The “Laws of the Universe” and our ups & downs


The “Laws of the Universe” and our ups & downs

We wonder very often how can we still feel moments, days of great energy/happiness versus other days, moments in which we feel completely out of alignment, weak, unhappy, very introspective and lost. It doesn`t matter how far we go on our life journey, what we accomplish, what we change, grow, learn…
One of the Laws of the Universe explains this. It is the Law of Periodicity. This is how it works: As all cycles of life, so our learning and evolving go through phases. The  calm, inner phase is followed by a great energy and creativity phase. The same happens in nature when after winter we are presented by spring. Big amounts of energy are risen this way. It seams this phases start in the mind. The mental body influences all other bodies to slow down, go inside, watch the shadows and observe the environment.
After big moments of sound comes silence, after great movement comes rest, after big waves of thoughts and creativity comes stillness.
I see this law as related to the law of pattern, which explains the reasonable  way we so much identify ourselves with patterns that were taught to us but that at the same time we can change. The Law of Pattern predicts the need to transform, change, adapt patterns to our different selves as we change through life and experience. In my opinion we use the need for rest, silence and introspection to re-evaluate and adjust old patterns we no longer want to follow and then come to a new phase of great activity to put that change into motion.
I also link this law with the law of order of creation, which explains that beginnings are born in spirit then brought to the mental body and finally manifest in reality.
Finally the law of patience influences this law as it is the law that allows our mental, spiritual, emotional and mental body to work as a team and gives us “time” through which we understand and learn how to work everything in us.
And… the goal has to do with the law of perfection! Ultimately everything is perfection and that is what we constantly perceive while being in a third dimensional reality. This is a journey of expansion and that happens through cycles, phases and requires a lot of practice. We know that perfection doesnt exist on this material world, that is exactly why we aim to it! Because deep down our heart we know it is up to all of us to make the world better, more free, super loving as we remember things to be right at the beginning of our existence.

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