After 11.11 portal ~ Going for harmonic manifestation


After 11.11 portal ~ Going for harmonic manifestation

This energy update is a complement of the blogs i did for this month of November, they can be reached on the links at the end of this article. This whole month is affected by the energies of manifestation. As a personal level matters to understand how to work them inside as a creator energy that goes from the inside out; The need to feel at a constant higher vibration, paying attention to all energies around and use them to growth, light, creativity, manifesting on our reality what we want.Considering, always that what we do, think and feel creates our world. This whole month is all about all kind of manifestation energies, so paying attention to this is half way to send the right vibration out, so we receive according to what we want.
As collective force it is influenced by what each of us do personally and yet, works also as what i call a nuclear reactor, Meaning: it absorbs personal energy and then sends it out when is full!!! To explain this force, imagine all beings influencing each sub-collective by what they create inside, When big events need our focus, energy, attention or… as a decision, the opposite of all this ,the sub-collective we are part of receives our energy and sometimes it receives lots and lots of it!!! The mind and heart of that sub-collective is like a sponge that absorbs all the energy and at some point as it cant receive more it starts filling the space around it with energy… afterwards it floods, spreading until it reaches other sub-collectives. Now, depending on those other ones… if they can be influenced by, if they are even more strong on their ideas, if they have doubts, if they are totally opposite… the sub-collectives might join forces and become one bigger collective or create more division, or even create situations of fight.
I have been observing what is happening all around internet and i can see their worries, consternation, surprise, strong opinions, soft hearts… some less soft as they are really feeling consternation , scared and worried. Some cant hide their feelings of not agreeing with others and social media networks are getting full of negativity, opposite ideas and even friends that unfriend and block others.
We must understand that everyone is full of good intentions and are deeply worried and committed and, if we ponder a bit we can put ourselves in their place and see how they see things through a certain plausible perspective.
Let the ones that feel the need to go out and show their resentment do it, let others sit at home and ponder of it all do it, let the ones that need to feel happy do it, let the ones tat need to share their opinions do it… but do never get harsh and mad at your fellow brothers and sisters, respect them as they have their own conditions,opinions, way of seeing. We all want to end wars… so why provoking it and sending out that energy?
It is much easy to help others see our point of view by having a loving reaction than by showing we feel offended by the way others think of the subject.One thing is sure! All the predictions that talk about letting chaos happen in order to see better changes, are right! the whole world history is a proof and specially when it comes to power, money, politics and economics… there is no other way because HUMANS ARE SO FREAKING PATIENT makes no sense! Ask any E.T. and they will tell you… 🙂 Only after a lot… i mean, a lottt, can humans totally show indignation and demand for justice! That is how we are! Bless us… Among the entities which are not living on a human body is well known this characteristic of humans and how it makes us impossible to predict. Yes! we are impossible to be predicted! The only thing they know is that our patience has limits but they never know when we are going to stand up for ourselves as a collective! 🙂
So… be sure you act according to your own self as long as you respect others opinions. Do not be sad about others as they have the same right as you have for freedom! One thing you can be certain of: Everything is going according to plan, so far!
Center on yourself, align with higher energies, be love, be a beam of light always. Do your part and keep walking this mission!

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