Full Moon in Gemini: Enlightenment through contrast


Full Moon in Gemini: Enlightenment through contrast

This powerful Full Moon comes exactly when the Enlightenment Portal 12.12 is fully operational. This Full Moon is to be used by what we can call: “The Nature of Contrast”. What version of you have you brought to this collective moment?
Though the ascension of 2016,what have you learn about yourself and therefore what have you change in your reality. Are you more fearless? more loving? are you more confident and balance? are you more aware of your service to the world? have you been able to manifest you desires? are you showing what you really are, already?
Lets see what this contrasts are all about: are you already able to look at reality and regardless of what it makes you feel, understand that that reality is there to enhance a learning, a growth of the self? are you able to understand that, until you look at the truths about yourself, situations will keep jumping in front of you? are you aware, now, that others are just a mirror of you? that all others and all situations are a creation of the frequency you vibrate at? are you conscious that your job, your friend, your partner, your family… are all what you thought you could do? create? or that it might be part of a game you have agreed to play? are you clear about you wanting to be here on this physical world? have you already understood that this is a hard realm and if you are here there must be a reason? that it isnt random? that you really wanted to come here and experience life as life is here?
So… the contrast is: pay attention to all situations for they are not what you might think they are, they might be showing you a puzzle about yourself; So… look at things and then analyze the message beneath. do not read between the lines… read beyond the lines and see what is shown to you. Remember: it is always about yourself, not others. Are you ready for this riddle?
The most important matters of our lives are always hard to solve, not because the world sucks, but because we tend to think things about ourselves, dreams perhaps, goals… that might be different than our true self thinks! we tend to be stubborn sometimes, thinking we must continue with situations, feelings, journeys… that are align with ourselves, and in fact they are violating our deep self. and hard situations keep coming to show us that! and one fine day, if we look differently and stop blaming the outer world, we see that what we think was true was just an distorted version of what we want. Because: if we really love ourselves we do not want to live in pain, we want to be free from pain. we do not want to keep being a feeder of wrong ways or people, we want to be an encouragement for situations and people that really are aligned with truth and commitment to serve the highest good for the whole! sometimes, helping isnt helping, helping, when it goes against who you truly are, is not only trowing sand to our eyes, is also trowing sand to others eyes. So… be aware of what gives you a good feeling, a completion feeling; if something doesnt feel right is because it isnt. The only right thing is that you are learning from that, and that is a blessing. But the sooner you learn and move on, the better.
Understand, with this full moon that everything has it opposite energy, and so do you. So, you want to chose your best self to keep walking your path. Who do you want to be? really! be that. See through the eyes of a mystic soul the variety of selves within you and be who makes you feel whole, unique and happy.
This energetic leap is part of several portals in December, through which we gain awareness through enlightenment and gain clarity of who we truly are . Who we truly are is what allows us to perceive another energetic year. Let it be grand!


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