Becoming the new crystalline human


Becoming the new crystalline human

Besides the high energetic vibration of being a CRYSTAL the other main characteristic is to be TRANSPARENT!

This is a subject i always get faced with each time a helping conversation happens. If you must nurture and love ourselves, be understanding, supportive, grateful, forgiving with the self… what about if and when we feel we have done something that we do not agree with? yes! because those moments happen, and they will keep happening even that we are much closer to our truth and we love us and know us much better than before.
I say, it is part of loving the self to get hungry sometimes! its part of understanding and be supportive to get upset… Because we do love ourselves! We do want us to be free, happy, loving, growing, conscious, aware and open! It is part of nurturing the self to speak to ourselves the truth when we see it!
If we feel something is wrong, we need to look at it! First to look at so we see if it is an old school pattern that is coming to disturb the peace… because we need to keep our vibes aware that we still fall, even if only for a second, because of the old dictionary of life we have followed for so long! If that is not the case, we really need to enhance a dialogue with ourselves and speak our truth! what have we noticed from our behaviors and actions, what is that we feel we have been feeling towards a certain being or event… it is indeed our obligation to deal with ourselves like we deal with our best friend, our love, our everything! … Because yes! we are everything to ourselves.
You see… there is lots of selves, lots of parts making this complete but confused self! So, when your conscious, aware self notices something that you know you should not be repeating, feeling, thinking, doing, dreaming… you must speak! It is not because of others, it cant be about judgement or pre-conceptions! It is out of love, for your highest good! And if you need to be a bit rough on your communication with yourself, just be! that is better that going further with something that the whole self is not foreseeing and do not truly desire, that is better than getting sick out of going against the new emerging self!
Sincerity, openness… starts with yourself! there… inside, where only you and you meet! if you cannot do that, then… you cannot be honest on your vibration towards the world and the universe! be transparent with yourself! You are a version of the new human! the new, upgraded, loving, conscious, supreme and divine you! Accept this but accept also that that new self needs to always connect fully within in order to become its best version at each moment! What we call self-criticism is in fact the most humble way of loving yourself!


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