What are you afraid of?


What are you afraid of?

Life is overwhelming because of our feelings! We have thousands of feelings constantly bombarding us due to the way we think, to the expectations we have and others have, to the fear… here we go again with fear!
Fear of what? you are warriors, you have survived birth, which is your first traumatic experience, you have survived the fear of losing your mother, the billions of “no`s” you got through your childhood, the thousands of experiences through your confused teenage phase, you even survived through your failures on relationships! oh and you survived all the nonsense things you have done! you have survived all the terrible stuff you have eaten, the alcohol and the drugs…
So what are you afraid of? failure? phobias? lack of money? not being approved? not being loved? you got so far right? nothing of that killed you, and if it did so what? there is no death anyway…
The thing is to calm down and do things with ease! when your fearful thoughts come and your feelings start making you feel terrible, just see that you are alive, that all your parts are doing what they are supposed to do, which is to talk to you. Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual are there trying to enhance a dialogue. you are out of balance – all your parts are telling you to STOP! so stop!
Identify what started that moment of fear, insecurity, pain, sadness… reverse the situation afterwards by choosing another line of vibration! what do you want? be well? so choose that! it is up to you really! the stepping out of a wrong perspective is a decision and to do so you need HOPE, TRUST, CONFIDENCE, LOVE – all that comes through an UPGRADE OF YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS – that opportunity is given by a moment such a fearful/painful moments.
Until you believe you are in control of everything, until you feel grateful for all opportunities to shift your frequency specially what doesnt feel good, until you can do that shifting work each time it comes, until you know only you can do that work, until you believe you can do it, it keeps happening!
It is a matter of attitude towards yourself, acknowledging you are the miracle worker, the magician, the Merlin, the alchemist! Find inside the will, the strength, the trust and the love for yourself. At those moments calm down, talk to yourself, decide what you want and match that positive frequency by being on a higher vibration you were when you were caught by those negative emotions.
Everything is a process of self growth so take it easy but do not give up ever! Keep working with yourself by shifting constantly and know that every day, every situation is a mirror of your frequency and at the same time can teach you to grow in consciousness.
Do not let yourself be drawn by the environment because your future self has nothing to do with what you are seeing now. we have the wrong idea that if a situation is bad we have to change it through our actions. No! we have to change our frequency and do not focus on the negativity we are observing. there arent any eternal situations in all the different life time frames we can possible watch and live. So be a vessel for blessings and believe you can create anything you want.


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