Have you been feeling strange energies?


Have you been feeling strange energies?

True power is filling Earth. This is absolute!

This is showing us a growth. Whatever you see, hear, feel… look beyond common reality… Search your feelings, your higher feelings and they will tell you what to do and what frequency you must step onto at this central/key times of humanity!

Heavy moments we are living now! everything is stronger and raised exponentially! some feel happy,some feel unhappy…some feel lots of energy pushing them to do amazing things,while others feel as if energy has abandoned them!
As the physical body is concerned, if your body needs rest,rest is all you need to do for now; if you are able to cope with lots of tasks and move forward,so that is what energy asks from you!
You see? yourself knows exactly what to ask from you, because yourself knows you can do it! Why going on a low spiral? If going a bit down helps you achieving something, like understand something you still need to see… ok! do that! but i assure you: it is always better to look for answers if you are highly in control of yourself!
When you feel yourself on a downward spiral, stop! ask yourself why are you feeling this way and enhance a dialogue with the part of yourself that is calling for attention! but…make sure you sort it out. It may be about yourself, but… chances are that THIS IS ABOUT THE COLLECTIVE!
This is not about individual problems. However individually we all feel it and, also, our lives reflect whats going on the planet. Whatever we do,feel, think… it is vital at these times that to be able, all of us, to not lower our vibrations, to not get disappointed, to not go out of alignment!
Keep grounding, keep centering within yourself, keep loving, keep shining… everything is as it is supposed to be, what happens is part of the work we all have been doing so far, so take it easy, breath, relax and live!
Remember that all the strangeness, the weird energies are due to the expansion of light – the expansion of consciousness and for the ones awakening now, we want to welcome them with positiveness, embrace them with our hearts. we do not want to grow the doubt or the superficial mindset that will push them away. We must show steadiness, confidence and bright light! All is well, that is the simple truth! thank you all.


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