Samhain – Happy New year

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During today and tomorrow (October 31 and November the first) we enter the new pagan year which is celebrated since ancient times in Europe and happens half way between the Autumn equinoxes and the winter solstice.

After the harvest and before the winter, people celebrate what they have and prepare for the months to come. And they want to do it right! …for winter is not easy!

At this time the veil between the visible and the invisible worlds is thin and they connect with their ancestors on the other side because they know help and support can be provided so winter becomes easier.

That is the origin of Halloween. The difference is today we do it for fun but in the past they did it for survival.

I see it as a big energized commitment with the divine to assure the journey we have chosen here on this planet.

The pagans call it the Celtic Samhain, which is the end of a year and the beginning of another. The sacred meaning of the phase we are entering is strong. We might feel a bit awkward, its ok, its fine. All is well, we just feel tremendous energies that are coming to our field and need to be understood.

This year I suggest you ground, center and connect with your deep self. That way you easily connect with your higher self which is the safest and most powerful tool for achieving happiness and anything you want. Talk to your guides and ask for the help you need. When humble and open they show instantly.

Also focus on your relationships. Its imperative that you remember yourself how loved you are,  because you are truly loved, please enhance, connect and communicate. Your winter becomes better. Humankind is supposed to commune and connect.

Some of us feel tremendously happy, some others confused, or half happy and half tired or anxious. all is ok, as long s you stay centered and aware of what you are feeling and sending out as well as able to change focus when you start feeling to low. Pay attention that these kind of moments are to be used in order to know what to do next,soon…
One of the great rituals you can start practising at this time of the year is gathering with friends and family and talk about the year you had so far, what changed you,the learnings, struggles,spiritual and personal winnings, the challenges you went through… why you think it happened, if you thing you went great through it all… Celebrate where and with who you love,  open, get close to others, create a climate of love and enjoy. You will see what others have to share with you and you will be surprised. It is also great to get bonds stronger and energize you.
Anyway in company or not, make sure you meditate a bit about this and make plans for the future! it is imperative that you can know yourself more, love yourself more, trust yourself more… and take your self more in this path of life.


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