The initiation passage of November energies


The initiation passage of November energies

The Transformational energies of this month have been enormous. The personal work using all the energies we have here on the planet, have been immense. Heavens must be feeling grateful! 🙂 Finding that place within ourselves, which you thought we had found already,that gives us the centeredness and trust to be ourselves! that state of being indestructible, powerful and infinite in its knowing! Yes! that needs to be found, and most of times, we think we got it just to find out later on that we still live in fear, doubts and insecure feelings about ourselves.
When one day, one happy day, we stop repeating things that show us we are still using the old self, and we can step into a recurrent situation with a new,fresh posture and determination… that is when we know we are really changing! no more excuses, no more thinking and thinking to find a reason not to be our true selves, no more energy to go inside our hearts and use the unconditional love to keep letting ourselves be used… That happy day! … when we do not fear anymore. that fear of not being loved,wanted, appreciated, care for, reached for…
Lots of ridiculous fears… The mission, the new earth, the ascension… that is as much about ourselves as it is about others! if this isnt about us, for greater aspects make the world go round… so, it isnt about the others that do not make us happy… so why should you keep yourself being a slave of what others think of you? yes?
This is been a kind of condensation of thoughts and feeling, through which we chose only what allows us to go on forward. Its a cutting chords with heavy burdens that we feel we can live without them now! its an acknowledgement of the changes we couldnt operate before, despite of trying it greatly.
I see this month as a INITIATION PASSAGE, a great one! it hasnt started now, it started long time ago and step by step brought us here, at this stage of ascension where we all meet and go on together.
What can we still do this month, is my  question?  what more can we create? how much more power can we hold within to gives us the will to change, interconnect, build, go further… Each time i make this question to my self, things always move! its a manifestation process through which you ask the universe to keep working with you, and also you ask yourself to keep renovating your abilities, skills and ideas.


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