Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material

Greetings, my beloved ones! I AM Saint Germain.

Before you begin meditation, I will say a few words about the phenomenon that people call negative energy. For you is not secret that embodied human beings, disconnected from your Divine Self, worked out and continue to generate negative energy. This energy is accumulated on the planet for thousands of years. Do you know the appropriate: the negative energy of the planet Earth will never radiated into outer space and never sent through the portal into the inner space. Part of this energy is converted immediately. The remaining “compressed”, transformed and sent to storage. Now came the moment when it has to be converted and used as a Creative Force. Former negative energy at this stage, is used for the good – in the restructuring of the external and internal structures of the planet. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis – it is, in particular, the result of former negative energy.
Something similar happens with the human. The negative energy that it is not processed, failed to transform into love, positive things, is first “taken” to “long-term storage,” that is placed in sub-dimensional reservoir that people called Casual or Karmic body.
Now there is chance to release the CASUAL or KARMIC BODY, neutralize all the negative energy, and then transform it into a creative, positive energy.
Therefore appropriate to conduct meditation in order to NEUTRALIZE the Causal Body, and from that energy create the birth of its future ETHEREAL BODY.
The existence of the Ethereal Body of human beings implies “withering away” of the Casual Body, or rather – its neutralization and transformation. This process you can contribute through meditation.
And now proceed directly to work.
1. Call for the co-creation FAMILY OF LIGHT, the Lords of Karma and your Spiritual Mentors. Get yourself on the wave of Love … expresses the pure intention of neutralizing your Causal (Karmic) Body and the birth of the Ethereal Body.
2. Imagine Causal Body as two circles, or rather – two balls. Resting on one another. The lower ball is half as the top. (This hard to represent solid figures can visualize the number “eight”, the lower part of which is half the size of the top).
The upper sphere (circle) fill up green, the bottom – in pink. After that, mentally tracing the contour of the lower ball – yellow-golden color. It turns pink framed in yellow. Upper ball tracing the contour of a bright blue color. It turns green framed by a bright blue.
Now mentally draw two Fibonacci spirals,
Left – Yin spiral, right – Yang-spiral: as shown in the figure.
4. When both spirals connected, obtained a figure similar to the Heart. Its contours are painted in red. Put your Causal Body in the form of two balls ( “eight”) in the middle of the “heart”, turn balls- “eight” in position of ninety degrees. Now we have left – a small ball, on the right – the big.
The next task – to saturate the left (small) ball of golden-yellow light, and the right (large) – blue.
Dear friends! Please understand that at the time of meditation, your own Causal Body, you really put (on the subtle plane) into your Heart Chakra and coloring it in New colors!
4. Go to the main part of the work … Please tune in wave … of tenderness. Concentrate on the Heart Chakra and feel that what is happening now, is something very important in your life. You broke up with that what was a very long part of your “SELF”. Here, at your Karmic Body, from incarnation to incarnation concentrated negative energies, your negative experience during life on Earth, during the participation in the final stage of the Grand Experiment.
Casual body in the form of eight is a difficulty that human beings have received in the world, setting the law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma … Now, drawing eight in an infinity sign, we release difficulties, turning them into energy for movement, the energy of your new endless possibilities.
And this energy – now is in your Heart. See how former Causal Body turns in … “perpetual motion machine”! Golden yellow and blue like stay alive, it sparkling! On the contour of the Infinity Sign starts moving bright purple spark, like a small star … It moves faster and faster … you start the process of energy that can not be stopped! This is your inner Source of Renewed Energy! Now watch carefully! Both balls have equal size! And now the former Causal Body is a harmonious symbol of Infinity, a beautiful sparkling purple. From it comes a magical glow …
5. Now feel the moment of bliss … Where spiral Yin and Yang come together at one point, the center of the fusion of male and female energies are born gorgeous three-lobe lotus. It leaves are blue, yellow and red … At that moment, when you see the Lotus – you know: your Ethereal Body began to be born in the Five-dimensional world, where you can rush as a result of the Ascension …
Quiet, friends … Quietly … Please … Listen Now the silence … In this silence is born … a wonderful melody. You can hear the voice of a magic flute and symphony orchestra of the whole. But you know, no matter that you do not hear the melody – the music of your Multidimensional Heart, which with Great Love will lead you through the New Spaces of the other worlds of our infinite Universe …
6. Thank the co-creation of the Family of Light, the Lords of Karma, your Spirit Guides … And, please, listen to the answers of the Family of Light … It will come through your Heart … It may be the words in your consciousness, or simply the energy of Love … Love and waiting to meet you …
With Love, Ascended Master Saint Germain
Message and meditation received by Sergei Kanashevsky, Russia, Siberian Federal District, Novokuznetsk
* All rights reserved. Communications of cycle “KRYON FROM RUSSIA” can be freely distributed and published only without cuts and changes.

Aries energy ~ Intermittent symptoms


No matter if it`s your sleep function or your mood, these late energies are precisely working as a discontinuous process. Within ourselves there´s a blinking spot that goes up and down, off and on depending on how high is our absorbing ability for light at this time.
Astrologically several celestial events promote this situation but in my opinion this is what Aries does through it`s warrior Mars. The New Moon a few days ago made this situation more abrupt.
Mars, the God of War and the lover of Venus, is fierce and also candid, but is always passionate. The substance relative to Aries is iron; Iron contracts with cold and dilates with hot, meaning… that is how iron behaves depending on the conditions, surroundings, feelings… both expansive and contraction aspects of Aries energy are dealt on a mental level, as Aries rules the brain. The stress due to its expansions and contractions are often felt through migraines, depression and heart conditions.
It`s perfectly normal if your oscillate between great energy and tiredness, need to sleep and no sleep at all, talking a lot and silence, pain and feeling totally relaxed and… very important maybe excessive good mood and feeling angry and irritated.
Make sure you ground everyday so energy flows easily in and out; Center on yourself so you maintain balance and connect with joy so your frequency stabilizes.
The best way is surely connect with nature, so move outside when you feel going down. Drink good water, eat fruit and raw veggies and chose more fish than meat. Don`t forget the music and find time everyday to do something that gives you pleasure.
At home you can use air freshener with lavender or chamomile essential oils. You can also use a drop on your body: a bit on the wrists and on the base of your neck (between thyroid and thymus).
Have fun with these amazing high energies, use your creativity, be courageous and adventurous. Most of all be yourself and love lots!




3.03. – 17.03.2017 PLANETARY RESET OF HUMANITY. 1-st Cosmic Light Wave of 4 in this YEAR.

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for proving  us this material.

This Cosmic New Energy of Light Wave is coming from the Center of Galaxy. New Light Energy is here to Change, Reset our Magnetic Crystalline Grid, to delete old fractals of fear and destructiveness, old time repeating fractals in Human multidimensional DNA, every Human cell, every old pattern can be deleted by FREE WILL of HUMANITY. This 1-st New Light Wave is braking the VEIL. This New Light Wave is changing old Consciousness of Humanity to the New Cosmic Consciousness, also called Multidimensional Consciousness.
Relaxing sitting position. Manifest: RESET of CRYSTALLINE GRID in own whole body, in every cell, in every spiral of multidimensional DNA. Deep slow breathe without rush and emotions, relaxing inhale and exhale. Imagine as Rainbow Light shower overflowing from the top to the bottom all body, from outside and inside. Deleted form fear and old fractals is every part of body, every cell, every spiral of DNA, which was taken and stored at all times of incarnation on the Earth. Feel as the New Light Energy is fulfilling body from the bottom to the top of head, overflowing. Feel like all old energy is washed out of body, all fear, all fight, all discomfort, all damages, all mutations, all fractals of repeated weakness. Feel like body is fulfilled with Light, Light of the Rainbow, Diamond and Gold. Feel as every cell is enlightening, mind stay free from every thought. Concentrate on the space of the Heart. Feel it. Feel as joy is coming out from the Heart, overtaking every cell of the body, feel as body stay light, feel FREEDOM and JOY. Feel fresh and New become everything around You. Feel as breathe stay slow and relaxed, observe Yourself from inside to outside. Feel changes and gratitude. Feel NEW YOURSELF! Thank Yourself for RESET own SELF, thank GOD Creator, thank Light Family, Mother Earth for help, for the 1st New Cosmic Light Wave.
Don’t forget 3 more NEW Cosmic Light Waves is on the way in this YEAR!

We are enough



We are enough

More often than we imagine, the root of most our problems, come from the fact we find ourselves not being enough! we are never enough, no matter what we do, what we learn, what we help, work, love, etc.
What did your mother say to you? or didn`t say? or your father? your teacher? your neighbor ? your boyfriend or girlfriend?
It`s part of a child nature to worship parents, that is the way they deal with life before they are fully ready to live it themselves by being independent. When small disappointments invade a child routine, they can be deadly, emotionally deadly! They kill creativity, love, plans, dreams, happiness… they create negativity by feeding from all the positive innocent heart.
Usually the feeling of “i am not enough” is not from heavy events; it can, but it doesn`t need to. Usually are daily routine moments, small words or even smaller silences that shape our mind and heart and decide how our future will be.
The feeling of “not being enough” along with the feeling of “fear” is the destroyer of human potential.
However things do not need to stay like that… we can truly change our mindset towards traumas. We can understand that as well as we find hard to live, love, create… so did they – the ones that motivated us towards failure! and many times they weren`t missing love, they were just taught to mislead their own love energy.
As we understand, accept, forgive… we can look at ourselves from a new perspective and change the patterns. How do we do that? we find the opposite energy within the trauma`s polarity. Everything has an opposite energy and it is up to us to look for the positiveness of ourselves potentials, instead of let our lives ruled by hidden killer cells.
We can all do it. Start by telling yourself I AM ENOUGH. Do it several times a day! Be aware of the power you have within yourself. Post it on facebook or your other social platforms. Set an alarm on your phone with those words so you remind yourself of who you truly are. Write it everywhere, make a sweet altar on a table or furniture with positive stuff and cards with I AM ENOUGH words.
Change your vocabulary by paying attention to the negative words you use, which will set your mind to failure.
The truth is you think you cannot create your life, but what you are not aware is that you are creating your life every second, you always did it and you always will. It is not only a spiritual thing… or just a mind thing… it works that way to all your parts: from the emotional, to the physical and the mind! You are the Alpha of your life as a conscious being and your words are commands, your thoughts as well. You are a complex machine and the best you understand that you are made of several bodies that are supposed to work for your greatest good, the better you respect yourself and use the power you have.
As you understand that YOU ARE ENOUGH you cannot fail or disappoint because nothing of that exists!!! There is only positiveness, creation, flowing life energies and all blocks disappear… Love your self that way.




Note: 2 messages: 2012 & 2017

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to providing us this material.

February 21, 2012 GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK announce the Completion of Experiment called Duality.
Below we publish the text of the message.

Dear Humanity of the planet Earth!

Today begins the most basic work on lifting your planet to a New frequency level. And this means that the Experiment of Duality, for which you have come a long way on this planet, enters its final stage. About what the completion is it? Have you heard from us, that the process “End of the Experiment” will continue for the entire year 2012.? But, starting today, will go no longer work in an experimental program, and its curtailment and archiving the results. On this also takes time. You will not become its performers this year. You are completely free in their choice of further way on this planet. But, of course, not everyone will understand the value and feature of this wonderful moment. However, your consciousness will change rapidly from this day.
Why today is marked in such a joyous occasion? Just like the same opportunities the planet of Galaxy is willing to accept New effects, and a New Status in the Family of the Galactic Alliance. In addition, it is now come to the planet a special impetus for the reception of information obtained in the course of your experimental work in Duality. The Universe is ready to record in its archives the results you obtained residence in the dense world in complete separation from Its Divine Nature; and Successful way out of this state with the restoration of the status of the Angels from the Central Spiritual Sun. We waited with trepidation and with confidence in a positive outcome. We Now Know That This Is Possible!!! And we know the Winner in this confrontation between Light and Darkness, dense matter and the Spirit! Today, the Galaxy range of defined exactly – Angels rose to the Light and output in light of their planet. Thank You so much in the name of all Family of the Light! Today is remarkable, and the fact that the specific energy touched updated planets and their influence is directed at providing a New level of Consciousness for the planet and earthlings.
Well, you went a long time for this moment. And today, I congratulate you all – knowledgeable about current events or do not know about them – with this difficult, but probably already reached the state of change in the Earth. You now will be able to much more easily go through all the preparatory steps you and planetary changes in preparation of Ascension. And not only this. That starts today, to be understanding at all levels of your maturing to outer perception of Consciousness. Today will change many of the essential characteristics of the interaction of the planet with your Galactic Family. And this will lead in the near future – namely, in 2012. year, and to shift your entire planetary consciousness towards Cosmic Unity, without which it will be difficult to go further in the enormous Shift, which is the Galactic Alignment, that will come at 21.12.2012.
I offer all of you, Lightworkers, in the first place, to give all the people of the Earth Awards are what come up with your loving heart – medals, gifts, greetings, flowers for their excellent work in terms of Duality. And the issue “Certificates of Participation” in this Experiment. Yes, you are modest and do not agree on self rewarding. But, My dear Ones! Each of you – it’s one of us! And nothing else! And I offer today and tomorrow to make instant SEND LOVE TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET WITH BLUE FLAME IN VIEW OF THE END OF THE EXPERIMENT AND THE AWARD CEREMONY FOR PARTICIPATION IN IT. Diplomas will be awarded to all your Higher Selves, but you can in your meditation and service mark its participation in the presentation of Diplomas to all the people of the Earth, and someone does not forget to present the Diploma of Glory for you, my dear human!
I do not hurry Event. I am authorized to state that Experiment of Duality ends today, and nothing interferes with your planet ready to go to another area of the galaxy. But you’ll still struggle with old energies, allowing them to interact with them in tune with your inner vibrations. How long will you go on the road rolled of duality? Yes, each in its own way, unfortunately. But the planet and the Galactic Alliance will did not support your old type of accommodation in the world. Do not dispose of your own light features. Begin to live in the New Energy and on the New Earth. And it really will changes at high speed. And She, in fact, preparing to go out to Light. Know that your options are now to go along with the planet in no way limited. Nothing can limit you, my dear humanity!
Again, I suggest that you focus your attention on the possibility of Awarding all the people on Earth, and most planetary Mother with Diploma of the Completion of Grand Experiment. Let us together tomorrow, 22 February 2012th, each in their time zones at 2.00 PM, make a gift to all the people of Earth. And thanked all your Higher Selves for the end of this difficult game. We congratulate each other on the VICTORY! You will see how it will be easy then to live and prepare for the transition to a new state. Anyone who is aware of the magic of the moment, will be able to become parties to the completion of the next act of the play of duality, of what We will, of course, report at time.
Be Happy, Humanity of the Earth!
Galactic Christ Melchizedek
(receive by Marina Schultz)
21. 02. 2012

GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK again contact to us five years later …
by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz

My beloved Children! Beloved treasure of my Heart! I always call you as Children of the Earth and the Galaxy! But your true roots as yet unknown to you, my Star Children!
We have been waiting for the moment when you will be able to spiritually wake up and say so clearly. And you woke up! And our joy is no limit! Because, when we let you go to difficult experiment, we were not sure that it will be successful. But the Angels of the Great Central Sun with dignity went all the way trough to Experiment of Duality, came out as the winners of the conditions of dense matter, the researchers which you became convinced of your own.
The entire Milky Way Galaxy exult, of feeling a wave of Light, directed with earthlings, as the great sign of the triumph of the Spirit and the Divine expression of your true Essence.
It took five years after the abolition of the Experiment of Duality. I say “for five years”, despite the fact that eternity is much less than a moment. It is incomparably small in linear time than the duration of the whole Experiment of Duality. And yet it is – “five years” .This period is full of grandiose Light volume work to the output of the conditions of duality for Ascension of the planet Earth.
My dear, my beloved Children! You have already received a certificate for the performance of the Experiment of Duality. Three years ago, you were Awarded with the Galactic Diplomas as evidence of your Light achievements. This is – the most important energy-blueprinting, energy-multidimensional structure, which allows to you certain powers and conditions of creativity in other worlds, other planets. And you’re able to learn these quickly and with joy, about that I am very happy. Galactic Gates of the Temple of Creativity more and more open to you, with the improvement of your multidimensional abilities. And you really are creating a New World, not only in post experimental space , but also in many spaces of the planetary system of the Earth and in other worlds.
My dear Ones! To sum up the results of the output of energy programs of your world and Experiment of Duality. This is – the important outcomes. And for five years, you indeed, become creators of your New World. Yes, even what Creators! Many may begin to doubt what I said. But just think – not just a new world is potentially possible, intended, planned. It clearly and loudly expresses its vivid realization. And each of you is its Creator and Guarantor.
Over the past five years you have performed a large amount of fundamentally New Tasks that are necessary to transform your world. I will note the major.
An important turning point was the “Ascension” project in the implementation of the programs exit your world of duality zone. Activated all Lemurian Crystals – Galactic Crystal Beings of Light. And you with them become co-create basic, fundamentally important events in the life of the planet Earth. You really are creating the New Genetic Programs that opening the portals of the Ascension; You activated the artifacts that have been abandoned for the time being the revival of Spirituality of humanity and the Earth itself. Lemurian Crystals are able to start their own, particular, assistance programs in the world during its Ascension.
Not only is the process of Ascension is a criterion out of duality programs. Your world is undergoing serious transformations related to transformation of the old energies. The arrival in the worlds of four dimension humanity of the third dimension defines eventfulness your world in many ways. Many aspects of your Being to be transformed into a New Evolutionary Cycle. This will form the basis for the further evolutionary progress.
Now your world is developing many processes. The basis for the new evolutionary cycle. One part of your world continues to shudder convulsively old energies, the other part, presented enlightened humanity already forms the foundations of a new world, are creating the New World. And that’s fine! Because by the time “sleeping” people will wake up, you will be that, on whom, to lean on. And you, my beloved Children, take in your arms all the rest of my Children, because you all are, without exception, my beloved Children! Remember that you are the Pioneers. And you have a Cosmic responsibility for the fate of not only yourself, but of all world. Your mission is to be the Creators of a New World within the old.
During these five years have seen the incredible importance of the Event, about the importance of which you do not will notify the official media. Humanity of the Earth emerged from the duality, was radically changed. And you have already guessed, what I am talking about. There is a steady, rapid process of unification of the various branches of human evolution. Is born a New Race of humans. Descending and ascending branch of evolution give birth to a New Branch of the United Branch. And you over these five years is largely accelerated this process, creating your Light Work of all the necessary prerequisites for their integration.
New Children were born. They appeared for a long time, even in recent years Experiment of Duality. But there were no preconditions to ensure that were born on Earth the representatives of distant worlds, distant stars. You have created conditions for the emergence and adaptation in your world. Due to their presence not only be established in the New Genetics of the human race, but all scheduled processes in your world changes become apparent, accessible, real. Love the New Children! You gave them a “Green Light!”
My beloved Ones! Special importance of the Event passed through the Fire of your Hearts. You gave life on the planet for the whole family of Cosmic Fires. During this period, came to Earth all the Fires, which became the fiery basis of the Ascension. Born by Family of Light the World Temple of the Ascension Fires is not just decorated the Earth with its Divine Light, but has become an important part of its Light structure. And now, this structure allows your planet not only the Ascension process, but also to carry out the necessary restructuring in all worlds and all planetary Globes. This is the universal generator of fiery energies, in their various combinations.
You surely have gone beyond the Earth. You have become a full-fledged co-creators of your Solar System. You are known to many planets – as active Light Workers. Turning over your mind and your direct action of progressive interaction of the planets of the Solar System with the Earth will bring new opportunities for the transformation of earthly life. The Sun as your main source of life, changed its influence on the Earth – in accordance with a change in its evolutionary program.
Finally, in the year 2016, thanks to your active evolutionary actions, Light Family of the Galaxy and the Earth on the lake Baikal, in the sacred space of the planet, was created artifact, which began the process of deploying new parameters of Space-Time continuum of your world. But its effect is not limited to a zone, leaving the dual existence. Flower of Space-Time continuum in a special way connected with all the Globes of the planet, and therefore we can confidently talk about a New Evolutionary Cycle for many worlds of the Earth. Expanding and accelerating the processes of creation of Polyworld (multidimensional), both horizontally and vertically, made possible since its activation.
And you, my dear Children, took an active part in the solemn ritual of the creation of the New Flower of Space-Time continuum. And now confidently creating in its rays, and along with it. Flower of Space-Time continuum generates a Rainbow Reference Time that will help you move to a New Wave of Time Cycle – “13:20” frequency.
I will note, one more very important Planetary Light Work you conducted under my supervision. I’m talking about the creation of NEW WATER, as a Universal receiver of Cosmic information. Without it is impossible to change, to create a New World, to reprogram the old world, and launch New development plans in the New Evolutionary Cycle. New Water has already started to take shape in the multidimensional space of Lake Baikal during the creation of the Flower of Space-Time continuum. This process has many different stages of its energy content. And you have already passed some of them. Year 2017-th we announced as YEAR of the creation of NEW WATER. So, the Fifth Anniversary of the abolition of the Experiment of Duality, noted this good news! After all, without changing the composition of the oceans and all water among the various forms of life, can not be the implementation of a New Evolutionary stage. And that time has come, deploying up new horizons for the Spiritual creativity.
Dear Children! You understand that in the world together with you are creating a New Evolution many of Lightworkers. The details of their work, you sometimes do not know. But each of them has its own mission, own duties. Many are working in the groups. And all of you led and directed by the Family of Light. We are coordinating the efforts of Lightworkers all over the planet. You read and speak in different languages. Using various literature. You comply with your countries and bring to light the work features dictated by region, country, nation. But your overall creative efforts add up to a Unite treasury of the evolution of the planet Earth. And I welcome all Lightworkers of the world, coming out from duality, as a Unite Collective of Light, showing a New Evolution. Your work is coordinated in time and space. Each one of the fragments are creating a complex and multi-dimensional puzzle, without which the whole it does not start to play a single evolutionary lights. Know that you are many, so many. This means that by the actions each of you we attach the actions of others. And together you create a unique and rich “cloth” of general evolutionary picture of your world. Do not forget to call upon your Higher Selves when you are doing Light Work and all other Lightworkers, which deems it necessary to attach to your Family of Light. Success depends on the synthesis of your efforts. I note it especially on the day of the five-year anniversary of the Abolition of the Experiment of Duality, because previously such united efforts were not provided, because of the energy of duality programs. Nowadays, when we speak of Unity and Oneness, it is necessary to introduce this practice in Light Work. This synthesis are now supported by New Evolutionary energies and programs of the New Space-Time continuum.
Joy fills my Heart, when I look at your world, confidently throw out of its legs shackles of duality. More and more Light flares. And a New level of Love, for each of you, is becoming more clearly and with it come into your life and new principles of perception of the world and everyone in this world. You learn to truly love and to create a position of Love. “Roses of dislike” are beginning to blossom, charm all its beauty and fragrance and turn into “Roses of Love”. And this is also very big achievement at a historically short period of time … just in five years.
I, Galactic Christ Melchizedek, welcome you, the creators of the New World!
Go light and bright, My Children! Administer those plans for which you have carried out an Experiment of Duality. Confidently enter into a New Evolutionary Cycle. Blossom as a beautiful Flowers of Love on your blessed Planet!
Always consistently with you
Galactic Christ Melchizedek
Spiritualized Galaxy of the Milky Way


piramide luz


by Sergey Kanashevskiy

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material.


Morning at your house … Barely awake, do not open your eyes, do not get up from the bed! Let your physical body remains at rest. Invisible musician next to you. Playing magic melody on flute that sets you on a distant past … or maybe conversely, attracts to the unknown future … That tune is complete. Flute slowly conjure a number of music notation: “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol …” starts to sound a note Sol, and just born a blue cloud in front of you. From your physical body are separated by blue spiral. Slowly sent to the cloud. Quietly watching … And here is the rainbow energy awakened. Joy is born in the Heart. From what? It is not clear now … But the rainbow – it is somehow always a joy. Maybe because the rainbow awakens in our Hearts the memory of the Spiritual Home? On the True Home, from where we all came …
We, Angels of the Great Central Sun …
Sun … And whether it be blue? Oh sure! Bright blue Sun is born inside a light blue clouds. And the Sun’s rays emanate rainbow! They are twisted in a spiral form a halo around the blue solar sphere, and then rush off somewhere upstairs … you rush after them! Next, with the rainbow energies carrying the joy and more – the melody of the past and the future, donated by the magic flute of invisible musician.
No, you do not lie in bed. You are – the traveler with a body that never gets old. It lives in the past and in the future; and where there is no past and future … Movement with iridescent energy easy, pleasant and joyful. You seem to go up in a balloon. You are lighter than air! The attraction of the Earth is not working, and therefore striving upwards so natural. You’re flying up not at straight line, but an arc. It’s – Ra-arc. Rainbow Bridge, born in sounds of a magic flute …
Rainbow thread-rays begin to curl, forming a rainbow sphere. You are here on the surface of the sphere. You observe what’s going on inside … God the Creator !!! How many Portals! How many transitions! What you see is what, perhaps, never thought of. A great many Beings of Light traveling through the worlds and dimensions, passes through different Zero Points! You observe with your Universal vision of the big picture, that’s just hard to imagine. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of creatures to travel in space-time, to manage the evolution of the worlds. So they moved on a Möbius strips, moving from the inner to the outer worlds, and then return. And here, in this large-scale of the mini-universe of multiple transitions, you can see not only humans. That flock of dolphins, fun salute energies of joy, is sent to the higher worlds of Sirius. They fulfilled their mission here on Earth, and are now returning to their native expanses of Sirius … Here is elephants, it is important to raising their trunks, pipes and solemnly welcome you heading into the dense layers of matter to make the planet a better and happier. And there – a real Angels travelling with solar wings. The Angels are smiling at you. Their eyes radiate a gentle energy. Such family that you yourself would like to immediately gain wings and fly, fly to distant distances, in different worlds …
Wings? .. Why not? Mobius strip, moving around one point in different directions, forms sphericity plexus of “eights”. Before you is the Crystal of True Time! Purple Crystal Loop True Time direct to you its energy, and that’s behind you – amazing, unusual wings. Like Crystal of True Time created from dozens of fractals unusual structure. You feel like a very great time begins to enter in the space of your Sacred Heart. At this time there is no division in the past and the future. In it’s all the same. This is Unconditional Love, which takes all. It’s like the One Creator, able to be everywhere and always, and never fade … It’s like an eternal substance, which can become a whole …
“Standard Time? What is it ??? “- suddenly appears in your mind an unexpected question. And the answer was right there … “Standard Time – This is the Main Unit of Time, from what is composed Time of Worlds, and even the Universe. This – means for storing the existence and propagation of time.” Reference Time – this is what allows you to create all kinds of matter, adjusting them to certain parameters … you feel, feel how through Crystal of True Time in Your Sacred Hearts flows the energy of Reference Time of the New Evolutionary Cycle. It updates the temporal matter of your Complex of Multidimensional Bodies. Your temporary, Temporal Body as if born again! And you just really want to go back to where you started your journey! On the blue Sun with rainbow rays. Are you ready to bring it, to give it something,
Once again we return to the rainbow bridge. But how to roll down on it? After all, you are lighter than air! Are you ready to ascend somewhere up in the higher World. Balloon aspires only upward … Angels with its kind eyes looking at you and smiling. They are a bit funny, as you, as a children, develop new space – not yet very skilled, not very confident. And then … you feel some sort of native energy, which is able to Love, and to amuse, and to do Great Things. “Kryon? Is that you ?! “- sounds a question.
Well, of course! This is Kryon and his magnetic energy! In you is living energy of three polar magnetism! The energy that allows you to navigate not only in dense worlds. Kryon helps you navigate the rainbow spiral down, walk to the center. You already want to enter into the space of a blue Sun, emitting bright rainbow rays. This is your present time. This is the focus of this temporal matter of your body. Lets go, here, at Home! At Present time!
But a blue Sun like pushes you away. You feel as Kryon smile his good wise smile. And you know that you get sent hint. Listen to it … What ??? We should fall even lower on the Rainbow Bridge !? But why? For what?
“Down there, is your past time – said Kryon. – Let’s leave it that is no longer necessary in the new life, in a New Cycle. ”
Three polar magnetism, skillfully interact with your temporal wings smoothly moves you more down on the rainbow arc. You are like children on a sled, roll down the hills. It’s nice, it is breathtaking. This is not a fast movement. Wonderful soaring … Magic movement. Why? Because the bridge is still rainbow, created of the rainbow energy, designed to bring joy to humans hearts. In the new cycle of life, even those who never knew the joy, feel its taste, will be able to share it with others, giving joy to their loved ones – as pieces of sweet flavored cake, baked by his mother in honor of the holiday. And this joy will be a long stretch of time, like a candy-sweet toffee. From the Source of Joy can drink the nectar of Joy. And the more you will drink, the more complete will become the Source. Because in the new cycle of life will change even the Law of Conservation of Energy, which seems so unshakable for your scientists …
What is it? .. We went into another space, but again came to a blue Sun! Past time is the same as the present?
“Watch carefully, my dear Ones! – Kryon is here with us. It guiding us. It supports with energy. – Two suns are different from each other. ”
Well, of course! Rainbow rays from the sun that does not radiate outward from the surface, and sent into the blue sphere.
“It is Archive of Time! – says Kryon. – There is time that gather your experience, store it, what is not necessary in this your evolutionary cycle … You know, let’s present to it this … “!
Suddenly in the air materializes clock … Ordinary watches that people used to loved to wear on their wrists. You rejoice gift from Kryon. Watches are beautiful, with a nice dial, gold-plated strap. Just wanted to wear on the wrist.
“Yes, people were not accidental watches on the wrists – said Kryon. – You know, through the wrist made a strong connection with the physical body of the temporal body, with the body of Time. When people shake hands, they enter into a cooperation of agreement for some time. When one person takes gently, with love, the other person’s wrist, he wants him to live a whole life, a whole cycle… Internal Time then touches the Internal Time … The current clock is not for your wrist. Here is times frequency, which is gradually receding into the past … 12: 60 … So give this frequency to the Archive of Time. Give to it all of your temporal matter that you do not need in the New Evolutionary Cycle! ”
You take the watch, stretch them towards the blue Sun – Archive of Time. Slowly the old clock cycle drawn into the space, mixed with rainbow power to dissolve it … From your Sacred Heart begins to flow energy information, passing time, that you no longer need in a New Evolutionary Cycle. The energies that flow into the blue space … Temporal energy of passing time is moved by fiery matter … Blue space archives old Ethericeal matter, twisting it, making the Eternity, which can become a New Reality, if is necessary.
“Well, – Kryon says – you have updated your Heart of Time! Now updated Zero Point works within you, which brings together your Present Time, Past Time and the Reference Time. It begins harmonious exchange between the three energy-centers.
Well, then is time to go back? You can return to the physical body and hurry on your daily affairs?
Then you feel like Kryon energy to join relatives still very, very familiar energy. Voice of Commander Ashtar sound the Great Invocation:
– Midshipmen of the planet Earth! You intermarried with New Water! You become part of it! She is part of you. Ethereal Programs of New Water came to intermarry with the New Time. Within you is born a new symphony of life! Melody of Water and Melody of Time are creating a new song of Life for the new evolutionary cycle. Ethereal Water of your world, enriched with the trial wave of five-dimensional hydrogen, seek to unite with your Hearts of Time! Here and Now – clean express intention to take her into your sacred spaces!
Directly in front of your inner sight there is a perfect sphere, filled with wonderful violet light. Inside it – modules of Ethereal Water, and trial water of five-dimensional hydrogen. And all this is New Programs for the New Time, which is given to you from the Higher Worlds. You’ve seen this structure. You’re familiar with symbol of New Water. But now you feel that this is not just a Light structure. This is – a living organism, a living creature made for you of the Family of Light. It is very Important creature, it is born to you by God the Creator. Gift of the God Creator, which will help you to live, to exist to develop in many, many incarnations of this cycle. Know, my children: even if now you do not plan to return to this world more than ever, you still will return here. But not by the Law of Karma. Not for Universal obligations. But by call of your Great Loving Heart. Your Love is already now begin to transform the world of inharmonious, militant, engorged struggle and violence, into the world of Love and Light. Here and Now you decide that a New Evolutionary Cycle, your world becomes a world of Love and Light, where all people live in peace and harmony. For your decision to your heart’s intention, in the “Here and Now” are joining thousands, millions of hearts who feel that the Time for Changes has come! War and struggle is still a thing of the past, will remain there, for old time threshold. Already is opened gates to a world where running the show of Love and Creativity. The New laws come alive for New people. And rush to the embodiment of those Souls who are here for the forces will create harmony and love. And you – on forces to pave the way, to her beautiful rose plants of the New Time.
Where now lives rainbow energy? Where is alive now Rainbow Bridges, through which people will flock to the New World? In your Hearts! In your Sacred space. And in your Temporal Bodies, in your time of matter, which becomes a Source of energy information of the New Time. Watch, watch! Is not it wonderful, magnificent picture! Truly magnificent! You radiate powerful, beautiful streams of Rainbow energies. These streams are surrounded by rainbow colors with violet Sphere of the New Water. And – lo and behold! – New Sphere of Water becomes an integral part of your New Heart of Time. Is forming a New fourth energy center of the Heart of Time!
Kryon raises you on Its magnetic palms. You will soar higher, higher and higher … and like a bird’s eye can see, as the Zero Point-20 gained six energy centers. Around the blue Sun, emitting bright rainbow rays, is now alive for five centers. You can see the Sphere of the New Water and two Crystals of True Time and two Archives of Time.
Kryon explains:
“Two Crystals of True Time and two Archives of Time you will need for a transitional period until your world will make the transition from the old to the New Cycle. One pair will keep in touch with the passing Time, the other – with the coming Time … This is the structure that we will call Zero Point 13: 20. My dear Ones! It now looks like your New Heart of Time! And it is set to a New Harmonic frequency 13:20 “.
Yes, the new Heart of Time sounds in a New way! It helps to observe life in its huge stream. You suddenly see past … Pictures of past life flash in front of you. And not only your personal life, as an individual being. Pictures of the life of Humanity. God the Creator! How deep into the past leaving the thread of human’s history! This is a time when people are still not aware of the struggle and war. Look at how many beautiful, harmonious civilizations lived here, in your world, before came here representatives of the ascending branch … Look through these wise, kind eyes. Yes, people of past civilizations was different from each other. Outlook was different. But through their beautiful eyes always looked at the world a harmonious, bright, loving Soul. They, those people, have conceded this world for those who are still growing Spiritually. For those who believe that life is finite and limited and they just have to take from it a much more. But Life, in fact, is Infinite. And the people of the ancient great civilizations do not just believe in it. They knew about it. They remember where they came from. They knew in what worlds they will Ascend. And they did according to the Great Plan of God the Creator, wanting as much as possible to give to this World … There comes a Time to return the Greatness of the Humanity. There COMES A TIME OF ENDLESS AND CONTINUOUS TIME. AND THE NEW HEARTH OF TIME WILL HELP YOU IN THIS, MY CHILDREN! Solar Angel, awaken at dusk NEW SUNRISE … There comes a time of endless and continuous time. NEW TIME AND insertions help you in this, my children! Solar Angel, awaken at dusk NEW SUNRISE … There comes a time of endless and continuous time. NEW TIME AND insertions help you in this, my children! SOLAR ANGELS, AWAKEN AT TWILIGHT OF THE NEW SUNRISE …
So take with joy a New Hearth of Time! Activate it in your Sacred Hearts! And love It as you Love the God Creator. Because it is – a truly priceless Gift in this segment of your life, when the old leaves with the pain of the past, and the new is just beginning to send pulses of Divine Joy.
And so completed another stage of our unusual Ceremony. And you thinking about again to return to your physical bodies, in the rhythm of the usual time … But Kryon, and Ashtar sent to your Hearts energy pulses. Calls for further actions. And you understand: you should move on … But where? For what?
Your body – blue balloon … Air blue ball, in which you have become, is already beginning to not just fly upward. It grows in size, increases. Inside the ball is living a New Heart of Time and you will be very glad of it! A blue ball all growing, growing, growing … God Creator! What is going on? What is happening??? Blue ball is becoming … as planetary globe !!! It becomes as blue planet Earth! Magnificent Jewel of the Cosmos with a New Heart of Time! Earth acquires New Heart of Time … all of a sudden you get an opportunity to go beyond the globe, to become even more and see all the majesty of the processes that are taking place in the world. Lessons cruelty, poverty, violence thing of the past … You can see how people drop down their weapons. Former soldiers become as Creators of Love. It blurs the borders between countries. Goodness and Light come alive in people’s hearts. People become as Spiritual and Cosmic Humanity. Become in those who have been intended. Blue planet Earth begins to shine in Magical Gold. Gold on the Blue! How beautiful and majestic!
And now you begin to decrease again approach the blue balls … Inside the planet you see Mother Earth. Mom smiles, Her kind, wise eyes look at you with great love and hope. You are approaching a Mom, and she hands you a hand. You kisses Her wrist. A gentle warmth and strength touch your hearts. Love and Power Mother Earth becomes a part of you. You unite with Her in ONE HEARTH OF NEW TIME. You become ONE with Mother around the New Evolutionary Cycle. You are now – Heart of Time of the Planet Earth. You are now responsible for Her fate to thousands of thousands of years to come …
Look around … Hundreds, thousands, millions of blue balloons rush skyward. Do they fly alone? Or make a path of unity? It is necessary to change the scale of sight, and you will see how wonderful all the balls travel on a United Rainbow, who lives in a blue Sun, One Heart of Time of the Universe …
That Heart which you have taken with yourself, when you went on a trip from our One Great Spiritual Home – from the Great Central Sun. This Heart is now alive within you. It directs you on the road, which is a long time ago you have defined yourself.
This road leads all of you to the New Divine Unity.
This is the Path of the Gods-Creators, who change the laws of the worlds, when comes the New Time.
And so it is.
11.02. 2017
Meditation is recommended to perform at your own local time – in the Universal mode “Here and Now”, 13:20. You can call upon Cosmic Laertes, Time Harmonizers, to Unite your meditation with other Light-workers in the planetary harmony of Oneness.

As Leis do Universo & os nossos altos e baixos


As Leis do Universo & os nossos altos e baixos

Pensamos muitos vezes como podemos, ainda, ter momentos, dias em que sentimos enorme energia/felicidade em oposição a outros momentos de total fraqueza, falta de alinhamento, infelicidade, muito introspetivos e perdidos.
Não importa em que ponto estamos na nossa ascensão, o que conseguimos até agora, o que mudámos, crescemos,aprendemos…
Uma das Leis do Universo explica isto: é a Lei da Periodicidade. Funciona assim: tal como todos os ciclos da vida, também a nossa aprendizagem e evolução pessoal passa por fases. A calma, a introspeção é seguida de fases de grande energia criatividade. O mesmo acontece na natureza quando a primavera substitui o inverno… Imensas quantidades de energia são criadas desta forma. Estas fases distintas são começadas na mente. O corpo mental influencias todos os corpos de forma a abrandarem o seu ritmo, ir dentro, olhar as sombras e obervar o ambiente.
Depois de grandes sons vem o silêncio, depois de muito movimento vem o descanço, depois de intensos pensamentos e criatividade vem a calma.
Eu vejo uma correlação desta Lei com a Lei do Padrão, que explica a facilidade com que nos identificamos com padrões que nos foram ensinados mas que ao mesmo tempo nós podemos modificar. A Lei do Padrão prevê a necessidade de transformação, mudança, adaptação de modelos aos diferentes “eu” à medida que nos modificamos na vida pela experiência. Na minha opinião usamos a necessidade de descanço, silência e introspeção para re-avaliar e ajustar os velhos padrões que não mais queremos seguir, o que nos catapulta para uma nova fase de grande atividade para ativar essa mudança e manifestá-la na realidade.
Considero, também, que esta Lei está ligada à Lei da Criação, o que explica que os começos nascem no espírito e posteriormente trazidos para o corpo mental e finalmente manifestados na realidade.
Finalmente a Lei da Paciência influencia esta Lei já que é a Lei que permite que os nossos corpos mental, espiritual e mental trabalhar como equipa e dar-nos “tempo” através do qual entendemos e aprendemos a trabalhar tudo em nós.
E… o objetivo tem tudo a ver com a Lei da Perfeição! Em última instãncia tudo é perfeito e isso é o que persseguimos constantemente enquanto vivendo numa realidade tri-dimensional. É uma viagem de expansão e isso acontece em ciclos, fases e implica imensa prática. Sabemos que a perfeição não existe neste mundo, esta é exatamente a razão pela qual apontamos à perfeição! Porque, bem dentro de nós, no nosso âmago sabemos que cabe a todos nós tornar este mundo melhor, mais livre, imensamente amoroso… assim nos vamos lembrando, lentamente, de como são as coisas desde o começo da nossa infinita existência e desejamos trazer isso aqui altruísticamente.

Autor: Maria José Antunes. Se desejares ter sessões de cura, ajuda e orientação espiritual ou tornares-te meu Estudante contacta-me para:
Todos os direitos reservados.

March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins



March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins

A new season starts, a new astrological year begins. I find three words to describe this SPRING equinox: REBIRTH, POWER, EVOLUTION. However i must tell you that stability will not be achieve at this season due to the huge amount of energies being transformed, transmuted on earth. Probably the work we have been done for the last years is been shown in such a way that stability has no place yet. So if you feel you are being asked a lot from the universe, remember: you did that! you were able to bring those challenges to yourself. The same will be happening to the ones that live on the southern hemisphere, although this will be express on a subconscious level which might be felt strange and demanding but is part of a inner growth and expansion.
To the northern hemisphere we enter spring and the southern hemisphere is going to experience a new autumn. Either way, this is a new phase that will reflect the work we have done during the last year.
For the southern hemisphere beings, this is all about starting a journey within and use the Aries energy and fire warrior soul to unfold the inner layers so the essence that is ready to come to the surface can be properly looked at and transformed into new seeds. Going inside needs a lot of courage! You need the right energy to do that. What is what you want is what you must ask yourself during this phase. What fears can you deal with so you can prepare yourself to perceive your soul`s journey. Going within is finding what the new you is. New you`s are constantly being born due to your ascension process, your growth and healing. So meet the you at this moment to prepare the reality which will reflect your self.
The northern hemisphere beings are ready now to see the flowers of what they have planted during the last two seasons. The spring brings out what you have worked silently and lovingly. Nothing better than Aries energy to begin the manifestation of your dreams. the fierce, energetic Aries! THE BEGINNER.
What is that you want? You had time to figured that out! you had spent your energy finding ideas and seeding plans. Your goals are ready to be seen. Your future is at hand. But… you still have a lot of work ahead, plants must be care of and some must be planted somewhere else so they can grow. looking for parasite herbs and taking them out of your garden is indispensable so you do not waste energy on things that might kill your crops. The hardest season is spring! but must be seen as a pleasant work, not something you wish you wouldn`t do.
Now you are thinking… what does this has to do with spirituality? right! well…. spirituality is nothing but being the best version of you! The moment you separate spirituality from your daily life, you get it all wrong.
Celestial portals are working directly with earth`s energy and what you came here to do is nothing but being able to connect your biological vessel to your higher self, using a conscious “body” to do so.
Higher frequencies will be at our disposal more and more as we do our non-stop inner work. The receptivity to those higher frequencies depends on the acknowledgment of what is inside and around us. The eternal alchemy of earth`s power, the etheric magic of constant rising energies, our personal field… this is the TRIAD for ascension and happiness.


Full Moon in Virgo


Full Moon in Virgo

March 12, 2017

This Full Moon in Virgo comes just in time! As we are approaching the Equinox and finding a way out of ourselves to manifest in reality what we have seeded during the winter. What is you want? what have you been wishing, planning? After the latest Eclipses energies, this is just the right phase for your dreams.
And if we consider the Venus retrograde, which will be with us for a few more days… Venus retrograde is amazing to make us look inside. Imagine you are walking on the country and calmly enjoying the scenery and suddenly the vision in front of your eyes is that beautiful that you step once or twice to make sure you absorb all the magic given to you at that moment. That`s exactly what Venus retrograde is been doing to us, making us step back and look to our heart, our needs so we make sure what is we want to perceive.
And today we look at our hearth again, profoundly but with a specific agenda.WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? WHAT DETAILS MUST I LOOK UPON? WHAT DOES MY PHYSICAL VESSEL NEEDS TO IMPROVE SO I CAN BE BETTER PREPARED TO THIS JOURNEY IM STARTING? These are the questions Virgo Moon is asking you.
Adding the Pisces energy, you may feel confused, but a Virgo Full Moon with Pisces energies has that purpose: to make you look at polarities and deal with them. There is no calmness on a Full Moon, anyway! So… look at your chaotic inner heart. ARE YOU ABLE TO STEP OUT OF THE DREAMS OF PISCES AND ALLY THE EMOTIONAL PISCES WITH THE MATERIAL ASPECT OF VIRGO? AND… CAN YOU FINALLY SEE THAT SERVING OTHERS IS FIRST OF ALL BEING COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS ALSO?
Understand that the resistance to the God-self prevents you to fully serve your life purpose. And the essence of Virgo talks about that Divine aspect of the Sacred Feminine. VIRGO IS HERE TO REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE HERE ON A JOURNEY WHICH IS A DIVINE ONE AND IT STARTS WITH YOU CREATING, GROUNDING YOUR ENERGY ON THE WORLD.
There is another aspect i find amazing on this Full Moon: What ever you start now, it is pure, virgin! be aware of this. That is the ultimate essence of Virgo. So… step into your dreams from a divine place that lies within your heart. You are a creator and no one knows better than you what high frequency are you capable of creating inside to continue your own journey.


Our soul contract & this earthly life time



Our soul contract & this earthly life time

There is a lot of confusion about whether we come again to Earth in a physical human body after this life time. Many believe this is the last time we come to Planet Earth, and it is so for some, but… that is what always happened… some will not come again and some will, some decide it among a group they belong to and for others it is only a personal choice. And high above the rules you may have agreed upon can be changed under new agreements.
First of all this important phase of Earth ascension isn`t new, in fact, it started long ago. We are just starting to see it closer and stronger because we are a growing group and that gives us the idea of being, suddenly, at a crucial moment in history. We are but this crucial moment is old! and since this started we kept coming and going, coming and going to Earth.
Second the rules and hierarchies of heavens are not as we see. We always see it considering our mental human patterns. The way we worship, the words we use as “Lord”, “God”, Goddess, etc. are still profoundly imprinted with molecules of paternalism and reverence. Things have an order, of course, but the universe isn`t our world. And a big example is the multiple religions, the multiple different studies, the multiple cultures. If on this small planet we observe this huge variety of opinions, imagine how can different, the truth might be…
Understand that no one is going to face you with a contract paper, they will show you the possibilities, the choices and the consequences always considering what is you aspire for yourself and what service you want to give to your galactic family. Believe me… You do not want to disappoint your owns, you want to be proud of yourself, whether you continue working on earth or you chose a different action.
Generalizing this subject is not the best way. In fact generalizing is never the best way to deal with opinions, because there are always exceptions to rules as things aren*t linear; things are always intricate and vast. Even predictions can be changed. As curiosity… humans are known on the galactic community to be unpredictable and this is very strange to understand as we consider ourselves very predictable considering our human history. What i want to say is: although many things are predicable, the time factor (as an example) and how long things take to develop and how the characters in this big game play their role on our planet… that’s amazingly unpredictable.
There is always the question: am i part of that magic number of beings said to be the chosen ones? the earth angels? am i? are you? well, on our ascension process we have to go through all levels of ascension, which we call the fourth dimension; those levels take us to worlds of illusion and dream. We feel great, full of energies. We know we know more than before and each learning has to go through the filters of experience. At those phases we think we talk to our guides, when in fact, we talk to parts of ourselves that are growing and experiencing ascension themselves on those levels of fourth dimension. Therefore we might think we are Napoleon, we might enhance conversations with God or ascended masters, we might think we travel on a space ship, or that we are one of the chosen ones, etc. At fourth dimension nothing is true and yet everything is so true, because everything happens at the astral realm where all is possible. At that teenage times of ascension we tend to leave life as we know it, we merge on the spiritual world and we think our words are true for everyone. But they aren`t. and some beings never leave this illusion, they grab it and think this is the one truth for them and others, forever…
We all think we are special, and we are. But we surely aren`t more special than any other and that is one of the phases of ascension we need to work with as a necessary step to get closer to unconditional love and service to others.
The lack of really good Masters that can guide us through the ascension process, can be so serious that we can go mad, lunatic for life and severed damaged on our mental and emotional bodies. though my 32 years on this spiritual path i have seen all and still face myself daily with all kind of situations. However one can help only at the level others allow us to go.
AS FAR AS OUR LIFE ON EARTH IS CONCERNED, I SAY WHAT I ALWAYS DO: NOTHING IS UNDER CONTROL, BUT YOU CAN CONTROL EVERYTHING ALWAYS. it is up to you and to your personal agreement done previous to this birth time; and also that can be changed. And do not think you have no big part on this just because you do not think your spiritual role is big. There are many facets to this spiritual journey and one thing i can tell you for sure: the ones that have a committed role on the third dimensional world are the ones who change things on the world, because those are the ones who have never failed the world, those are the ones who never gave up. As much as i honor who is able to live out of the box, i also understand that the majority of them need assistance from the ones who are integrated on the third dimensional world… so, my advise is: KEEP BEING THE BEST HUMAN AT ALL MOMENTS, AT EVERYTHING YOU DO.

If this is my last time on earth, who cares? if it is not, why thinking of it when there is a big world out there to enjoy, live, breath, change, grow, have fun, create, work… yes, work! you have a problem with that? There is nothing related to creation and divine will without work! deal with that… you see a dancer performing a sunning show and you think that has no work behind it? Or a musician? a scientist? a diva? Oh Lord! the work they do! and they love it because they are creators. This is a third dimensional world, therefore there is movement, gravity, weight and so on, that is how it works here, that is what you have chosen to do here.


The Earth Meditation for Spring Equinox


The Earth Meditation for Spring Equinox

We are approaching the equinox which will takes us to a different level on earth energies. The universe is to combine with earth to exacerbate life itself on this realm of continuous mutation and cycles
As the need for grounding is more exacerbated than ever and as the energies will be felt stronger as the climax of nature is being prepared when the equinox starts, i feel this meditation of earth embodiment will help us all to ground on Gaia, to connect with magic, to understand what life is and to prepare ourselves to merge with all that is when the spring celebration comes.

First lets refresh our memory and remind ourselves the importance of grounding and connecting. Find at the end of this blog how to do it the right way.


Find a cozy, comfortable place and close your eyes. Connect with your breathing and relax. Take your time. Visualize yourself siting on a fresh, greenly grass (even if you do this meditation on a garden do this visualization, if you will). that grass carpet is around your body and extends itself above to the sky until it touches the divine sun with all its powerful grace. Near you there is a plant. let your intuition guide you and don`t force any kind of plant, let it flow to you. I want you to merge with the plant and embody a leaf. bring your awareness to that leaf. if it helps imagine a light that goes out of your body enters the plant; that light is a part of you that knows how to do it. i want you to know what is like to be a leaf, a part of a plant. How does it feel? do you think? how is your awareness of life while being there? From that leaf you can go to a flower. look for a flower on that plant and go there. feel how it is like to be a flower. take the time you need to do this exercise.
When this part of the meditation is felt to be enough, thank the plant, the leaf and the flower and go back to your body. After coming back to yourself, visualize you standing up and walking barefoot on the grass, until you reach a little stream of water. Do the same exercise above merging with water. After the water go to the grass and merge with the wind, letting it dry you and take you to its own world of flowing energy. After this one walk to a cabana made of wood and stones, get inside and you will find a cozy fire place. there you see small sticks of wood, chose one and connect with it; what does it feel like touching fire and not feeling pain? feeling warm energy and peace while being transmuted to the cosmos and not losing one self? Go back to a chair and regain your full energy. Start breathing slowly and regain full awareness of your body calmly.
Take all the time you need at each phase and do not forget to get back your energy after each experience. You can energize yourself at the end by receiving a stream of light from source.Take notes of this exercise and write what you have experienced through merging the self with the several energies.
I hope you enjoy it and see better how bonded and similar our energy is with earth. Much love and light.

Get in touch with yourself. All your parts. Be whole, fully you. Recognize you as a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. Feel yourself as the loving, divine, complete and loving being of pure light. Feel the strongest love for yourself; feel trust, self worth, confidence, strength, wisdom and intuition. You know you can accomplish everything you want, you have all the powers within you to be a sovereign, free and whole and enlightened being.
Connecting to heart is vital to have a balanced connection with your supra self and with the divine energies. That connection puts you in a place of security among the realms of the etheric energy. The best way is to spend time in nature, by feeling it… feeling and touching trees and ground. However you can do it by using the KUNDALINI PRACTICE, which gives you a full ground base and a connection with the above light energies. You do it through visualization, closing your eyes and visualizing your kundalini, as a chord coming out of your root chakra and spreading into the earth as trees roots. Keep it that way and concentrate now your other end of the kundalini going up and spinning around all the chakras until it reaches the upper chakra = the crown chakra.
Then connect a beam of light that comes from above and enters your crown chakra and fills down all your chakras, the kundalini and all your body. The color of that beam of light is to be white, yellow, gold or silver and very bright.
Stand straight, or visualize yourself doing it; your feet are on the ground and you see it as a soil fertile and strong. You are straight, your eyes are looking at the horizon (you can imagine the most beautiful horizon in front of you) and everything is perfect and beautiful. You do not bend, swing, fluctuate, oscillate or hesitate. You feel yourself having all your powers, abilities; you know you are aware, conscious of everything within and around you, you are ready to be you fully and completely.
You see yourself now being full of light! Now, imagine you are inside a bubble or a pyramid! What we are doing now is building a boundary so you do not lose your own energy, making you in charge of yourself in all ways including the invisible parts of your being. You are inside the bubble or the pyramind of light! Nothing and no one can take your light from you. be mindful about it. If you want you can ask for the protection of your angels, you can ask the protection of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and his blue ray; as you do this make the pyramid turn into a transparent blue color. The reason I tell you to ask for protection a the end of the exercise is because you now did your part of the work, respecting the universal divine laws: remember, you can do everything! You have that power!
(excerpt of Maria`s book: “BE THE RAINBOW! – NOW YOU CAN FLY!”)


What is a light worker?


What is a light worker?


You probably expect detailed explanation, scientific info and exquisite theories. Well… this is no complicated matter and no need to dwell in intricate reasons when the answer is so deliciously simple.
A light worker is a musician that makes you fly around the globe in ecstasy, makes nature exhale the smells of life abruptly, makes energy fields to expand into heavens.
A light worker is a dancer that easily steps the sweetness of the sacred waves on the hardest grounds of a third dimensional world.
Light workers are scientists with a mind of a child as they imagine how simple can life be for everyone, day after day, discovery after discovery, and how lovingly they perceive mankind`s adventure.
A light worker is a baker which rises early in the morning and brotherly uses the alchemy of nature to embrace your senses with a delicious hot bread.
A light worker is your father as he did the best he knew, or your grand mother which has so much to tell you within her silence.
A light worker is a comedian, a teacher, a homeless, a hippie… a light worker is even someone that so well can mirror our expanded unconsciousness of sophisticated anti-true-human beings.
Light workers are all the amazing brothers and sisters that dwell in this planet trying to be happy, doing the best they can. Some can really make their dreams come true and then they become our inspiration.
To know that one has made a stunning painting, developed a delicious recipe, wan a competition, did an amazing concert, went on the holidays of his dreams, had met the most fabulous counterpart of his heart… that is the best inspiration for anyone as they are able to balance the unbalance, sweeten the bitter, give hope and make a valorous contribution for all of us.
A light worker is everyone that do the best to contribute to the collective, whether is from hard work or pleasure.
You know you meet a light worker when you look at someone`s eyes and you feel delight, when a smile makes you feel love, when a word touches your soul, when you have pleasure and recognize something you use, eat, dress, look at, which wasn`t made by you, inspires you.
And when that being isn`t as you wish he/she would be in other subjects… remember, they are just as you: humans aspiring to be better.






Galactic Christ-Melchizedek

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to provide us this material.

by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz.


“Earth and Humanity is changing
to a new way, to live
a New Evolutionary Cycle.”

Hello, my Children – Children of the Earth, Children of the Galaxy!

The Ethereal symphony of fifth-dimensional programs brought the harmony of water in the planet Earth. The Earth’s water, enriched with the energy of the higher worlds, began to change. It is now truly becomes Polymir (multidimensional world) with connecting different worlds. Our common goal – to help this process. Changing the water, you evolve, the world enters a New Evolutionary Cycle. In this New Cycle, is changing all forms of matter. And the water is an important basis for these changes.

Today we will talk about Water and Time. It would seem that these concepts are not very closely intertwined. However, you often likened Time as a running water … “Time flows like water” – so people say. And yet you have created a beautiful image: The River of Time. And that means water and time have already merged into your consciousness.

Time is Force of Space, Universal Element, which is involved in the creation of a different matter. It forms the worlds of space and ensure their development in conjunction with other Cosmic Forces. In many worlds, Water is a special intermediary between Time and matter. This is an important manifestation of the Time, its representative in the process of development of matter. The surface of your planet is covered with water by two-thirds. Here is no coincidence. Earth is designed to actively change, develop their material via the Time. At this stage, the intensification of its evolution. And Water acts assistant in this difficult process. Here is no coincidence that the human body is almost two-thirds consists of water. Time changes a person, since it is also intended to actively evolve. The evolution of human, as a spiritual and intelligent substance, is its main mission. Developing, humanity are not only discovering the Universe, but also becomes a Co-Creator with it. Humanity participates in the development of all forms of life, in the birth of new life and new worlds.

My children! You’ve already performed light practices aimed at uniting the Cosmic Water and Cosmic Fire. Fire and Water merge together to create the vast planet. New Water enriched with essential fifth dimensional programs, included in your fiery body, helping them be transformed. Similarly, New Water enters your Temporal (time) body, which are now beginning to develop for Light Workers. And in the New Evolutionary Cycle, a similar process will take place for all humanity.

Why is it so important that the New Water programs is included in your temporal body? Time creates New matter. It weaves its threads of the “Cloth”, creating a canvas of the New Age, and consequently, a picture of the New World. Time creates the conditions for the operation of the new law, according to which there will be, developing matter. When New Water programs will be included in your Temporal Body and will develop them, you yourself will become the Creators of New Matter in your world. Thanks to your Temporal Bodies begin to radiate energy-information field, contributing to the formation of New Matter. You will be vibrating in a new way, creating the necessary vibration frequency for your New World. You can change its intention, not only the density of matter, but also its structure, creating a New quality. Thus, changing the world, humanity changes itself. Physical matter, from which it is composed, it would be different. Biological human body will get new abilities, which will become possible thanks to the full rehabilitation of human. Created a harmonious “Cloth” of the world, humanity are creating a harmonious “Cloth” for it own Multidimensional Complex of Bodies. In the course of evolution, people get advanced recovery capabilities of the physical body. And it means – in your world, no one will never be DISABLED. Everyone who came to this world or are already living in it, will receive the absolute right health and a harmonious life.

People are accustomed to thinking of Time as a force that changes the matter. At the same time often associated with the aging process, which is not very pleasant for the human. From here, the domestic terms, humanity develops from inside rejection of time. Yes, yes my children. If you look deep into your hearts, you can find a very ancient humanities feelings of rejection Time. For people on an unconscious level TIME – IS THAT GRADUALLY TAKES AWAY THEIR LIVES. If we approach this phenomenon from the point of view of a person of your world, who believes that death is there – it is true. But as soon as a human, developing spiritually, he understands that there is no death, and there is only a transformation, through which it passes from one world to another, by means of which simply converts your forms, your body – related to the time change. Then comes an understanding of: Time – that is what brings a human to the New Life. Time – is the path to a Higher Level of Being.

It is very important relationship with Time as the Creator of matter. Time creates matter, supports its existence, develops. In the Time, therefore, contained in a twisted, archives of all forms of matter, all its structures and programs. Ethereal Water of the fifth dimension, which has come into your world at the end of last year, just bear New programs for the New matter. And so you can take these programs, you should develop your Temporal Body, prepare them for the reception of those same programs.

How do you imagine your Temporal Body? You have difficulty to imagine what it really is. Humanity are still not fully explored its physical body, a biological organism, although they can see it, touch it, to investigate with the help of various devices. Your Temporal Body, you can only feel and see partially by an internal view. But this does not mean that it is less real than your physical body. With multi-dimensional point of view, from the level of the infinity of life, just the temporal body is more real than the physical. It does not decompose into atoms as the physical body – that is to say, does not die. It accompanies human from incarnation to incarnation, helping it to be built each time the reality of a particular embodiment.

Now, many are able to see your temporal body with inner sight as a sphere, like the Sun. The Sun itself is blue, and it emits bright rays. Around the Sun formed irises … Rays, twisting into yarn, weave structure, which you know as the Zero Point 20. The peculiarity of this structure is that it allows you to harmoniously carry out energy information exchange between the three centers. Moreover, these centers may be at different levels of being, in different layers of space-time continuum.

Zero Point 20 consists in three energy-bases. First base – center, where there is very blue sun, emits bright rays. From the center to the two sides come iridescent yarns, which are special energy-channels. They form two spirals at the top and bottom. These are two other bases. Inside the top spiral – a Mobius strip, forming a structure which we are identified as a Crystal of true Time.

What is real time? This is a reference time, which contains all the matter of development necessary for the evolution of the world in your reality. This is not a program for the development of matter, but generated parameters, forms, matrix. It is Great Source of Time, from which can get everything you need to develop your individual Temporal Body, the body of your personal time.

In the center of the lower spiral it is what can be called TIME-ARCHIVE, Storage of Time and energy information, PAST TIME. Here it is concentrated the whole Temporal Matter, which has become a part of your experience. It, in terms of your linear time, is gone. If you carefully observe with your inner vision, you will find here … the Sun! Yes, at the bottom, as in the most central part of the Temporal Body, which we will now examine with you, the Sun is blue. Its disk is woven from strands of rainbow. However, this feature of the sun such that it does not rush iridescent rays outward and inward. Here is the Sun, which sends its rays inside!

So now we’ll create an outline of what can be called a part, a fragment of your Temporal Body. It is Zero Point 20. In the center of Zero Point 20 is blue Sun, which radiates bright beams. In the middle of the top of a spiral is Crystal of True Time. In the middle of the bottom of the spiral is blue Sun, which radiates bright beams inside.

Temporal human body on the device much more complicated your physical body. These bodies are, of course, do not look like each other in many respects. However, there are some similarities. What do you think, what can be compared to the fragment of the Temporal Body, whose scheme we have done with you? With the Solar Plexus! From the Solar Plexus your biological organism, like the rays diverge “thread of nerves” to the important organs of the body. Solar node is also called as your Solar Plexus, associates many human organs to the central nervous system.

Temporal “Solar Plexus” associates its “temporal threads” together all the human temporal matter, organizing its activities by means of Higher Mental matter, with the help of your Higher Self. Currently, it is essential that Lightworkers activated in their Temporal Bodies that “Solar Plexus”. About it was known in ancient times. Atlanteans called this piece “Node of Time,” Lemurians gave to it the title of “Heart of Time”.

So, my children! To begin with pure intent activate in your Temporal Bodies Heart of Time! Let it serves you right in the New Evolutionary Cycle, taking significant time programs, which are now spilled on your planet like a streams of stellar rain. Take Heart of Time in its Sacred Heart, which is the Great Center, which provides your life as multidimensional Beings of Light. Send to it your Love energy. Call for co-creation Water and Time Elemental. Let TEMPIONS (Time Elemental) and AKVIONS (Water Elemental), for you will be loyal assistants in the process of development of the Heart of Time.

Heart of Time is now preparing for the adoption of new programs in your Temporal Complex of Multidimensional Bodies. But before you are called to get release of those old time energy-accumulation, that has hampered the development of your temporal matter. Among them – the dual implants, which limits your multidimensionality in Time. In your Temporal Bodies live setting on the old frequency of Time: 12:60. And you, as the Beings of Light, is already fixed on the New frequency of Time: 13:20. Many older temporal matrices within your Temporal Body set up you only for linear co-creation with Time. And your heart has been long calling for you to co-create with the Sphericity of Time. It is time to cleanse your heart from the time that can prevent you to live in a new evolutionary cycle, which limits you as a multidimensional Beings of Light. All older matrix program settings is located in the heart of the Heart of Time, in the same blue Sun emitted rays, rainbow-strands. We can all outdated information downward in the “temporary archive” in a blue Sun rays which are not directed outward and inward. And only then we will be able to bring to the center the Heart of Time, while most central blue Sun, new programs, new matrix that is able to give us a Reference Time. With Reference Time we can be contacted through Crystal of True Time, located in the middle of the upper spiral of Zero Point-20.

Thus, our priorities – to take from the Reference Time (from the top of the ZP-20) new programs and settings to get release old programs and temporal settings, moving them to the bottom of the ZP-20. It should be understood that the New programs and configurations of Reference Time … we can get only with Ethereal Water. Because that’s what they come across through water in your world now, and therefore in your body. Remember structure, which brings together all of the modules of the ether of water in a single intact (Figure number 3). More recently you with the Family of Light have enriched her with trial wave of fifth dimensional hydrogen.

This structure is able to actively interact with the Heart of Time – an important part of your Temporal Body. Moreover, we can now structure the New Ethereal Water harmoniously embedded into the Heart of Time, thereby converting the temporal portion of your body. And this fact will be one of the foundations for the birth of your New multi-dimensional genetics – as the Beings of Light of a New Evolutionary Cycle. Let us surround the New structure of the Ethereal Water with threads of rainbow rays of the Heart of Time. Temporal rainbow spiral born around it. Pull the thread spiral toward the center of the Heart of Time, the central blue Sun. And watch what is going on in your Sacred Heart. It comes to alive a new Heart of Time, which in its structure is no longer a Zero Point 20. Within you right now is born … Zero Point 13! What is special about this Zero Point? The number “1” represents the center of a three-pronged points. And this center actively cooperates with three other energy information centers (the number “3”). In the heart of Zero Point 13 remains our blue Sun rays radiating outward. And formed around this core are three more energy-centers. The first – is the center of Reference Time (in the diagram indicated by Crystal of True Time). Second – Archive Time, your past (in the scheme – blue Sun, whose rays are directed inwards). The third center – a new structure of the Ethereal Water interacting with the trial wave of five-dimensional hydrogen. This forms a Zero Point-13, designed to combine your temporal matter with the Ethereal Water.

It is important to understand, my beloveds: Heart of Time as Zero Point-20, does not cease to exist. It continues to live! Zero Point-13 does not replace the Zero Point-20. It just comes on its basis. Therefore, in your Temporal Bodies is now live and the Heart of Time in the form of Zero Point-20, and Zero Point-13, which combines Heart of Time with Ethereal five-dimensional Water. However, both the Zero Points will help to ensure that you, your whole Complex of Multidimensional Bodies (CMB) will make another one – VERY IMPORTANT! – step to go to the frequency of “13:20” – the frequency of the New Evolutionary Cycle. About this frequency you have reported a lot, my children. We consistently bring elements of this frequency in your world. It gradually becomes a parameter of your matter, adjusting it to a more harmonious way.

Zero Point- 20 and Zero Point-13, combining and interacting with each other, form a single Zero Point 13: 20, which is capable of receiving energy information programs of Time from the Higher Worlds of Fifth Dimension (Figure number 5).

In the Zero Point 13: 20, there are six energy-centers. One – in the middle, five – around it. In one of the centers located on a circle, the new structure is the Ethereal Water (in the figure bottom № 5). But Crystal of True Time and “Time Archive” (the Sun with rays that face inward) if overlap exist in the form of doubles. Why is that? The fact that you are living now in a time of transition. Active is decided transition from one evolutionary cycle to another. Changes observed in all spheres of life. One Crystal of True Time allows your body to the temporal as usual to carry out all temporal settings. It supports the formation of the outgoing matters of cycle. Another Crystal of True Time – the structure of the New Cycle. It adds new settings in your Temporal Body, It allows you to create matter for the New Evolutionary Cycle. The same can be said about the two “Archives of Time.” The first of them – is the energy information center, which archives, twists during the outgoing cycle. The second – the energy information center, which is only beginning to emerge. It will twist back up the Past in a New Evolutionary Cycle.

Zero Point 13: 20 forms a New piece of the Temporal Body. And you, Lightworkers, the Light Masters, becoming the first carriers of New evolutionary structures that are necessary for the further development of life on Earth. You’re now give birth in your bodies the Heart of Time, which can be called now the Heart of New Time. This New Heart of Time, by combining modules of Ethereal Water and Trial Fifth Dimensional Hydrogen, is intended not only to update the temporal human body. It creates a basis for formation of the new active substance for all of your bodies CMB. Because exactly Time is forming a New Matter, bringing into it the evolutionary programs of God the Creator. My children, it is important to always remember: changing your temporal matter, developing your Complexes of Multidimensional Bodies, you become active distributors of New Evolutionary Time programs. You are part of the Earth. You are inseparable with other people through the common energy unity. Therefore, everything that you now get from the Higher Worlds, all that activate in your Sacred Hearts, goes for the common good of humanity. It will take years, decades … More and more people will find in their sacred spaces in the new Heart of Time. More and more representatives of the New Humanity will be able to receive energy information from the Higher Worlds and to distribute it in your world.

My children! You can express the clear intention to form a New Heart of Time in your Sacred Hearts! So do it! Commit evolutionary action with Love, with pure intent and confidence that you, along with the Family of Light to administer the Evolution of the planet Earth. And watch how majestically shines in the spaces of your Sacred Hearts New Heart of Time, a New piece of your Temporal Bodies.

You know, in fact together with humanity the planet Earth itself is changing … Now in its Temporal Body brings a New Heart of Time, which will be the basis for the space-time in the next evolutionary cycle. And you, my Children, can participate in this important process – along with the Family of Light.

We encourage you to create a meditation, which we will call
“New Heart of Time”.

07.02. 2017

A meditação da água divina para Março



A meditação da água divina para Março

O mês de Março é regido pela energia da água. O próximo mês encontra-se sob a energia do signo de Peixe e nada melhor do que a água para equilibrar os eclipses, as altas energias que recebemos o mês passado e ttambém as influências de fogo que nos serão dadas a 20 de Março quando o Sol vai para Carneiro bem como a Lua Nova em Carneiro a 27 de Março.
Os Eclipses estão, ainda, a trabalhar, um deles ficará até depois do equinócio e o último ficará bastante mais tempo. Assim, é ótimo trabalhar suavemente dentro do nosso ser para que possamos usar bem melhor todas estas energias. Estamos acostumados a picos de energia dados por eventos celestiais, durante anos… e sabemos que podemos sempre melhorar durante essas fases. Cada ano que passa é um ano de aprendizagem, conhecimento e consequentemente de sabedoria adquirida.
Como sempre, haveerá dias durante os quais não iremos querer falar, trabalhar, haverá fases em que não saberemos o que fazer connosco ou mesmo perceber o que se passa… Então, o melhor a fazer é compreender the esses momentos fazem parte da vida como momentos de cura interna, descobrimentos, crescimento… e preocuparmo-nos não ajuda em coisa alguma.
É imperativo enternder que quanto mais crescemos em consciência, mais recebemos, de partes de nós próprios, menssagens de necessidade de cura. A ascensão é um processo e não pode acontecer rapidamente, o teu subconsciente sabe-o bem. Assim, é-te pedido trabalho bocadinho a bocadinho à medida que avanças. É assim que isto funciona e esta é a forma segura, nã poderias fazê-lo de outra forma ou colocar-te-ias em perigo.
Istot não significa que o próximo mês venha a ser uma fase difícil, pelo contrário. é um mês forte mas com diferentes energias das que experienciàmos nos últimos dois meses. A COMUNICAÇÃO está na ordem do dia e PERSONALIDADE EXPANSIVA é necessária para lidar com o mês de Março. Como tal, vamos em frente, levantemo-nos, utilizamos o nosso lado extrovertido e mostremo-nos ao mundo!


Se sentes que necessitas de energias calmas, doces e energizantes, usa esta meditação com a visualização da água divina. Funciona da mesma forma que a utilização dos raios divinos e respetivas chamas. A única diferença é que deves visualizar a água sempre em movimento, mesmo que em certos momentos sejam movimentos ondulantes suaves.
Invoca a energia da água divina como farias com qualquer outra chama energética. Visualiza-a entrando no teu chacra da corôa e começarás logo a sentir-te como se estivesses a tomar duche. Imagina que preenche todo o teu corpo, tanto dentro como fora. Todos os teus orgãos, glândulas, ossos, células estão a ser limpos e purificados; toda a negatividade é lavada para fora do teu corpo.
Usa afirmações tais como o que acabei de dizer. Visualiza a energia aquática a mover-se no sentido descendente em pequenas ondas ou movimentos em espiral até que sai pelo teu chacra Estrela da Terra situado abaixo dos teus pés. Agradece à Mãe Terra por receber e transmutar a tua energia. Podes continuar a invocar à Fonte Sagrada a água divina quantas vezes desejares, no entanto, a última passagem de água divina que receberes usa pensamentos e afirmações de energizamento.
Será muito poderoso se invocares um anjo no final e lhe pedires para te banhar com um jarro de água sagrada e curadora. Visualiza isso e sente-te abençoado. É provável que observes pó brilhante nessa água angelical.
Este exercício energético é excelente para limpar negatividade, acalmar, equilibrar as emoções e relaxar a mente. É igualmente ótimo para energizar. Depois de um momento ou dia stressante em que te sentes sem a tua energia vital é o melhor que podes fazer por ti.
Desejo-vos um excelente mês de Março cheio de inspiração, comunicação, criação e melhoramentos. Sente-te abençoado, sê amor e situa-te na alegria.
Autor: Maria José Antunes. Se desejares ter sessões de cura, ajuda e orientação espiritual ou tornares-te meu Estudante contacta-me para:
Todos os direitos reservados.

The “Laws of the Universe” and our ups & downs



The “Laws of the Universe” and our ups & downs

We wonder very often how can we still feel moments, days of great energy/happiness versus other days, moments in which we feel completely out of alignment, weak, unhappy, very introspective and lost. It doesn`t matter how far we go on our life journey, what we accomplish, what we change, grow, learn…
One of the Laws of the Universe explains this. It is the Law of Periodicity. This is how it works: As all cycles of life, so our learning and evolving go through phases. The  calm, inner phase is followed by a great energy and creativity phase. The same happens in nature when after winter we are presented by spring. Big amounts of energy are risen this way. It seams this phases start in the mind. The mental body influences all other bodies to slow down, go inside, watch the shadows and observe the environment.
After big moments of sound comes silence, after great movement comes rest, after big waves of thoughts and creativity comes stillness.
I see this law as related to the law of pattern, which explains the reasonable  way we so much identify ourselves with patterns that were taught to us but that at the same time we can change. The Law of Pattern predicts the need to transform, change, adapt patterns to our different selves as we change through life and experience. In my opinion we use the need for rest, silence and introspection to re-evaluate and adjust old patterns we no longer want to follow and then come to a new phase of great activity to put that change into motion.
I also link this law with the law of order of creation, which explains that beginnings are born in spirit then brought to the mental body and finally manifest in reality.
Finally the law of patience influences this law as it is the law that allows our mental, spiritual, emotional and mental body to work as a team and gives us “time” through which we understand and learn how to work everything in us.
And… the goal has to do with the law of perfection! Ultimately everything is perfection and that is what we constantly perceive while being in a third dimensional reality. This is a journey of expansion and that happens through cycles, phases and requires a lot of practice. We know that perfection doesnt exist on this material world, that is exactly why we aim to it! Because deep down our heart we know it is up to all of us to make the world better, more free, super loving as we remember things to be right at the beginning of our existence.