Full Moon in Taurus showering prosperity

November the third, Full Moon in Taurus brings us abundance energies which will propel us forward and push us towards our goals.
I start by showing the polarity between this Full Moon and the Sun in Scorpio which can make us fell a bit confuse as this brings tension between the light and dark aspects of our inner current situation. What this Full Moon does is bringing light = awareness and clarity to what needs to be looked at at this moment.
Between this Scorpio traits of passion, leting go, overcoming fears and also indecision, insecurity… and Taurus self worth as well as the need to contribute to the world… what is you can find within to help you trust the universe and your self? Look for it so you can move on with confidence.
During the next week, each time you feel a certain low frequency inside or around you, check out what is you might be fearing. Fear is usually the cause of all blocks. And this Taurus Full Moom wants you to overcome anything which might prevent you to move forward.
About the actual traits of this phase:  Its all about powerfull opportunities of love and prosperity  in general.  Understand that the energy you are using to plan, dream and create is going to become real so make sure you believe in yourself; make sure you can deal with all the polarities, doubts and insecurities. 
Polarities are part of this holographic world, there is nothing wrong with you. The secret is to dance with the energies and not give to much focus on the negative. The lower aspects are here to show us the way. Laugh some about what you do not like and even connect with it using a constructive dialogue through which you can better know yourself. You see, is you manipulating energies as a Merlin would do.
So at this Full Moon go out look at the Moon, feel it, open and connect witn these energies and make plans for the future.
As this polarity between Scorpio and Taurus takes place some of us might feel, see tension on relationships;  at those moments just stop breath, seek alignment within and see beyond the veil of illusion. You know its all part of a collective/group cleasing and transmutation so dont give to much energy to things which do not contribute to your or others highest good. Because… this phase is also powerfull at bringing us love energies and those are the energies we want to merge with. Love is one of the highest aspect of this Full Moon! Enjoy it.


Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward!


Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward!

Today is the Fall Equinox which opens the gateway of your heart for the upcoming creations of your reality. Today is filed with strong, blessed energies that provide you with the whole set of energetic divine vibrations to make you enter on this new season full of prosperity and joy.
The secret lies inside your heart. Just on your heart center! Go there and know that in trusting yourself; trusting that you can perceive whatever you foresee, you open your mystic gate of divine energies..
The Eclipse might have caused some distress, anxiety and pain, but if it did is just because there are things inside of you that still need to be transmuted and transformed. The New Moon two days ago also might have increased those stressed emotions, that means you really must rise above the things you feel still hurt you so you can heal and keep walking your path. And those events came before the Equinox just to allow you to heal and prepare your energy to the next phase.
The shift doesn`t stop and as you open to what the universe asks from you, understanding that what might seam rough is just a reflection of what must be dealt with in order to be lighter, to walk lighter… when you trust that… when you trust the universe, you are in fact trusting yourself because in truth, the universe which appears in front of you is just your past creation coming to life, to reality, just a reflection of negativity still remaining. And, when you also truly believe that everything is nothing but a dream we are all being part of, there, at that moment… things stop having the same importance and can easily be transmuted; What makes us really hurt is the increased and exponential rise of the perceptions, which are given to us by our mind and have the goal of not letting us rise above the third world “reality”. Our mind will do everything to keep us in this earthly reality because our mind was suppressed, repressed and chain for to long! As we stop rumbling on our mind`s traps, things get easy. Its just a matter of training!
So… to achieve this Equinox energies, just let go… let go of what doesn`t really matter and know that what really matters is what creative energies are inside your heart. Listen to them, open to them and be the creator. Receive the blessing of today`s gateway of magic, relax, contemplate, smell the breeze, feel the wind, look at the sunset and focus on the stars… remember, what matters are the creative impulses, those are the feelings we must connect with at this moment in time and at all moments. Be that openness and live in joy.
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Full Moon in Pisces


Full Moon in Pisces, September 6, 2017

Today we have a Full Moon in Pisces at 13 degrees. This Full Moon tell us we are ready to a new cycle on this Earth adventure as Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac.
So what is this celestial event exactly here for? After last month events which prepared us for the next level of consciousness, this Full Moon ask us to connect with our intuitive emotions. This means we merge with our feelings and find balance within our heart. Merging with feelings is easy but going there and connect with our newest version, the sublime one not dueling on our lowest, painful vibration memories, that is the hard task.
With Pisces you find your freedom because in the midst of your insecurities and fears you can step into your joyful, high intuitive liberated self. Can you do that? you can if you wish.
As a Full Moon in Pisces the work is to let yourself feel and through feelings you talk with your ego and tell it all is well, you tell it you are the chooser of the energy you want to vibrate at, you tell it nothing can hurt you unless you let it… you do this while looking inside for what really matters. You do that work throughout your days and your nights no matter what you are doing. As if you are an observer that studies from a higher perspective and chooses what really matters and what doesnt matter anymore.
This is what you do during this three few days of the Full Moon energy. While your ego tries to make you feel insecure and afraid you find the place within yourself which shows you you have always been safe, always been aware, always been loved and loving. This is the energy work to propel you for the next phase which is related to your earth mission, starting this month.
In three days we have the 9.9 portal of Earth progression that lead us to an advancement on our Earth mission. To keep walking this path one expands and frees from old patterns, old fears; That is the only way!
So… each time your feelings drawn you to your old patterns, your old wounds… place yourself on your highest energy soul… because you are not this human vessel, you are not this human conscious… you are far more than this. And, all those painful, fearful energies are nothing but human feelings and do not contribute for the greatest purpose of yourself. Ultimately there is nothing to be afraid of, there is nothing to be hurt about, there is nothing to forgive… You see… this is just a dream that serves to move us into the greatest consciousness seeking and merging. Nothing, nothing of our earthly worries matter, what matters is that sparkle that shines day and night so you connect with it and fly free.
Join us on the 9.9 meditation:

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Thrive on trinity for the Eclipse


Thrive on trinity for the Eclipse

On a Solar Eclipse we observe the Earth, the Moon and the Sun stationing on total alignment. This equilibrium is a representation of the balance you have to reach so your intentions are true, strong, real and aligned with your highest good.
This alignment is to be done between the physical you (the Earth), the intuitive and imaginative (the Moon) and the will, the action, the creative power (the sun). And at the Solar Eclipse the emphasis lies on the Sun as August is ruled by the Sun; August energies are all about Lion`s power of creative consciousness.
You can already balance yourself by meditating and ponder on your several parts to prepare the path for the Solar eclipse event. Visualize in front of you your different bodies and see them merging within each other and finally merging within you. Talk to each of them in meditation and listen to their message, they always have something to share about growth.
Becoming one! Balancing high energies with your intuition and your physical ground is vital to connect with the Solar Eclipse, which ultimately represents itself the unity of source by aligning three major celestial corps symbolizing the layers of realms we use for manifestation and creation of our newest selves.
By accepting your several selves, listening to their energy, connecting with all your parts you become one; You dissolve layers of doubts, fears and negativity. Uniting to get stronger, to be ONE high, aware and expand in love for the self which will reflect expansion of wisdom and love for all that is.
This trinity of our Solar World provides us a gift of energy, a sublime portal of ascension through which we bring forth the best version we can possibly offer to the world at this moment!
Join us next Monday on a free remote global meditation:
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Preparing for the Eclipse


Preparing for the Eclipse

as we are so close to next Monday, the day of the Solar Eclipse and energies are building up, this is the right moment to ponder on the kind of event we are facing. What is this all about? what can we do to better receive the changes? Yes! because this is all about bringing a new self to this “reality”; more than that – this is to build up a new reality!
We will have the Sun blocked for a while and what does that Sun mean to us? It represents creation itself, our power of creation for we are Gods. The last time this Eclipse happened was in 1998 through which changes occurred and they were big! Perhaps you already noticed things changing in your life and thats because you are shifting into a new reality!
The intentions of this eclipse are to be done for the next months so make sure you look at yourself truthfully, honestly and openly. This is a Lion`s energy Eclipse and it will demand from you some “risk”; this means you trust the universe and yourself so much you can take steps which some time ago seamed completed impossible. So… what are your plans for the future? More than that – what do you want from yourself? this is not a individual journey and what ever your plans are you know this is important for you are on a mission. What ever you are and do matters to the world!
For the next days think about the future, not only the next year but the next one or two decades! what is you want to become? what is you want to create? what blueprint you want to project in this illusion-airy reality? And also, be aware that in order to bring forth your new energy there are aspects to deal with such as fear, doubt, unworthiness, shame, etc. That is what this Eclipse is all about – if you truly look at things and solve what you know is not aligned with a higher version of you, you can achieve everything you wish! And when the Sun is unveiled a new path will show in front of you.
Join us next Monday on a free remote global meditation:

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August energies


August energies

Next Monday we have the Full Moon on Aquarius right before the 8.8 portal which bring us the usual Lion`s Gate energies and later on the 21st the New Moon blasting with a total Solar Eclipse!
How to fully appreciate this month energies? This full Moon in Aquarius will give us the balance we need, that is the main aspect; On a Full Moon the energies are intensified due to an opposition happening between the Sun and the Moon; in fact we can say that we are being influenced by both the signs of the Moon and Sun at 50% each. Both our action and intuition are being exalted and sometimes it gets difficult to deal with both polarities. As everything in life, balance is the key and that balance comes from awareness. On those moments, the way we feel and react can be analyzed deeply; how much do we love ourselves, how much do we respect others? how aware are we of existence? how do we use earth and etheric energies? how good do we take care of ourselves?
Another aspect is about the previous six months of intentions during the New Moon. How well did we intended, how much did we believe on ourselves and on the universe? how centered are we on our goals? how are we being able to adjust circumstances and our energies to our future manifestation? are we really able to understand that circumstances are here to show us what we have already manifested?
At this Full Moon energies will truly be high! the main thing is to be always grounded on earth, centered on yourself by being aware of who and what you are (your highest version, of course! ), connect with your true self through intention raising your frequency to reach your higher self ( you do it by decision – decide you want to feel good and only connect with good energies, listening to music, taking care of yourself, loving, making plans, choosing to connect with love by loving others,etc. ). You will notice things happening easily and effortlessly.
At the Lion`s Gate strong energies will be at your disposal to connect strongly both with earth and the heavens. It is the light of consciousness, the love of all that is! It is the energy which symbolizes the abundance of the summer. The earth momentum of ecstasy of nature is ready to receive the equivalent frequency from source. Its a strong energy which shows it self with calm (enjoying life, eating the fruits of a hard year work) and also joy, happiness, fun (playing with the planet playground given to us by mother earth so she and us can commune and connect vibrationally). The best way to enjoy these energies is to connect with nature, even meditating in nature or just enjoying it by contemplation and to gather with your tribe, the ones you love and love you back, the ones you can feel free with.
The Solar Eclipse is here on the 21st to show you no fear! how do you feel when your vibrational field is without action, light, order, control and safeness? This is another strong moment to trust yourself, connect with your highest version and feel the connection with your heart telling you there is nothing to be afraid of, all is perfect, all shadows are beautiful as they show you the way to the light – which is the way to find your self. Find that trust, confidence in you for you are the whole existence, the true love and the most bright star in the universe.

AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

July New Moon in LEO ~ Mars & Aquarius balancing energies

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July New Moon in LEO ~ Mars & Aquarius balancing energies

This New Moon happens on the 23rd. It will be a very interesting New Moon as the energy is pulled up by Mars propelling you to action and confidence. The Sun and Moon on Leo give you confidence to move forward. Although these energies are very positive, there is a need for balance due to a square between Mars, Moon, Sun and Uranus which can be very pushy.
Other astral connections happen which can ask you for patience, calm, easiness and heart centered vibrations.
So… my advise is to ponder everything. Whatever your desires are building up use your highest intuition so you can enhance a dialogue with the universe which can bring you exactly the most positive outcome for your dreams and projects.
Make sure you feel always well connected with your higher self; This next days will put in motion effective energies if you do it well. Understand that this phase is going to give signals that you can use to better prepare your moves.
Also, be aware of the need for change. Feeling open to life, beginnings and surprises can be the best because your higher self and the universe are sending you messages showing you the best options for you at this time of your evolution.
Some of you might have an impulsive behavior, some ego based ideas, difficulty to accept others and also tend to stress a lot due to these strong energy connections we are receiving. There is a need to put yourself in a position through which you can be an observer; observe everything including yourself living this reality you are creating day after day. That is the best choice to better understand the pressure and also the joy and therefore to chose easily what to do, what to be.
Aquarius is here to balance things. It will give you the global vision you need. It will make you remember yourself as part of a collective, that you are not alone. Gives the sense of working on behalf of a greater plan which needs us to be fulfilled with the most pure, unconditional love.
All astrological events can be pleasant and used to grow. Just center, ground, connect to divine energies and to yourself and everything can be smoothly enjoyable and created.
So… your intentions on this New Moon are to be pure, concentrated on the good for all, focused on the positiveness and done with the famous joy of the great Leo.

AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

Summer & winter Solstice 2017

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Summer & winter Solstice 2017

This is the culmination of all the high energies we have been receiving during the whole first semester. From this day on, it`s all about using those energies at will!

Since the beginning of the year we have been facing an overlap of high energies. They are here, on ourselves still being integrated and some are waiting to be of use. When the right moment comes they know what to do. It may be an idea wanting to be manifested; an intense summer opportunity; a situation you will be faced which needs a lot of energy…
The next few months are all dedicated to observe things happening. Action is directed to the things you already worked a lot to build. Even things you think are new, they are simply the fruit of your ascension.
Everyone will have, during this summer, 3 moments of high, intense creative awareness. However pay attention because they can be subtle. Three major works, three major possibilities, three major healing processes?
For the ones that are living the winter solstice its time to go inside of yourself and start consistently to work on your big healing and big next projects. It`s a time to focus less on the light outside of yourself and grow it within.Whatever you do now, whatever you decide to be, that`s what you will be able to see growing outside during the next summer.
You also will deal with three major fears or blocks. They can be connected or not and you may notice that number of tasks or not. It doesn`t matter really. Matters only that you trust your inner guidance and believe on yourself.
On this solstice my advise is that you connect strongly with your inner power. As i was channeling this event i always felt the need to do this. Nothing else really. And it makes sense because at this time of your ascension and being dealing with all healing, recovering your self-worthiness and loving yourself… everything leads to the re-connection of your higher truth, your power! Align yourself with that energy and your progression will be stunning. Remember to always be your newest version, your highest! that is what you must feel and be. Centering on those energies is to directly connect with abundance, love and happiness.
I give you here a powerful decree, full of love sacred energies. Have a great, loving solstice. I love you all and wish the best of all summers and winters!!!
AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

New Moon in Gemini ~ connect with love


New Moon in Gemini ~ The intention is to connect with love

At this New Moon i ask you to pay attention to the intentions you want to focus on; New Moon is the time to set intentions and think about all the plans we have and which we need to put into motion. We re-think our projects and prepare the changes we want to improve. We look inside to move further… and further!
This is a month of intense energies, in such a way that this is making us feel contracted, anxious, doubting, even. This intensity is provoking a lot of sicknesses due to the emotional aspect of this upgrade energies.
So, what i want you to understand is that all the challenges, emotions you have been feeling are just part of the process. You do not receive a lesson unless you need it. And all the pressures you may have been feeling are just preparing you for the Gemini phase, which means you will be facing choices, aspects through which you decide and chose what to do and be. Every moment you feel contracted and doubt, is a moment that happens so you ask yourself again if you are being who you are, if you trust enough on yourself and if you have the energy to perceive your dreams. And… whatever made you feel doubting in the first place is surely because fear is still there.
So… as you enter in the energies of Gemini you go to a phase of questioning and that is fine, just fine. Talk to yourself as you would do with your best friend and do not be scare of the answers. You are your best friend if you just open to truth, clarity and high intuition.
The Gemini aspect of polarity is what is needed on the Zodiac to push us to look at several aspects of life and situations. Gemini represents our internal wars which are fine as long as we see it with gratitude. This Gemini energy is our friend, has its purpose and surely helps opening the doors to a wider scenery of any situation.
I repost what i have blogged some time ago about the Gemini energy just as a reminder: “The legend of Gemini relates to Gemini Constellation, more specifically on the twin stars Pollux and Castor. The twin stars represent them selves the conflict, the anger and constant disagreement. These two brothers have lived in conflict and war since… forever… and they still battle! they are complete opposites and they fight the inner battle which reflects all our inner battles.”
Everything has a purpose, a meaning and a goal and this is probably a moment to reflect longer and set an intention of knowing better, learning more about whatever… an intention of healing, clarifying and perceive joy. Centering on our heart, connect deeply with the truth of who and what we are, contemplating a lot more the reasons of why are we here, of what we are supposed to be and do and understanding the bigger picture of this mess. Ultimately we are all seeking, healing, building, creating and we are doing it together from the highest love that lies in all our actions, thoughts and feelings.
AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

New Moon in Taurus ~ Happy energies!



Confidence, honesty and joyful blessings on this New Moon

At each New Moon a new beginning enters our Lunar cycle. Physically the Moon is in the middle of the Sun and the Earth; The 3 are positioned as a line drawing. This line represents the road in front of you, which you do not see it yet, that is why you cannot see the Moon at the phase; The moon is receiving the light from the Sun at it`s hidden half from our Earth´S point of view.
That is why your wishes, positiveness and trust make a big impact on what is to come. depending on the influence of the Sign, whatever aspects are enlightened, you can surely make a great walk ahead if your will and projects have the fuel of your confidence.
Today we celebrate Taurus New Moon. This is a very good phase considering the latest celestial events which brought us a bit of hard moments. In this “New Beginnings” Moon Taurus will make sure you walk strongly towards your goals but as a Taurus energy, it will influence you to do it calmly. That is the way Taurus walks. So, just relax and go confident; even that you think you have no idea where you are heading, you will know at the right moment what to do. This event will fill you with confidence and a feeling of being safe.
If you feel anxiety for the next days, trust that Taurus energy is working within to find out what is your next best new move. although it makes you walk slowly, Taurus is an energy that only fulfills itself when its building some new idea and working on plans.
You will do it with calm because Taurus does not want you to risk yourself! you will play the right moves and be sure of being safe.
So… what is you want to do next? what improvements can you bring to your life? refreshing old things with new ideas? making new projects? This is what a New Moon is all about…
Ask the presence of your guides, ground yourself, center and connect.  meditate and ponder on everything and let energies to work positively. Then  write on a paper what you decided to work for the next Moon. Be sure your intentions are pure and filtered from the heart.  from tomorrow on, work on your desires so they become real; know you are a miracle worker and you control everything always.

Pink Full Moon in Libra


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Pink Full Moon in Libra ~ April 11

As it happens with every Full Moon, the heightened energy is to be used as you chose to. It is up to you how to work within the energies that blast your life. The positive intentions and the heart focus set your energy field, emotional body and mental electric functions to receive the blessings of this Full Moon in Libra.
The Full Moon instinctively connects you with your deep self, therefore, you may be already feeling a pressure on your stomach, and head, feeling nervous as your higher intuition is talking to you and giving you messages about what to do next, what to bring to the surface in the incoming weeks.
The only way to be sure if your intuition is at it`s highest is to make sure you center strongly in yourself, ground and connect with high vibrations; keep your heart pure, open and lightened. If you do this there is no way you are misguided.
There is nothing better than a Libra Full Moon to let go of unbalanced routines and ideas that take to much energy from yourself. When you conclude you are being negative remember that balance is the key to happiness and completion. And that goes for your ideas about yourself and others. So… at this full Moon what is you need to look at inside? what is hidden and needing light? what are you not looking fully and unconditionally? every coin has two sides! look at all facets of a subject and stop judging. The same intensity of beliefs that you have, others have as well. Respecting others point of view is absolutely vital to find peace within ourselves. The same goes about respecting all parts of yourself!!!
Heart burdens are to be cut off. We give to much energy to some issues which do not allow us to move on. This is a magical moment through which you can lighten the burden of your heart. Remember: to open to the new you must find room within yourself. Nothing better than focus a bit on your social facet and do new things. There is a big world out there waiting for your energy and love.
Relax, trust, feel easy within and everything will be easier. Smile more and the universe will smile back. Empty your mind of patterns and you will listen to your true voice speaking about miracles.
This is a Pink Moon which relates to this time of nature where flowers blossom. That is what you are supposed to do: blossom, exude sweet perfumes from yourself and commune with the world around you.

Aries energy ~ Intermittent symptoms


No matter if it`s your sleep function or your mood, these late energies are precisely working as a discontinuous process. Within ourselves there´s a blinking spot that goes up and down, off and on depending on how high is our absorbing ability for light at this time.
Astrologically several celestial events promote this situation but in my opinion this is what Aries does through it`s warrior Mars. The New Moon a few days ago made this situation more abrupt.
Mars, the God of War and the lover of Venus, is fierce and also candid, but is always passionate. The substance relative to Aries is iron; Iron contracts with cold and dilates with hot, meaning… that is how iron behaves depending on the conditions, surroundings, feelings… both expansive and contraction aspects of Aries energy are dealt on a mental level, as Aries rules the brain. The stress due to its expansions and contractions are often felt through migraines, depression and heart conditions.
It`s perfectly normal if your oscillate between great energy and tiredness, need to sleep and no sleep at all, talking a lot and silence, pain and feeling totally relaxed and… very important maybe excessive good mood and feeling angry and irritated.
Make sure you ground everyday so energy flows easily in and out; Center on yourself so you maintain balance and connect with joy so your frequency stabilizes.
The best way is surely connect with nature, so move outside when you feel going down. Drink good water, eat fruit and raw veggies and chose more fish than meat. Don`t forget the music and find time everyday to do something that gives you pleasure.
At home you can use air freshener with lavender or chamomile essential oils. You can also use a drop on your body: a bit on the wrists and on the base of your neck (between thyroid and thymus).
Have fun with these amazing high energies, use your creativity, be courageous and adventurous. Most of all be yourself and love lots!

March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins



March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins

A new season starts, a new astrological year begins. I find three words to describe this SPRING equinox: REBIRTH, POWER, EVOLUTION. However i must tell you that stability will not be achieve at this season due to the huge amount of energies being transformed, transmuted on earth. Probably the work we have been done for the last years is been shown in such a way that stability has no place yet. So if you feel you are being asked a lot from the universe, remember: you did that! you were able to bring those challenges to yourself. The same will be happening to the ones that live on the southern hemisphere, although this will be express on a subconscious level which might be felt strange and demanding but is part of a inner growth and expansion.
To the northern hemisphere we enter spring and the southern hemisphere is going to experience a new autumn. Either way, this is a new phase that will reflect the work we have done during the last year.
For the southern hemisphere beings, this is all about starting a journey within and use the Aries energy and fire warrior soul to unfold the inner layers so the essence that is ready to come to the surface can be properly looked at and transformed into new seeds. Going inside needs a lot of courage! You need the right energy to do that. What is what you want is what you must ask yourself during this phase. What fears can you deal with so you can prepare yourself to perceive your soul`s journey. Going within is finding what the new you is. New you`s are constantly being born due to your ascension process, your growth and healing. So meet the you at this moment to prepare the reality which will reflect your self.
The northern hemisphere beings are ready now to see the flowers of what they have planted during the last two seasons. The spring brings out what you have worked silently and lovingly. Nothing better than Aries energy to begin the manifestation of your dreams. the fierce, energetic Aries! THE BEGINNER.
What is that you want? You had time to figured that out! you had spent your energy finding ideas and seeding plans. Your goals are ready to be seen. Your future is at hand. But… you still have a lot of work ahead, plants must be care of and some must be planted somewhere else so they can grow. looking for parasite herbs and taking them out of your garden is indispensable so you do not waste energy on things that might kill your crops. The hardest season is spring! but must be seen as a pleasant work, not something you wish you wouldn`t do.
Now you are thinking… what does this has to do with spirituality? right! well…. spirituality is nothing but being the best version of you! The moment you separate spirituality from your daily life, you get it all wrong.
Celestial portals are working directly with earth`s energy and what you came here to do is nothing but being able to connect your biological vessel to your higher self, using a conscious “body” to do so.
Higher frequencies will be at our disposal more and more as we do our non-stop inner work. The receptivity to those higher frequencies depends on the acknowledgment of what is inside and around us. The eternal alchemy of earth`s power, the etheric magic of constant rising energies, our personal field… this is the TRIAD for ascension and happiness.


Full Moon in Virgo


Full Moon in Virgo

March 12, 2017

This Full Moon in Virgo comes just in time! As we are approaching the Equinox and finding a way out of ourselves to manifest in reality what we have seeded during the winter. What is you want? what have you been wishing, planning? After the latest Eclipses energies, this is just the right phase for your dreams.
And if we consider the Venus retrograde, which will be with us for a few more days… Venus retrograde is amazing to make us look inside. Imagine you are walking on the country and calmly enjoying the scenery and suddenly the vision in front of your eyes is that beautiful that you step once or twice to make sure you absorb all the magic given to you at that moment. That`s exactly what Venus retrograde is been doing to us, making us step back and look to our heart, our needs so we make sure what is we want to perceive.
And today we look at our hearth again, profoundly but with a specific agenda.WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? WHAT DETAILS MUST I LOOK UPON? WHAT DOES MY PHYSICAL VESSEL NEEDS TO IMPROVE SO I CAN BE BETTER PREPARED TO THIS JOURNEY IM STARTING? These are the questions Virgo Moon is asking you.
Adding the Pisces energy, you may feel confused, but a Virgo Full Moon with Pisces energies has that purpose: to make you look at polarities and deal with them. There is no calmness on a Full Moon, anyway! So… look at your chaotic inner heart. ARE YOU ABLE TO STEP OUT OF THE DREAMS OF PISCES AND ALLY THE EMOTIONAL PISCES WITH THE MATERIAL ASPECT OF VIRGO? AND… CAN YOU FINALLY SEE THAT SERVING OTHERS IS FIRST OF ALL BEING COURAGEOUS ENOUGH TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS ALSO?
Understand that the resistance to the God-self prevents you to fully serve your life purpose. And the essence of Virgo talks about that Divine aspect of the Sacred Feminine. VIRGO IS HERE TO REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE HERE ON A JOURNEY WHICH IS A DIVINE ONE AND IT STARTS WITH YOU CREATING, GROUNDING YOUR ENERGY ON THE WORLD.
There is another aspect i find amazing on this Full Moon: What ever you start now, it is pure, virgin! be aware of this. That is the ultimate essence of Virgo. So… step into your dreams from a divine place that lies within your heart. You are a creator and no one knows better than you what high frequency are you capable of creating inside to continue your own journey.


Full Moon ~ Penumbral Eclipse



Full Moon ~ Penumbral Eclipse

On this event, the Moon travels through the darkest areas of Earth’s penumbra and as the physical is a result of energies that combine in order to fulfill a purpose, we are here embracing this shadow work ourselves.
This full Moon is working on Leo sign. Leo wants always to walk the path of embodying worth projects. Nothing better, at this time, than a Full Moon in Leo to push us out of our shadows and perceive what our hearts desire.
We keep destroying the old worlds as divine events pop in! That is what Leo wants from us. If we want to build a better world, we need to burn out what we still carry inside from a time we no longer embrace. That was a time of learning how to emerge. We are emerging each time we go inside and progress by healing. At a Full Moon we have to look at ourselves, everything is a mirror of our emotional self. That isnt always easy,specially when we have wished a journey of full creation. But we know that is what we have to do if we want a life of true meaning.
For the ones who are feeling bad with these energies i advise the use of DARK RED FLAME. Dark Red flame dissolves fear, depression, gives calm, relaxation and helps the brain to be able to recognize the need to positive thinking. You can visualize it working on your full body on an ascendant spiral, after what you can use the GOLDEN FLAME the same way so you do the final healing, energize and be able to do what ever you want and need. This is a very good combination of energies.
This energy  exercise also helps to unblock physical energies that are preventing you from feeling really healthy. It works at a molecular level and your body recognizes its power when you work it. Your cells are very intelligent and as soon as you work with these colors they understand the meaning of light and get out of the shadow side of your thoughts.
These Full Moon is giving us energies for the next 3 days. During this period you may ground very well, drink good water, rest and trust. if you think the things you do you might not please you very much, that is a good sign, means you are opening to a new self and being able to chose the version of yourself that is according to your new standards. This might happen to a lot of beings at this time and is perfectly fine. Dont think your going backwards, think you are moving forward, otherwise it wouldnt happen.

Aquarius New Moon: think big, open to expansion



Aquarius New Moon: think big, open to expansion

This Aquarius New Moon is one of the important events that lead this year onto a year of beginnings! Although we are still in the phase of winter, waiting for the Equinox to reveal the path, the truth is that without winter energies the Spring Equinox cannot show itself on life. So… all is a important and all phases have their stage on our lives. This is still a phase of looking inside, work within to heal, discover our gifts, feel the wishes and nurture our dreams. As this phase develops, seeds grow and celestial events come to remind us that we arent sleeping, we are in fact, always creating!
I see Aquarius as a dreamer that walks above, being able to step away from ordinary energies and get the fuel to perceive the goal o that higher level of believing. Very often, Aquarian beings get that brightness on their eyes when they look somewhere else, someplace which we can feel isnt here. No matter what they do or talk with, they have that ability of going beyond the veil and flyaway to get inspiration and that ecstasy of dream land. If they want to think big, if they want to new starts, if they want to keep thinking out of the illusionairy world, they know they must find their higher energies, which is the place above every thing else!
This New Moon is to be the PLANTING OF THE SEEDS TO EXPANSION! how to do it? THINK DIFFERENT! LOOK AT THINGS THROUGH A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE, OPEN TO NEW, ACCEPT THE GRAND! FIND THAT PLACE OF THE GREAT ENERGIES, WHERE YOU CANNOT GET DISTURBED, WHERE YOU GET YOUR FAITH, TRUST, CONFIDENCE, STRENGTH AND LOVE. things will come to you as you tune with the right vibrations. Remember you are a creator and the New Moon is all about starting a new cycle and each cycle is to be better.


Cancer Full Moon & Grand Cross ~ Polarities expanding our consciousness



Cancer Full Moon & Grand Cross ~ Polarities expanding our consciousness

This Full Moon in Cancer is a challenging one! Although its a Cancer Full Moon it is, in fact, happening on Gemini Constellation, more specifically on the twin stars Pollux and Castor. This makes this event, all about opposite energies. The twin stars represent them selves the conflict, the anger and constant disagreement.
These two brothers have lived in conflict and war since… forever… and they still battle! they are complete opposites and they fight the inner battle which reflects all our inner battles and consequently is manifested in the world`s reality through all conflicts between brothers… for we are all brothers! nations, tribes, families…
The simple fact of this being a Cancer Full Moon is also showing us opposites, because Moon in Cancer pull us inside of ourselves. But the Sun in Capricorn pushes us to work the outside world! Cancer is looking for security in its inner temple and Capricorn wants to build this temple by manifesting and maneuvering external energies.
Another aspect happening is the Grand Cross of this Full Moon, here we have, with this square, more opposite energies: the Sun is opposite the Moon (that is what a full moon is) – this aspect gives us a very sensitive and emotional moment in opposite to the mind, the material opposing the intuitive, the male opposing the female, the quiet opposing the energetic will. This can give us a hard time in all kinds of relationships. ~ Jupiter is opposite to Uranus – Everything that is being upsetting you lately can be very difficult to handle. Impulsive reactions towards somethings that you can usually control and tolerate!
We have stunning connections balancing all these polarities!!! Pluto, for example… is helping us transforming, transmuting, rebuild! Saturn comes to help us analyze what goes on at each moment, brings wisdom and peace.
During the next few days, all we need is calm, trust. Know that at all moments you can relax, breath and not react! know that this is the first Moon this year and it is a great momentum because this is showing us the way to deal with ourselves in order to gain respect! respect for others, for life, for what we still do not understand or do not enjoy. This is the beginning of a journey through which we are acknowledging we do not live alone, we have to connect with our purest heart, gratefulness and unconditional love.
Transforming each moment into a best moment, each decision into a bright possibility and each action into a peaceful future. We are becoming butterflies!


New Moon in Capricorn! Fully engaging!



New Moon in Capricorn! Fully engaging!

This is a very special New Moon! I see Capricorn as a very practical sign but as well as a dreamer who never stops believing; but it isnt a common creamer, the strength of Capricorn is really that ability to dream, it dreams so much that life becomes a dream, hard to see in a daily routine what is a dream and what isnt! that is what Capricorn really is – believing in what they love, whatever that is, is what makes life worth living!
Its that stunning characteristic that can help you heal and at the same time it will help you believe in yourself! Capricorn is super strong due to the old goat`s wisdom and that childish dream ability. This is a powerful combination that makes one to live longer, to prosper and be loving in so many ways!
Capricorn has also a refined ability to see itself mirrored on others but can forget to look at it as a mirror; so it can judge a bit… i say a bit because Capricorn can later understand the mistake and learn what lesson it needs. so, my advise is: do not forget everything is a mirror for some reason; everything is trying to tell you something, even that the message isnt clear right away! The strange mirrors you can be faced with, might be related to self-conflict within yourself, which arent solved yet!
Happiness is very important to Capricorn! be sure you enjoy your journey and what you have become during 2016! those emotions work as fuel to the year that is almost starting and to all the plans you have been dreaming about.
The most important aspect of this Mew Moon – Capricorn is a sign that has the need to manifest deep dreams which are part of daily life and without them life makes no sense… to a Capricorn, manifesting their dream, illusion, visions, its their purpose. for you – doing that work is super! Understand that that is what this moment is all about: making your dreams tangible!!! its the foundation to your 2017! Rising our frequency is what allow us to look at dreams with a higher conscious awareness!
These last days of December are giving us a lot of celestial connections that strongly tell us to LEAVE THE OLD BEHIND, so we can watch our seeds growing! It tell us also to RECEIVE LOVINGLY ALL EMOTIONS WE HAVE BEEN AVOIDING so we can heal, feel lighter and lose fear of the new; other connections give us PRECISION, CLARITY so we can better connect with our higher self; others give us SILENCE so we can listen within; some more energies send us vibes of TRANSFORMATION, PROGRESSION!
Some energies will be felt as rough ones, but they exist to a purpose, to awake, propel, shift towards progression! Because life isnt a stagnate energy, needs movement, shift, change, innovation and renewal.  This New Moon is here to remember that WE do that change, growth, shift! that we have the power to become a miracle worker and manifest our lives fully!
Be an Capricorn Alchemist! look inside, at your dreams, listen to you wisdom, feel your power and let  beginnings to bring you new outcomes of divine grace!