propósito divino são: Vontade de Deus, iluminação, fé, proteção, decisão unidade, intuição, ordem divina, direção, determinação, isenção de medo, perceção, iniciativa, confiança, vitória, compreensão do EU SOU acima de todas s coisas, compreensão do EU SOU como sendo O INFINITO – Alpha e Omega, a primeira causa e a identificação do TODO em tudo o que existe.
Como ser superior que és, podes usar o poderoso Raio Azul. Podes invocar r conectar com essa energia falando, pensando, pedindo, visualizando, etc. Dá-te a melhor das proteções. Podes usar esta energia para que curares em todas as áreas; dou aqui um exemplo, que te pode fornecr saúde e todas as qualidades que mencionei acima: Invoca e visualiza o Raio Azul entrando n teu corpo através do teu chacra da garganta e visualiza-o espalhando-se por todo o teu corpo e a tua aura; este exercíciopode ajudar-te a desbloquear diversos problemas de saúde, especialmente os que derivam de problemas emocionais (… que são quase todos); Ao mesmo tempo dá imensa forçae vontade de prosseguir a tua missão pessoal e sagrada.
Os cristais associados a este raio são muitos, mas destacam-se: Lapis lazulli e safira.
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The BLUE RAY is one of the metaphysical system of Angelic rainbow colors. Each colored wave is related to a certain frequency of divine light and it`s vibration is related to different Angels with different missions within the same divine plan; It is also related to different ascended Masters`rays.
The Blue Ray has the main purpose of guiding beings through their discovering of God and consequently, helping them to have the courage and strength to act according to the inner GOD-SELF.
The Ascended Master Lord Sirius is the Director of the Blue Ray. Previously was El Morya; With this ray works Archangel Michael and Saint Faith. The Elohims are: Hercules and Amazonia. The planetary retreat is: the Etheric Cities of John.
The qualities and divine purposes are: Will of God, illuminated faith, protection, decision, unity, intuition, divine order, direction, determination, fearless, perception, initiative, trust, victory, acknowledgment of the I AM above every thing else, acknowledgment of the I AM AS THE INFINITE – Alpha and Omega,the first cause and the identification of the WHOLE in everything.
As a powerful being, you can use,yourself the powerful Blue Ray.You can Invoke it and connect with it by speaking, thinking, asking, visualizing, etc. It gives you the best protection! You can use it to heal yourself. Here just an example, which gives you health and all the qualities i spoke of above: invoke and visualizing the Blue Ray entering your body through your throat chakra and spreading all over your chakras,body and aura, can help you unblocking several health and emotional issues as well as giving will to pursuit your personal and sacred mission. 
The crystals associated with the Blue Ray are mainly:  lapis lazuli, sapphire.





translated & presented by Sandris Sneibe

Thank You RUSSIA, thank You OKSANA TAKEDA for sharing this GREAT information!


This wonderful practice I opened a Himalayan yogi Jude Mirra, Shambhala messenger when I was meditating in a mysterious cave, hidden in one of the gorges of the Great Himalayan range. There is a tradition that in this cave meditating yoga great Shakyamuni Buddha, Milarepa, Padmasambhava. Here stay Jesus Christ during his eighteen-year journey through the Himalayas.

Jude Mirra appeared suddenly at night, in the fire hearth I was able to see him. He was a tall, broad, muscular man without age. In person he was 35-40 years old. Her hair was dark, wavy hair hung down to the clavicles. He was bare-chested, barefoot in a loincloth, Though the night was cold to minus 20 degrees with the wind. His skin glistened, eyes were sharp, sensitive and strict at the same time. We had several meetings and conversations. He told me the techniques that allow a person to be young as old as he wishes.

Mirra Himself Jada as it turned out he said it was more than a thousand years, but I’ve seen how easy it is moved through the mountains, rocks, snow, though his weight disappeared. He could go into the existence of energy – converted into light and move in the universe. One day he showed me this ability. His body turned out – were visible internal organs, but they, too, were glowing. Then Yogi brought his body into a ball and flew out of the cave. He said that in the future mankind will go into energy exist, people are transformed into the body and light body people will occupy the universe.

This practice of “irreversible rejuvenation or practice of the Great Transition,” as he called her a messenger of Shambhala, stored primarily in secret and passed on only to initiates. But in view of the fact that mankind has approached the Great Shift, he opened it to me to give it to the people so that they could change the nature of his body and go through great energy changes, which have to go to mankind in the near future.

Practice irreversible healing, rejuvenation, transformation of mind and body, or the practice of the Great Transition
Be one step in front of a chair or the chair on which you will create the image of irreversible rejuvenation (standing can be done).

Close your eyes and say to yourself:

“Now in front of me created the image of irreversible healing and rejuvenation. This new state of the body, cells, nature of my body. This – a new being able to live freely and happily in all circumstances, including in the new world, which is formed after the Great Transition. ”
Then you need to make another deep breath, exhale, and immerse themselves in an irreversible way of rejuvenation, that is to sit on the chair, or take a step forward (if you make a practice of standing).

Immersed in an irreversible way of rejuvenation you need to surrender completely to the processes that will occur in the body cells. You will feel the heat waves of vibration, pulsation, fire. There are some that discomfort – this is normal, for healing, rejuvenation, transformation of human nature often goes through the aggravation, pressure, pain.

Going into the image of, say silently or aloud:

“I run the program irreversible healing, rejuvenation of my physical and spiritual nature. From now on, I will be healed, and younger by the minute, hour, day, regardless of my thoughts and actions. ”
Start impregnated rejuvenation state, breathing skin, head hair, arms, legs, torso, his whole body. Cells that received command will be pulled to the goal, “will climb to a new level of existence, of life in which no place for old age, disease, death.

Cells are diligent workers, as the climbers as it start to “climb” to new heights of youth, beauty, health. For example, we can take steps legs, move from one place to another, the same steps need to try to do the cells experience and help them in their movement is transformed. Feel, feel, how cells make these steps into a new existence.

Use the following statements, calls, commands:

“I hit the alarm, giving starting cells, all organs throughout the body to become healthy, forever young and beautiful.”

“I call my body cells to reorganize, move into a new state of perfect health, light and love.”

“I call heaven and earth energy, the energy of the sun and the galaxy, the energy of the universe and other worlds to heal, rejuvenate, transform my whole being.”

“I appeal to the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc …. go to a new
If you need to come up with their appeals, the body itself will tell you the right words, the key to start the process of physical, spiritual, energy renewal, rejuvenation of your nature.

Invent, create, Bring a new image of man, which will have to pass, what you will become. Do not limit yourself, dream to the maximum. Even if you are far behind … imagine yourself boy or girl.

In the image of irreversible rejuvenation see yourself clearly – what are your new eyes, a body height, hair, skin. Feel it, feel physiologically cells of the body, go for this new image, a new body.

Following this practice will occur miracles all around, the universe will begin to work on promoting you to the goal – the implementation of your goals. For example, suddenly there is a desire to run or yoga or renew such as changing diet and so on – accept these impulses and follow them!

The cells of the body in accordance with the task assigned to them will organize a new space, a new life and new impulses will come to you. Listen to them and follow them! The cells themselves will change your life, to guide you to organize your life so that you and transform themselves.

Calling for attracting energy to rejuvenate the earth, the sun, galaxy, universe, not only do we start the process of irreversible rejuvenation, but prepare yourself for the Great Shift. These cosmic energies have already started to come to the ground, gradually increasing. We call on them in all their strength and power, so they transformed and transformed our nature, in accordance with the new reality in which humankind will go after the Great Transition.

The process, which happens to a person in this practice is very complex, multi-faceted, multi-level, multidimention. After all, it involves all the structure of the universe: the macro and micro space, and the cells at the DNA level, its layers, energy levels and genes and all spiritual and material universe. Imagine what kind of transformation of the cells tested, when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a creature crawling creature goes into a flying !?

Before evolution was itself now for the first time consciousness involved in this process – our consciousness. We learn to control evolution, we can ask her program, we are able to construct new cells, a new reality, a new world. Because we are gods – have the power like a god of creation.

Therefore, you should understand that the magic of this practice not only in the start-up of irreversible processes of rejuvenation, but also in the transition of our nature, our cells in a new quality. Healing and rejuvenation – one of the properties of the larger process of transformation of the body, move it to a new cell crystal structure.

Do this practice, when it is convenient, as soon as you remember about it. Creates it every day, plunging into the image by 5-15 minutes. If you can not work, then just remember this image and he will act. The mere memory of the image already has an effect, it works, transforms you – so great and pervasive power of this practice.

You can make it easy to move, pause and take a step into the image, as if wearing it on themselves as energetic clothes. And go in these clothes, getting her transformative, anti-aging effects. You can, if you sit to imagine that the image of irreversible rejuvenation slides over the top of you or lowered as a cloud. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, the error can not be, you can come up with their own ways of entering the image of irreversible rejuvenation.

Do not look at myself in the mirror with the purpose to fix your positive changes, you do not see them, but you hear from others. Pay attention to what you are to say people fix them and learn. Your creature will change gradually because, all the great changes occur imperceptibly. You do not notice how to grow hair, but they are growing! And you just quietly, slowly, will gradually move to become the person that you have created in the image of irreversible rejuvenation. With you, miracles will happen to your body. You’ll start to think in a new way, to hear, see, feel, touch the world celebrates it.

Change your environment that hinders your transition will leave itself will not sustain the new energies that will begin to radiate your new being. And those who will take your new energy divine light and love pervasive across from you will become closer. New people will come to the place, which is released by those for whom the light and love unbearable.

Your spirit will begin to change your mind will become clear, become fresh, young, cheerful, spring. And now imagine that you are with new eyes will be looking at himself in the mirror. What do you see? Suddenly you will see the first time a more adult than they were before, even though you are actually getting younger. The world will give you signs of rejuvenation, to tell you this, but do you see the opposite! That is why a recommendation is less to look at myself in the mirror. YOUR MIRROR IS THE WORLD!

Translated by Google.

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) As energias pedem que te ligues mais com a vida!



MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) As energias pedem que te ligues mais com a vida!

Um pouco sobre energias para esta semana: Eu senti as energias a mudar duma forma especifica. Não significa que afete todos da mesma forma, claro! mas decerto as energias estão claramente a entrar no planeta pelo ponto de vista criativo e inovador.
Este tipo de energias que nos fazem sentir capaz de qualquer coisa; Mas pelo menos encontram-se a chocalhar dentro de nós as ideias o qu faz com que possamos, eventualmente, fazer coisas novas, mesmo que ainda não saibamos o quê. De qualquer forma… as melhores ideias e jogadas da vida virão a ti, podes estar certo disso!
Hoje a Lua faz uma ligação com Jupiter tão estranha e frenética que é natural que te ames mais e queiras cuidar-te com extrema ternura ou sofisticação. Faz isso!
A Lua em Gémeos conecta-se com Neptuno e Vénus, o que poderá fazer-te sentir que queres estar fora da tua zona de conforto. Isto é para te empurrar a fazer coisas, sair, ligares-te, escreveres as tuas ideias e fazeres planos! Esta semana é ótima para todos os tipos de relações e parcerias por isso é natural que sintas necessidade de te afastares da tua rotina porque dentro de ti tens a excitação de conectar com outros a crescer. Isto é o que é suposto fazeres agora. Confia! mergulha nas relações, isso trará o que precisas, duma forma ou de outra.
Lembra-te… esta semana pretende de ti que avances, te eleves, olhes para a frente. Não te esqueças de presar atenção à tua intuição mais elevada dado que estas energias são ótimos professores e conselheiros não importando o que fazes.
Tu és amado e protegido; A ajuda está sempre contigo por isso… presta atenção ao que queres fazer esta semana, faz isso! Mas mantém-te sempre alinhado, ancorado e centrado en ti e nas energias superiores. É vital que a tua sabedoria e o teu geral crescimento espiritual possam ser usados sempre e de todas as formas.
Pode acantecer que ao longo da semana tenhas que ajudar alguém ou assistir a alguma causa… poderás perceber que, tal como tu, os outros necessitam de uma mão. Estás pronto para te conectares profundamente com a tua voz interior e doares o teu amor. Liga-te, mas fá-lo primeiro contigo próprio conectando com a tua sabedoria,ouvindo os teus sonhos, objetivos e vontade! muito amor.
Nota: Procura a nossa categoria “BLOG PORTUGUÊS” no site, do lado direito, a azul para teres acesso aos nossos blogs em Português. Namaste!
Autor: Maria José Antunes (LYRA LIGHT). Se desejares ter sessões de cura, ajuda e orientação espiritual ou tornares-te meu Estudante contacta-me para:
PROJETO TERRA LIVRE, Todos os direitos reservados.

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Energies are asking you to connect more with life!



MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Energies are asking you to connect more with life!

A bit of energies for this week: I felt energies changing in a specific way. It doesnt mean it affect every one, of course, but there is a merge of creative energies with the planet; those kind of creative which makes us feel capable of anything, but at least is swirling inside our ideas and we might want to do new stuff, even that we cant yet figure it out. Anyway… the best moves will come to your awareness, be sure of that!
The moon makes a trine with Jupiter so its natural that you are loving yourself lots, and want to nurture you. Do that!
Today the Moon in Gemini is making connections with Neptune and Venus, which might seam a bit out of our comfort zone but its needed! It pushes you to do things, go out, connect, write your ideas and make plans! This week is awesome about all partnerships and connections so you probably feel the need to step away from your routine daily life because inside of you the excitement to connect with others is growing. This is just what you are meant to be now, so go for it! connect, trust, merge with others, that will give you what you need one way or the other!
Remember… this week wants you to lift, flight, look ahead. Dont forget to watch your higher intuition as these energies are very good teachers and advisers no matter what you are doing.
You are loved and protected; guidance is always with you so… just pay attention to what you want to do this week, go for it, but always with your alignment, your grounding and centeredness! It is vital that all our wisdom and general spiritual growth can be use always and in all ways.
It may happen that along the week you will need to help a friend or assist in something… you can realize that, as you sometimes need a hand, others do too. You are ready to connect deeply and give your love. Enhance, but do that first with yourself by connection to your inner guidance by listening to your dreams, goals and will! much love





If you step out = feels bad = is not real = is not you! find you = what is you = what feels good = is real
The energetic intensity, lately, is amazing! and the effect of the last wave on everyone`s life is stunning! everyone is making changes, some are really aware of what they are doing, but others have even changed their lives without knowing exactly what they were doing, meaning, they just needed to find their place, so they did! because once you realize you do not feel good in a situation, you just cant take it anymore!specially when you have been blasted with this huge amount of light! there is no more space to different vibrations where we try to fit or try to co-exist with different realities. And ultimately what you do by allowing yourself to tune and accept your own vibration is giving you, and others the freedom.
And that act of what you can call courage to be yourself, is simple being you,and more than that – is being your highest version. The fact that you change, you change because you finally are able to chose between the positive and the negative which is the same as saying between SADNESS and JOY.. whatever makes you feel bad is because is not according to your vibration and that will facilitate the flow of the right energy, both for you and others. that way, nor you will pull on others energy nor them on yours.
Everything that does not seam right is because it is not the right for you. Only you can chose and you chose by feeling yourself, opening yourself to you. That is you ALIGNING, CENTERING, finding yourself. One way or the other what matters is YOU BEING YOU. step back from what you do not resonate with and know that what feels bad, in strange way, negative is just because it i snot your reality, meaning it is not true for you! I can even say that what makes you feel bad does not even exist. and when you feel it the wrong way, it is you talking to yourself, sending a message so you understand that you are trying to co-exist on a situation that you cannot because that is not your vibration.
So… finally! you are aligning, centering and listening within! that is amazing! Stay on what you resonate with you, that is real!

How to upgrade your vibration



How to upgrade your vibration

Note: I do not know who the author is, but i thank for this words. Both me and the source through which i found this teaching think it deserves being posted in the name of love and light.

Everything in this Universe, including you is vibrating at a frequency. This is because you and everything around you is energy.
The energy of the Earth vibrates at a 528Hz frequency which is the same frequency as Love, the Universal Healer.
The frequency of 528Hz is believed to be so powerful that it can help repair and restore DNA damage, bring peace and harmony and restore equilibrium to everything around it. Talk about good vibrations!
528Hz is the sound of Love however, there are many conspiracy theorists out there that believe that modern day music, TV commercials and the like are programmed at a lower and unnatural 440Hz frequency which is designed to stimulate fear, sickness and oppression.
The theory is that the 440Hz frequency was adopted during the Nazi regime in order to control prisoners and lower their consciousness. Then in 1940 the US introduced 440Hz as the standard frequency.
440Hz is an unnatural tuning frequency and according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz “the music industry features this imposed frequency that is herding populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.”
When particles vibrate at 423Hz there is order and geometry. When they vibrate at 440Hz however, there is confusion and lack of structure.
When your environment and your body begins vibrating at a lower or an unnatural frequency it can cause illness throughout your body, mind and spirit. In fact, illness often manifests on an energetic level first and then moves into the physical level.
It is believed that when your body is in harmony it vibrates at around 62-68Hz and anything lower than this can contribute to a weakened immune system. Colds and flu’s are believed to start around 58Hz, whereas cancer can appear around 42Hz. Before death takes hold your energy is also believed to dip below 20Hz.
There are many factors that can lower your vibration including:
Negative thoughts or being surrounded by negative people
Watching violent or horror movies and watching TV in general
Electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers etc.
Radiation from microwaves, wi-fi connections etc.
Stress, anger and anxiety
Poor diet, GMO foods and processed foods
Exposure to household cleaning chemicals and pesticides
Smoking, alcohol and drugs
Famous physicist, Nikola Tesla also researched energetic frequencies and claimed that if we could eliminate certain frequencies that interfered with our bodies then we could lower the chances of disease.
Just like certain frequencies bring about disease there are other frequencies that stimulate healing and regeneration.
These frequencies are known as the Solfeggio scale, which is believed to have been used in ancient sacred music and Gregorian chants.
Each Solfeggio tone is designed to balance the energy of your body in order to keep it in perfect harmony. The 6 main tones are:
396 Hz– liberates guilt and fear to help you achieve your goals
417 Hz– helps to deal with change and removes old patterns and habits
528 Hz– love and DNA repair, believed to bring about miracles
741 Hz– helps to solve problems and express yourself, also a powerful cleanser
852 Hz– awakens, allows you to see the truth, develops intuition
936 Hz– reconnects you to oneness and light
Another powerful healing frequency is 432 Hz and this is believed to help induce a mediative state, stimulate the heart chakra and bring harmony to the body. Studies have also found that listening to music at a 432 Hz frequency can help stimulate calmness and happiness.
Just by listening to these frequencies either through music, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs or tuning forks you can begin to stimulate healing, however here are some other techniques:
Vibrational Medicine
Essential oils, flower essences and homeopathic medicines are all believed to hold a powerful vibration and frequency. The most potent essential oil is Rose and has been measured at 320 Hz, followed by Lavender which has been measured at 118Hz. Most fresh herbs also have a frequency of 20-27 Hz.
Organic/ Farm Fresh Food
Fresh, organic foods seem to have the highest frequency ranging from 20-27 Hz. To put it in perspective, certain GMO foods and processed foods have a frequency of 0 Hz.
Gems and Crystals
Each gem and crystal emits its own unique frequency that work in harmony with own human magnetic fields. The frequency of a crystal will depend on its clarity, cut and how it has been processed.
Some high frequency gems and crystals include penfieldite, diamonds, quartz, danburite, moldavite, tanzanite, sapphire and brookite.
Positive Thoughts
Positive thoughts carry a vibration of 10-15 Hz so it is easy to see how your thoughts can quickly effect your overall energy and wellbeing.
Mediation, Chanting and Deep Breathing
Conducting certain Mudras and deep breathing during mediation can also help raise your vibration as can chanting. The famous ‘ Om‘ or ‘Aum’ is also a great way to enhance your vibration and bring about calmness and harmony.
Spending time in nature is a great way to harmonize your energy and bring equilibrium to the body. Earthing which requires you to walk barefoot on the grass is also a great way to reconnect with the energy of the Earth.
We are all energy so it makes sense that the different energies around us can influence us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Planetary light-work



Planetary light-work

translated & presented by Sandris Sneibe

I would like to introduce our planetary light-work that we carried out 15 of October this year, along with many Light groups of Project “Ascension”. I am very grateful to the Angels of Light, who are quietly working for the good of our planet, for the good of our beloved Mother Gaia, for the good of the United future and prosperity of all the inhabitants of this wonderful planet Earth. We slowly and carefully closes portals of 3D duality that have as few people suffered, we are working under the guidance of the Ascended Masters, the Curators of the our planet. The Earth gently rises up and polar destructive energies left the planet, our common Home, and there is no reason to worry, everything happens very smoothly and easily. Light and Love to All from our “Ascension” project!


Dear friends! October 15, 2016 two expeditions Light workers fulfill an important light work in two different places of the planet Earth Force. One expedition is sent into an important spiritual center of Russia – Archaim. Other – visit Sacral Center Australia, a unique mountain Uluru. All of us together have to fulfill an important planetary Light work called for by the Family of Light.
Below we publish the message of Kryon and Its meditation, which is called:
“Falling Leaves of the Ascension.”

Meditation is recommended to October 15th – both individually and in groups of Light. Groups of Light meditation, and can spend the other day, calling to Galactic Laertes to synchronize our joint actions.
Tune in to traveling with joy on a journey that has not been in your life …
We create together with the Family of Light, to do with the Wizards, who have long been waiting for co-creation …


by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz

where they will meet Russia and Australia?

Hello my dear ones. With you is Kryon. It’s time to get back to the important topic to which we have touched on the outcome of last year (see Journal “World channeling: Spiritual Messages”., Number 1, 2016 “The Metaphysics of the Fifth Continent”, “Magic Ruslan from Australia”). Our attention attracted on mysterious Ruslan from Australia, amazing Crystal that is located beneath the famous mountain of Uluru. *
* Uluru (Ayres Rock) (English Uluru.) – Formed about 680 million years ago in Australia’s massive orange-brown oval-shaped rock. Located in the center of the continent, 450 km south-west of Alice Springs.
Uluru length of 3.6 km, width – about 3 km, height – 348 meters. The base is indented caves decorated with ancient rock paintings and stone carvings. . Covered with parallel furrows to a depth of 2 m According to Aboriginal myth, once there lived the owner Mountain – water python. And on the steep slope of the black lizard lived. Aboriginal conduct ceremonies at the sacred rock.
Once in the center of the continent towering mountain range, which is an island in the middle of the lake Lake Amadeus. The products of destruction of rocks were deposited at the bottom of the reservoir to form the rock, which in appearance resembles lying on the side of a giant elephant.
From a distance, the monolith Uluru looks very smooth, but close to the surface clearly visible bumps, cracks and grooves.
Near Uluru is another famous Complex – Kata Tjuta (Kata Tjuta, «a lot of goals”), also known as Mount Olga. It consists of several dark red round shape of the mountains, the tallest of which reaches 546 m (Wikipedia).

As I told you before, “RU” – is the Sun of the third dimension, ULU – a “city village”. Place Forces in the area of Mount Uluru is closely linked with the mysterious solar city of the third dimension and magical Crystal Being named Ruslan.
I think you will not be surprised that in the third dimension there is a solar city. This, of course, not locality in the usual sense for you. There’s no houses, streets and vehicles. We are talking about the isolated volume of space, where the concentrated energy of Inner Central Sun of the planet. For a long time this energy serves as the basis for the matter of which it is creating a bridge between the third dimension of a harmonious space-time continuum (STC) and your four-dimensional world. The third dimension of harmonious STC was the space where the apparent three-dimensional worlds, did not take part in the experiment of duality. Souls, come here for the evolution, were not originally cut off from the Godhead. Although, of course, complex three-dimensional conditions imposed restrictions on their development. When there were conditions for the transition of souls from the third dimension into the fourth, held their entry into the area Experiment of Duality. Former inhabitants of three-dimensional worlds came into duality, with significant differences from the shower, which is also developed in three-dimensional, but in terms of disharmony and duality. In the Souls of people who have come into your world of harmony of STC, there was anger, aggression, a high level of self-centeredness. They possessed considerable creative opportunities, but were not inclined to fight to the opposition, and even more so – to the aggression. On the one hand, it provided the conditions for their spiritual evolution as a more harmonious beings. On the other hand, they had a lower internal energy evolution in comparison with those who came from disharmonious worlds of the third dimension, which was dominated by tough competition, rivalry, the desire to survive, come what may.

In the former inhabitants of the harmonious and inharmonious TSC third dimension gradually began processes of interference, interweaving and interpenetration. Marriages often concluded between the representatives of these branches of evolution. Such Souls complement each other. Some carried the harmony, the other – the energy of survival in difficult conditions of Duality. Energy merged and mutually enriched. But in addition to combining the energies always carried a sacred process in which not only brings together a multi-dimensional genetics. In this sacred process formed a New Light code, which became the result of not only the merger of two different branches of life, but the synergy of the Beings of Light, once splited, now merging into one and are creating a New life.

Both branches of life (harmonious and inharmonious three-dimensional STC) are subtle-material magnetic code, which partially can be expressed by geometric shapes. Basis inhabitants code came into your world of inharmonious STC, is enclosed in the form of an icosahedron.
The basis of the code inmates who came into your world of harmony of STC, forms the shape of a dodecahedron.
I recall that the icosahedron – a icosahedron, whose faces are equilateral triangles. The icosahedron has 12 vertices. The number of it ribs equals 30. He – 59 stellar shapes. (Stellar polyhedron is called a polyhedron shape obtained by extending the faces of the polyhedron edges through to their next crossing with other new faces on the ribs – Information from Wikipedia).

The dodecahedron – dodecahedron, whose faces – regular pentagons. It has 20 vertices, 30 edges, 3 stellar form.
Accordingly, the magnetic code icosahedron determined by the numbers: 20 (number of faces), 12 (the number of vertices), 30 (the number of edges), 59 (the number of stellar forms). The last number of the code – the number of sides of faces. This is 3 (triangle).
Thus, we get the final code of the icosahedron:
20: 12: 30: 59-3.

Magnetic code dodecahedron defined by numbers: 12 (number of faces), 20 (the number of vertices), 30 (the number of edges), 3 stellar form. The last number of code – 5 (pentagon).
Thus, we get the final code of the dodecahedron:
12: 20: 30: 3.5.

If we compare the two code, you will notice some similarities. First of all, pay attention to the similarities of the first three components:
Icosahedron: 20:12:30.
Dodecahedron: 12:20:30.

At the icosahedron and dodecahedron same number of ribs – 30. Each edge – is not just a line, it concentrates the quality of magnetism affecting multidimensional genetics. It is here, in the edges of the faces of the icosahedron and dodecahedron, concentrated energy information, which forms the special rays. Thanks to these rays the internal magnetism manifests energy information sacred spaces and transforms it into an initial genetic energy information. 30 edges of the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are the initial energy information, which gradually transformed into a three-dimensional fabric. The simplest representation of three-dimensional for you – it is the surface on which there are the length and width. Time in this case is the third measure. Code 30 carries information about the three-dimensional material, which is transformed through a “0”, that is, through the Zero Point. But as the code “30” carries information about the basic properties of matter of thirty three-dimensional world. Numerous properties of one or another matter – the subject of a separate discussion.

In icosahedron – 20 faces in the Dodecahedron – 12 Faces of Time contain energy information space. In this case, we are talking about the time three-dimensional space. The inharmonious STC third dimension (magnetic matrix – icosahedron) exists 20 Time settings that conveys a deep magnetism. The harmonious STC third dimension (matrix-Dodecahedron) – 12 parameters of time, which are based on a deep magnetism. It should be understood: the time is somewhat more complicated to arrange in inharmonious STC than harmonious. And this is due to the implementation of the freedom of the will of human and other creatures. The harmonious STC appears only harmony in inharmonious – possible manifestation of harmony, harmony partial and full disharmony. That is why inharmonious STC allow for more development options. This requires a particular matter, which are based on the features of Time as World Elements of a world.

Kryon leads you further, my dear … In the future work of geometry is important. So stay alert and focused …

In icosahedron – 12 vertices of the dodecahedron at – 20 vertices. Each node transmits magnetism, by which are formed subtle three-dimensional human body. People harmonious STC more opportunities for the formation of subtle bodies. Number 12 – is 12 properties that determine the formation of the subtle bodies of man. The harmonious properties of STC 20. More properties – more opportunities for the formation of different kinds of matter. Consequently, people living in harmonious STC is stored in the more connection with the higher worlds and dimensions, diverse and multi-faceted complex Multidimensional Phone more multidimensional capabilities and opportunities for Spiritual development.

The structures of the dodecahedron and the icosahedron is very important to your world. Through them appear different energy-matrix. These multigrans with their shapes can perform different functions in different systems.
An important property of the icosahedron and dodecahedron is a possibility to form stellar form, that is – to renew the faces through the ribs to the next intersection with other faces. So the formation of new forms, new rays that allow to develop energy-matrix and, consequently, expand opportunities for the development of multi-dimensional genetics. At 59 there is a stellar icosahedron forms in a dodecahedron – only 3. See the difference? Icosahedron brings much more opportunities for the development of multi-dimensional genetics. And these opportunities are hidden in the bowels is inharmonious space-time continuum. Builds the following paradigm: free will – the freedom of choice – more opportunities for the development of genetics. This is – one of the reasons why, in your world on Earth, in the zone of the Great Experiment, allowed freedom of will, freedom of choice and a great opportunity inharmonious development in isolation from the Godhead. So to gain experience, which earlier in the conditions of a harmonious evolution of life was impossible.

59 forms stellar icosahedron – a 59 properties, defining a modification of genetics. Three stellar form of the dodecahedron – three characteristics that define the modification of genetics.
The last characteristic of our multigran – the number of parties at the edges. In icosahedron – 3 (triangle) in the dodecahedron – 5 (pentagon). In our last code they stand, but play an important role. Three sides of icosahedron faces limit the development of genetics in the space of three dimensions (excluding the measure of Time): length, width, height. Energy-matrix icosahedron – internal magnetic bases for the development of genetics and multidimensional matter – allows it to work in the third dimension (length and width), and the fourth dimension, where the length and height of the adjacent wider. But this matrix can not work in the dimensions above the fourth. It is unable to work already in the fifth dimension. But the matrix of the dodecahedron, possessing the properties of the code five, quite viable in the fifth dimension. It can produce magnetically energy information for three spatial measures (length-width-height), and for the time of the fifth dimension. And, besides, the dodecahedron matrix is capable of reacting with the ether of the fifth dimension – as a special measure of the fifth five-dimensional worlds.
As I said, during the evolution of the human who came to your world from the worlds of harmonious and inharmonious STC of third dimension, began to unite among themselves – both physically and genetically, and in the higher plane. Currently, there was a unification of the two arrays of magnetic icosahedron and dodecahedron. At the same time to go inside the dodecahedron icosahedron.

Who creates a single magnetic matrix, and formed a New magnetic code affecting the multidimensional genetics and combining harmonious and inharmonious STC.

30:30 (association properties of matter harmonious and inharmonious STC).

12:20 (Time combine the properties of a harmonious and inharmonious STC).

20:12 (combining the ability to form a harmonious and subtle body inharmonious STC).

3:59 (the union the opportunity to form stellar form, and therefore increase opportunities for modifying multidimensional Genetics).

5: 3 (when combining the dodecahedron and icosahedron formed synergy pentagon and a triangle as the matrix component capable of forming a three-dimensional, four-dimensional and fifth dimensional matter).

So, all our new code consists of numbers:
30: 30: 12: 20: 20: 12: 3: 59-5: 3.

Please note that all numbers are connected to each other the sign “:” and the number “5: 3” are connected to the rest of the numerical series the sign “-“. Triangles and pentagons play a special role in our Magnetic matrix. They set the tone for the main matter and for a multidimensional human genetics.

Numerologically we can simplify the code:
(30 + 30) 😦 12 + 20): (20 + 12): (59 + 3) – (5: 3).

It turns out:
60: 32: 32: 62- (5: 3).

We do not add up the 5 and 3, because these numbers characterize the special abilities of the matrix associated with the effect of magnetism in the measurements from the third to the fifth (or more precisely: in the third, fourth, fifth dimension).

With this code will create the Family of Light and the Lightworker who have decided to work in sacred spaces Arckaim and Uluru.
60: 32: 32: 62- (5: 3) – a synergistic magnetic code that you have to activate, to enter into a special space at Arckaim. Here, as you remember, lives not only a trial of the Crystal Heart of the planet – Crystal Ural. Space Arckaim provides a close connection with the planetary Gene Modifier storing evolutionary genetics program for the development of humans and other life forms. The task of those who will work on Arckaim, expressed pure intent on the creation of the New genetics for Polimir “5-4-3”, activate the numeric code of 60: 32: 32: 62- (5: 3) and the combined Magnetic matrix icosahedron and dodecahedron.

The task of those who will work in Australia, Uluru, activating the Magnetic codes matrix dodecahedron 12: 20: 30: 3-5. should not be activated Magnetic Code of icosahedron. It was activated a little less than five thousand years ago. Now the code is converted in synergy with United Magnetic matrix Dodecahedron-Icosahedron.
Next Family of Light will hold the necessary work for the development of material and human genetics, based on United Magnetic matrix. On the matrix level to begin building a stellar forms around the Icosahedron, which is placed inside the Dodecahedron. At the primary level will be created 18 stellar Icosahedron, which are placed inside the Dodecahedron matrix. And it is – great opportunity for the future development of human genetics. Below we give some examples of stellar Icosahedron, so you have an idea of the work is carried out in which direction.
Creating a New matrix of magnetic-based stellar Icosahedron, which lives inside the matrix of the Dodecahedron, will help develop the human genetics in a New evolutionary cycle to the next level.

Firstly, the New matrix contained within a matrix of a Dodecahedron, which is representative of the energy-HARMONIOUS space-time continuum, which does not break the link with the Spiritual start. And this means that the New United Magnetic matrix is animated original harmony. Accordingly, the New genetics of people ascending branch of a new evolutionary cycle will become more Spiritual and harmonious. This component is not enough representatives of your world that had previously evolved in inharmonious STC third dimension – those who are now showing a high level of egocentricity, aggression, hatred, conflict, desire to survive at the expense of others.

Secondly, United Magnetic matrix creates more opportunities for the adoption of new programs from Earth Gene Modifier. Genetics of people ascending branch of mankind is able to more and more enriched.

Third, the stellar shape of the matrix provide a basis for the introduction into the genetics of human genetics of the fifth dimension. And that means more and more people will develop multidimensional spiritual abilities.

I draw your attention to New Magnetic matrix will provide reception and transmission of energy-programs are not only for people, but for some other types of matter in your world. That is, the New evolutionary cycle will change, multidimensional Spiritual development is not only for the human itself, but also matter of the world.

Employees of Light working in Russia (Arckaim), and Australia (near Uluru), are also designed with the Family of Light to close the energy-channels and portals, of which is still in your world come some types of energy information from the worlds of the third dimension. The New evolutionary cycle of these types of energy information is no longer necessary to people. It is, above all, about the portals through which your world come to the Soul of the lower worlds. From some portals people of your world have been getting negative energy information. While continued experiment of duality, the work of these portals of energy-channels allowed. Now, in a birth of a New evolutionary cycle, such a connection with the lower worlds already is irrelevant. Their closure would lead to a gradual increase in the Spirituality of people, to the harmonization of the human community.

Crystal Ruslan, which has a binding material to the Australian mountain Uluru, which is closely connected with all Magnetic matrices HARMONIOUS STC third, fourth and fifth dimensions. At the time of our light work “Arckaim-Uluru”, should establish a close relationshipin your heart with Crystalline Beings RUSLAN and URALAN, expressing this intention clear. Through sacred Heart Space Employees of Light into New Magnetic matrix will bring Divine energy information harmonious STC, which is not broken relationship with the Spiritual principle. It should also promote the establishment of a close connection between the crystal RUSLAN and the crystal URALAN. Throughout these light work Crystal Beings of Light will carry out active energy information exchange.
Russian magician Uralan closely embrace the Australian solar wizard Ruslan. There will merge their energy-flows and the birth of New evolutionary programming. Moreover, the higher plane will make Russia an important step in the direction of Australia. Australia – toward to the Russia. In the future, we will begin the rapprochement of these countries, so that waiting souls, thousands of years ago lived and worked in the vast island of Atlantis. Souls live in their hearts the memory of a past memory of harmony and harmony of the Future …

Creation of New Magnetic matrix for New evolutionary cycle will be the main result of our work together. To work took place on the High energy-level, employees are invited to hold a special Light meditation. This meditation is recommended to create both those who would work on the ground (in Russia, Arckaim, and in Australia, near Uluru mountain), and those who will carry out energy-support remotely.

Good luck in our common creativity, my dear ones!


28.09. 2916

Super Lua Cheia ~ Liberta-te, tens esse poder!



Super Lua Cheia ~ Liberta-te, tens esse poder!

Primeiro que tudo devemos situar energeicamente este pico de Lua Cheia: Sendo parte das imensas energias que temos vindo a receber durante este ano, este evento é somente uma peça do puzzle vibracional de que todos fazemos parte.
Éimportante perceber que somos os trabalhadores de todas as mudanças que acontecem no nosso mundo. As mudanças que aconteceram e as que irão ter lugar. É através das nossas mudanças interiores que o mundo muda! E isto é vital entender.
Esta Lua Cheia em Carneiro tem características tremendas que devemos ajustar em nós. à medida que prosseguimos, criamos, mudamos, crescemos, tudo é afetado! Quando dizemos que tens feito um trabalho maravilhoso, é tudo sobre o trabalho que tens feito em ti, o que inevitavelmente será refletido para fora de ti próprio. Assim, e nesta nova fase do teu emergente novo ser, o que se desenvolve em ti e no mundo, depende da forma como recebes e estimulas o trabalho interior, de forma a que o que é esperado de ti com as caracteristicas vibracionais deste evento lunar, seja atingido!
Os principais aspetos desta Lua Cheia são: Carneiro e Super Lua. A Super Lua significa que a orbitaheia, dado que a Lua aproxima-se de nós; não é um aspeto visual, é realmente a proximidade da sua viagem orbital que diminui a distância.
A Lua Cheia em Carneiro traz-nos energias emocionais de: não-medo, não-conformação, não-negatividade. Se te ligares às energias fortes de Carneiro, conseguirás concerteza, mudar o que queres mudar, tanto em ti como na tua vida. Conecta com a aventura e ação positivadentro de ti! Está tudo aí!
No teu terceiro chacra – o Plexus Solar, encontra-se toda a força que necessitas. Trabalha isso. Trabalha também com o teu segunda chacra – O chacra Sacral, o qual gere as tuas emoções, que de momento poderão concentrar-se numa espiral de polaridades; Isto siignifica que ambos os ladas positivo e nagativo de ti, estão a tentar sobressair. Não te zangues, especialmente com outros. Sê responsável por ti próprio e pelas tuas ações e decisões; esse é o caminho para atingires o que pretendes da vida e seguir em frente! Não optes, nesta fase, escolhes a negatividade dos eventos expansivos de consciência. Não queres isso, tenho a certeza que não. Andar para a frente nem sempre é fácil, mudar, mover-nos, perseguir sonhos, fazer o que quer que seja que desejamos… Mas entende, tu estás neste movimento de ascensão porque o desejaste, é parte do teu sonho! Porque fazê-lo com amargura, dúvida e medo, quando podes seguir com alegria, força, bravura e apreciar o desafio! Ri-te! deixa que mais e mais luz venha, entre! Somente quando verdadeiramente acreditares em ti e em tudo isto, em todos nós… pdaerás olhar para a cena, incluindo tu próprio com a claridade inocente da luz. Então… o mundo muda! porque tu mudaste! curar, agir, seguir… dá o exemplo do que queres ver à tua volta! muito amor
Nota: Procura a nossa categoria “BLOG PORTUGUÊS” no site, do lado direito, a azul para teres acesso aos nossos blogs em Português. Namaste!
Autor: Maria José Antunes (LYRA LIGHT). Se desejares ter sessões de cura, ajuda e orientação espiritual ou tornares-te meu Estudante contacta-me para:
PROJETO TERRA LIVRE, Todos os direitos reservados.

Super Full Moon ~ Free yourself, you have that power!



Super Full Moon ~ Free yourself, you have that power!

First of all we need to situate energetically this peak of Full Super Moon: As part of the immense energies we have been receiving throughout this whole year, this is just a piece of the vibrational puzzle we are part of.
Its important to acknowledge that we are the workers of all the changes happening in our world, the changes that happened and the ones that didnt yet come to pass! It is through our own inner changes, that the world changes! and this is vital to understand!
This Full Moon on Aries has some tremendous characteristics that we must adjust within ourselves. As we move, create, change, grow, everything is affected! When we say you have been doing an amazing work, is all about working on yourself,which ultimately and inevitable is reflected outside of you. So now, another phase of your new self is emerging and that depends on how you receive and stimulate all parts of your whole being so the inner work is fully done!
The main aspects of this Full Moon are: Aries and Super Moon. Super Moon means that the Orbit of the Moon is close to Earth, you will have the opportunity to observe the size this Full Moon,as it really looks amazingly huge! Energetically it means more Full Moon energies because the Moon really gets closer on it`s orbit; its not a visual effect of some kind giving us an illusion of closerness. Its really a near Earth Moon travel.
This Full Moon in Aries brings you the emotional energies of no fear, no conformation, no negativity. If you tune into Aries strongest energies, you surely can change your self and your life through this phase. Connect with adventure and positive action within you! you have it all!
At your third chakra – the Solar Plexus lies all the strength you need. Work that. Also work through your second chakra – the Sacral, there you see how your emotions are being on a spiral of polarities, meaning, the negative and positive sides of yourself are trying to make a stand! Do not be angry, specially towards others.Be responsible for your self and your own actions and decisions; that is the way to get better and move on! If you chose negativity at this phase you receive the angry side of the whole thing and you do not want that for yourself! Im pretty much sure you dont! Not easy to change,to move,to perceive dreams, to do whatever you want to do… but, please understand that you are here doing this ascension because you wanted it! It is part of your dream. Why doing it with fear,doubts and bitterness… when you can be fierce, joyful and appreciate the challenge! Laugh, let light in more and more.only when you truly believe in you and in all of this and all of us, you can look at the whole and yourself with the clear innocence of light. And then… the world changes!!! …because you did!!! Healing, taking actions, moving further… Set the example of what you want to see around you! much love

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Uplifting our awareness



MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Uplifting our awareness

I love me, i love you, i love this freaking planet, i adore this freaking race, i want us to be the sublime dine beings we can truly be! i know you feel as i do, we all feel each other so strongly and we all are growing so much and so beautifully! i want you to see ME and i want to see YOU! WE are FREE, SOVEREIGN, PURE, LOVING, SMART, DIVINE & COMPLETE!
For the last two weeks we have been feeling different… we can be worrying more that before, our mind might be pondering about so many things, probabilities, doubts, fears, dreams… our heart wants to move forward and finds several tracks to follow… our body is being anxious and feeling severe changes.
So… what should be our posture at this moment? what is the best to do, think, feel, dream… how shall we start something? when can we do it? where is the place to show our changes? to whom ca we open to? … so many things, and so much more we are feeling within growing and growing… as if there are waves inside building a huge tsunami…
Let it be a tsunami of love, peace, trust, confidence, joy, certainties, strength and lots of light!!!
It matters now to understand that you have no more time to lose! understand that the moments that are wasted are totally ridiculous! im not talking about resting moments, contemplation moments for those ones are so rich… im talking about you getting bored in front of a stupid tv, bored in front of your computer! everything around you can be use as a great teacher, which is the same as saying as a great reminder of who and what you really are! be sure that when you have fun, you really have fun and laugh! be sure that when you rest you really rest! be sure that when you come online you are truly your highest version, seek for information, look for wisdom, question everything, put your mind and heart at the front line by using them for the service of the divine purposes we are here for!
Lets uplift the level of ourselves, the level of our love and the level of our consciousness! we are laughed at, each time you play dum, we are used each time we feel exhausted to scream for our selves, we are smashed down each time worship anything, we are smacked hard each time we give power to ridiculous mass lives… what a kardashian… what is such a thing??? what is that we are doing with ourselves??? lets show to the universe we are really valuable, lets send the image to so many ET`s we talk about that we are not puppies… lets be HUMANS!!! lets make this race unique in the whole universe for its highest virtues instead of allowing others to see us as a small, inevitable slave race!