9.9 Portal


9.9 Portal

9.9 portal of earth consciousness to empower your mission

September,9 2016 is represented by the divine number 9.9! This day is itself a message to all light workers, to all loving beings stationed on Earth at this phase. A calling to our mission!
This number remind us about the laws this universe is ruled by; those rules that inevitable we use to perceive our goals of freedom! Those rules we connect with and follow. those rules that we try to understand and vibrate at, so we understand who and what we are.
A phase is ended and thanks to all the work we have been done. We have been working the huge amounts of light energy and use it to spread the words of love. Each personal growth is being achieved tremendously and now we are being prepared for another light phase.
The ascension is harmonic and always continuing. It is done through levels of consciousness. At each level the ones awaken can grow more on their self awareness and new others awake! Its a continuous spiral of light that gets stronger and bigger every time! This process of personal and collective growth into light is proportional to the amount of light our planet receives. As Gaia is able to receive and accumulate more light, so do each of us. That is how it influences the collective ascension.
At a personal level the message is that, as a phase ended, you will be able to see new things settle in your life. Things that you have been working for a long time are coming to manifest. It is a time of closure and the dawn for a totally different set of plans for you. So, do not worry, just open and let things happen, trust that you were the one who brought your new life and have faith you have done a awesome job! From now on, as you see things changing start focusing and create again bigger dreams!
It is all about your soul purpose and also the collective soul purpose. Therefore the same will be seen at the collective by watching that things go up a level of awareness, commitment and spiritual work. as things we have been working fall into place, new things are starting to be created by all of us and events, one by one will show that inner soul collective aspirations.
The spiral of ascension always goes up! never has a break, and the same happens to each of us.
Let yourself express what you became and keep dreaming a new life, for a new step of this never ending mountain of light and love has the most amazing miracles waiting! we just need to tune with the laws of this fabulous universe we live in! the etheric field on earth has been growing the amount of light so we can all use it on our assistance and mission. Continue your path,you have been doing great!

Join us tomorrow on the 9.9 meditation:

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Full Moon in Pisces


Full Moon in Pisces, September 6, 2017

Today we have a Full Moon in Pisces at 13 degrees. This Full Moon tell us we are ready to a new cycle on this Earth adventure as Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac.
So what is this celestial event exactly here for? After last month events which prepared us for the next level of consciousness, this Full Moon ask us to connect with our intuitive emotions. This means we merge with our feelings and find balance within our heart. Merging with feelings is easy but going there and connect with our newest version, the sublime one not dueling on our lowest, painful vibration memories, that is the hard task.
With Pisces you find your freedom because in the midst of your insecurities and fears you can step into your joyful, high intuitive liberated self. Can you do that? you can if you wish.
As a Full Moon in Pisces the work is to let yourself feel and through feelings you talk with your ego and tell it all is well, you tell it you are the chooser of the energy you want to vibrate at, you tell it nothing can hurt you unless you let it… you do this while looking inside for what really matters. You do that work throughout your days and your nights no matter what you are doing. As if you are an observer that studies from a higher perspective and chooses what really matters and what doesnt matter anymore.
This is what you do during this three few days of the Full Moon energy. While your ego tries to make you feel insecure and afraid you find the place within yourself which shows you you have always been safe, always been aware, always been loved and loving. This is the energy work to propel you for the next phase which is related to your earth mission, starting this month.
In three days we have the 9.9 portal of Earth progression that lead us to an advancement on our Earth mission. To keep walking this path one expands and frees from old patterns, old fears; That is the only way!
So… each time your feelings drawn you to your old patterns, your old wounds… place yourself on your highest energy soul… because you are not this human vessel, you are not this human conscious… you are far more than this. And, all those painful, fearful energies are nothing but human feelings and do not contribute for the greatest purpose of yourself. Ultimately there is nothing to be afraid of, there is nothing to be hurt about, there is nothing to forgive… You see… this is just a dream that serves to move us into the greatest consciousness seeking and merging. Nothing, nothing of our earthly worries matter, what matters is that sparkle that shines day and night so you connect with it and fly free.
Join us on the 9.9 meditation:

AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ABELHO ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

Card of the week ~ Control

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09.04 Weekly Card

King of Clouds: Control

There is a time and a place for control, but if we put it in charge of our lives we end up totally rigid. The figure is encased in the angles of pyramid shapes that surround him. Light glitters and glints off his shiny surfaces, but does not penetrate. It’s as if he is almost mummified inside this structure he’s built up around himself. His fists are clenched and his stare is blank, almost blind. The lower part of his body beneath the table is a knife point, a cutting edge that divides and separates. His world is ordered and perfect, but it is not alive – he cannot allow any spontaneity or vulnerability to enter
it. The image of the King of Clouds reminds us to take a deep breath, loosen our neckties and take it easy. If mistakes happen, it’s okay. If things get a little out of hand, it’s probably just what the doctor ordered. There is much, much more to life than being “on top of things.”
Osho’s Teachings
Controlled persons are always nervous because deep down turmoil is still hidden. If you are uncontrolled, flowing, alive, then you are not nervous. There is no question of being nervous – whatsoever happens, happens. You have no expectations for the future, you are not performing. Then why should you be nervous? To control that mind, one has to remain so cold and frozen that no life energy is allowed to move into your limbs, into your body. If energy is allowed to move, those repressions will surface. That’s why people have learned how to be cold, how to touch others and yet not touch them, how to see people and yet not see them. People live with clichés – “Hallo. How are you?” Nobody means anything. These are just to avoid the real encounter of two persons. People don’t look into each other’s eyes, they don’t hold hands, they don’t try to feel each other’s energy, they don’t allow each other to pour – very afraid, somehow just managing, cold and dead, in a straitjacket.
Osho Dang Dang Doko Dang Chapter 5

Credit to: Tarot Osho Zen

9.9 Earth Day meditation


Join us on this  Free Global meditation. Earth Day 9.9 – September 9th. A world wide gathering for a remote meditation. Celebrating a new beginning on our mission on planet earth and bringing more light to this planet and all beings. TWO SESSIONS: ONE AT 4pm (16.00 UTC/GMT) AND ANOTHER AT 9pm (21.00 UTC/GMT) SESSIONS TAKE BETWEEN 40 TO 60 MINUTES. YOU CAN CHOSE ONE OR DO BOTH. A VIDEO WITH THE GUIDED MEDITATION WILL BE POSTED THE DAY BEFORE THE MEDITATION.

Check the link for the event here:


September,9 2017 is represented by the divine number 9.9! This day is itself a message to all light workers, to all loving beings stationed on Earth at this time. A calling to our mission!
This day reminds us a new phase is ended on our mission while stationed on Gaia and a new beginning starts. We have been working with huge amounts of light energy and use it to spread love. Each personal growth is being achieved tremendously and now we are being prepared for another light phase.
The ascension is harmonic and always continuing. It is done through levels of consciousness. At each level we can grow more on self awareness and new others awaken! Its a continuous spiral of light that gets stronger and bigger every time! This process of personal and collective growth into light is proportional to the amount of light our planet receives. As Gaia is able to receive and accumulate more light, so do each of us. That is how it influences the collective ascension. MUCH LOVE


Thrive on trinity for the Eclipse


Thrive on trinity for the Eclipse

On a Solar Eclipse we observe the Earth, the Moon and the Sun stationing on total alignment. This equilibrium is a representation of the balance you have to reach so your intentions are true, strong, real and aligned with your highest good.
This alignment is to be done between the physical you (the Earth), the intuitive and imaginative (the Moon) and the will, the action, the creative power (the sun). And at the Solar Eclipse the emphasis lies on the Sun as August is ruled by the Sun; August energies are all about Lion`s power of creative consciousness.
You can already balance yourself by meditating and ponder on your several parts to prepare the path for the Solar eclipse event. Visualize in front of you your different bodies and see them merging within each other and finally merging within you. Talk to each of them in meditation and listen to their message, they always have something to share about growth.
Becoming one! Balancing high energies with your intuition and your physical ground is vital to connect with the Solar Eclipse, which ultimately represents itself the unity of source by aligning three major celestial corps symbolizing the layers of realms we use for manifestation and creation of our newest selves.
By accepting your several selves, listening to their energy, connecting with all your parts you become one; You dissolve layers of doubts, fears and negativity. Uniting to get stronger, to be ONE high, aware and expand in love for the self which will reflect expansion of wisdom and love for all that is.
This trinity of our Solar World provides us a gift of energy, a sublime portal of ascension through which we bring forth the best version we can possibly offer to the world at this moment!
Join us next Monday on a free remote global meditation:
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Preparing for the Eclipse


Preparing for the Eclipse

as we are so close to next Monday, the day of the Solar Eclipse and energies are building up, this is the right moment to ponder on the kind of event we are facing. What is this all about? what can we do to better receive the changes? Yes! because this is all about bringing a new self to this “reality”; more than that – this is to build up a new reality!
We will have the Sun blocked for a while and what does that Sun mean to us? It represents creation itself, our power of creation for we are Gods. The last time this Eclipse happened was in 1998 through which changes occurred and they were big! Perhaps you already noticed things changing in your life and thats because you are shifting into a new reality!
The intentions of this eclipse are to be done for the next months so make sure you look at yourself truthfully, honestly and openly. This is a Lion`s energy Eclipse and it will demand from you some “risk”; this means you trust the universe and yourself so much you can take steps which some time ago seamed completed impossible. So… what are your plans for the future? More than that – what do you want from yourself? this is not a individual journey and what ever your plans are you know this is important for you are on a mission. What ever you are and do matters to the world!
For the next days think about the future, not only the next year but the next one or two decades! what is you want to become? what is you want to create? what blueprint you want to project in this illusion-airy reality? And also, be aware that in order to bring forth your new energy there are aspects to deal with such as fear, doubt, unworthiness, shame, etc. That is what this Eclipse is all about – if you truly look at things and solve what you know is not aligned with a higher version of you, you can achieve everything you wish! And when the Sun is unveiled a new path will show in front of you.
Join us next Monday on a free remote global meditation:

AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ABELHO ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

Light Language transmission

This was the most complicate transmission i ever received as our physical mouth is not suitable for it. Was also very emotional. Its all about leaving behind once and for all the pain, fear and old patterns and step into a new self so a new paradigm can come forward. It is about showing the love existing on higher spheres and passing on to us so we feel we are not alone, we are loved beyond understanding.


Join us on August 21st!


On August 21st join us on our next MEDITATION to celebrate and receive the energies of the SOLAR ECLIPSE. Growth, transformation, bringing forth a new self as we enjoy these amazing celestial moments! much love to all



Guided Meditation


Here is the guided meditation for the 8.8 portal of Lion`s Gate. You can do it anytime you want, so here it is. Enjoy the sublime energies and heal yourself and the planet.



Solar Eclipse


Solar Eclipse ~ Quantum Creation


On August 21 a Solar Eclipse will be more than a beautiful natural phenomena. It is a moment to go beyond the self, beyond existence and look to creation. Going deep within is the secret to observe everything and to bring to each self the strength, the understanding and the awareness of who and what we really are. It is a moment to expand our consciousness instead of hiding behind shadows of confusion. Awareness transmutes and allows creativity, abundance and prosperity!

TWO SESSIONS: one at 17.00 (5pm) UTC/GMT & one at 22.00 (10pm) UTC/GMT. This way the ones that are not able to participate at the first one will have another one later on. Each session meditation has the duration of one hour the most.

Here is the link to the Facebook event:


Or Facebook page:


Or you can check my YouTube Channel  for the  video:


August energies


August energies

Next Monday we have the Full Moon on Aquarius right before the 8.8 portal which bring us the usual Lion`s Gate energies and later on the 21st the New Moon blasting with a total Solar Eclipse!
How to fully appreciate this month energies? This full Moon in Aquarius will give us the balance we need, that is the main aspect; On a Full Moon the energies are intensified due to an opposition happening between the Sun and the Moon; in fact we can say that we are being influenced by both the signs of the Moon and Sun at 50% each. Both our action and intuition are being exalted and sometimes it gets difficult to deal with both polarities. As everything in life, balance is the key and that balance comes from awareness. On those moments, the way we feel and react can be analyzed deeply; how much do we love ourselves, how much do we respect others? how aware are we of existence? how do we use earth and etheric energies? how good do we take care of ourselves?
Another aspect is about the previous six months of intentions during the New Moon. How well did we intended, how much did we believe on ourselves and on the universe? how centered are we on our goals? how are we being able to adjust circumstances and our energies to our future manifestation? are we really able to understand that circumstances are here to show us what we have already manifested?
At this Full Moon energies will truly be high! the main thing is to be always grounded on earth, centered on yourself by being aware of who and what you are (your highest version, of course! ), connect with your true self through intention raising your frequency to reach your higher self ( you do it by decision – decide you want to feel good and only connect with good energies, listening to music, taking care of yourself, loving, making plans, choosing to connect with love by loving others,etc. ). You will notice things happening easily and effortlessly.
At the Lion`s Gate strong energies will be at your disposal to connect strongly both with earth and the heavens. It is the light of consciousness, the love of all that is! It is the energy which symbolizes the abundance of the summer. The earth momentum of ecstasy of nature is ready to receive the equivalent frequency from source. Its a strong energy which shows it self with calm (enjoying life, eating the fruits of a hard year work) and also joy, happiness, fun (playing with the planet playground given to us by mother earth so she and us can commune and connect vibrationally). The best way to enjoy these energies is to connect with nature, even meditating in nature or just enjoying it by contemplation and to gather with your tribe, the ones you love and love you back, the ones you can feel free with.
The Solar Eclipse is here on the 21st to show you no fear! how do you feel when your vibrational field is without action, light, order, control and safeness? This is another strong moment to trust yourself, connect with your highest version and feel the connection with your heart telling you there is nothing to be afraid of, all is perfect, all shadows are beautiful as they show you the way to the light – which is the way to find your self. Find that trust, confidence in you for you are the whole existence, the true love and the most bright star in the universe.

AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

Free Global Meditation 8.8


As i do every year, this event has the goal of a world wide meditate on the 8.8 portal and heal the planet, bring lots of light and share our love with all.

Here is the Facebook link so you can join for free. A guided meditation will be posted so we can all join on higher spheres and be together in harmonic love and peace. Tuesday, 8 at UTC/GMT 5pm (17.00)


Or go to my Facebook page and you can find it there also.:


Free Global Meditation 8.8.2017 Lion`s Gate opening of Divine energies. Lets all gather in the ether and through this meditation bring energies to our planet to heal and grow the density of light for all. This portal comes from higher spheres of sacred dimensions and it`s frequency is available for everyone who wants to receive it, not only for the self but mostly to send energy to all beings and Gaia. Love, Light & Freedom

Maria José Abelho Antunes

July New Moon in LEO ~ Mars & Aquarius balancing energies

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July New Moon in LEO ~ Mars & Aquarius balancing energies

This New Moon happens on the 23rd. It will be a very interesting New Moon as the energy is pulled up by Mars propelling you to action and confidence. The Sun and Moon on Leo give you confidence to move forward. Although these energies are very positive, there is a need for balance due to a square between Mars, Moon, Sun and Uranus which can be very pushy.
Other astral connections happen which can ask you for patience, calm, easiness and heart centered vibrations.
So… my advise is to ponder everything. Whatever your desires are building up use your highest intuition so you can enhance a dialogue with the universe which can bring you exactly the most positive outcome for your dreams and projects.
Make sure you feel always well connected with your higher self; This next days will put in motion effective energies if you do it well. Understand that this phase is going to give signals that you can use to better prepare your moves.
Also, be aware of the need for change. Feeling open to life, beginnings and surprises can be the best because your higher self and the universe are sending you messages showing you the best options for you at this time of your evolution.
Some of you might have an impulsive behavior, some ego based ideas, difficulty to accept others and also tend to stress a lot due to these strong energy connections we are receiving. There is a need to put yourself in a position through which you can be an observer; observe everything including yourself living this reality you are creating day after day. That is the best choice to better understand the pressure and also the joy and therefore to chose easily what to do, what to be.
Aquarius is here to balance things. It will give you the global vision you need. It will make you remember yourself as part of a collective, that you are not alone. Gives the sense of working on behalf of a greater plan which needs us to be fulfilled with the most pure, unconditional love.
All astrological events can be pleasant and used to grow. Just center, ground, connect to divine energies and to yourself and everything can be smoothly enjoyable and created.
So… your intentions on this New Moon are to be pure, concentrated on the good for all, focused on the positiveness and done with the famous joy of the great Leo.

AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

Summer & winter Solstice 2017

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Summer & winter Solstice 2017

This is the culmination of all the high energies we have been receiving during the whole first semester. From this day on, it`s all about using those energies at will!

Since the beginning of the year we have been facing an overlap of high energies. They are here, on ourselves still being integrated and some are waiting to be of use. When the right moment comes they know what to do. It may be an idea wanting to be manifested; an intense summer opportunity; a situation you will be faced which needs a lot of energy…
The next few months are all dedicated to observe things happening. Action is directed to the things you already worked a lot to build. Even things you think are new, they are simply the fruit of your ascension.
Everyone will have, during this summer, 3 moments of high, intense creative awareness. However pay attention because they can be subtle. Three major works, three major possibilities, three major healing processes?
For the ones that are living the winter solstice its time to go inside of yourself and start consistently to work on your big healing and big next projects. It`s a time to focus less on the light outside of yourself and grow it within.Whatever you do now, whatever you decide to be, that`s what you will be able to see growing outside during the next summer.
You also will deal with three major fears or blocks. They can be connected or not and you may notice that number of tasks or not. It doesn`t matter really. Matters only that you trust your inner guidance and believe on yourself.
On this solstice my advise is that you connect strongly with your inner power. As i was channeling this event i always felt the need to do this. Nothing else really. And it makes sense because at this time of your ascension and being dealing with all healing, recovering your self-worthiness and loving yourself… everything leads to the re-connection of your higher truth, your power! Align yourself with that energy and your progression will be stunning. Remember to always be your newest version, your highest! that is what you must feel and be. Centering on those energies is to directly connect with abundance, love and happiness.
I give you here a powerful decree, full of love sacred energies. Have a great, loving solstice. I love you all and wish the best of all summers and winters!!!
AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

New Moon in Gemini ~ connect with love


New Moon in Gemini ~ The intention is to connect with love

At this New Moon i ask you to pay attention to the intentions you want to focus on; New Moon is the time to set intentions and think about all the plans we have and which we need to put into motion. We re-think our projects and prepare the changes we want to improve. We look inside to move further… and further!
This is a month of intense energies, in such a way that this is making us feel contracted, anxious, doubting, even. This intensity is provoking a lot of sicknesses due to the emotional aspect of this upgrade energies.
So, what i want you to understand is that all the challenges, emotions you have been feeling are just part of the process. You do not receive a lesson unless you need it. And all the pressures you may have been feeling are just preparing you for the Gemini phase, which means you will be facing choices, aspects through which you decide and chose what to do and be. Every moment you feel contracted and doubt, is a moment that happens so you ask yourself again if you are being who you are, if you trust enough on yourself and if you have the energy to perceive your dreams. And… whatever made you feel doubting in the first place is surely because fear is still there.
So… as you enter in the energies of Gemini you go to a phase of questioning and that is fine, just fine. Talk to yourself as you would do with your best friend and do not be scare of the answers. You are your best friend if you just open to truth, clarity and high intuition.
The Gemini aspect of polarity is what is needed on the Zodiac to push us to look at several aspects of life and situations. Gemini represents our internal wars which are fine as long as we see it with gratitude. This Gemini energy is our friend, has its purpose and surely helps opening the doors to a wider scenery of any situation.
I repost what i have blogged some time ago about the Gemini energy just as a reminder: “The legend of Gemini relates to Gemini Constellation, more specifically on the twin stars Pollux and Castor. The twin stars represent them selves the conflict, the anger and constant disagreement. These two brothers have lived in conflict and war since… forever… and they still battle! they are complete opposites and they fight the inner battle which reflects all our inner battles.”
Everything has a purpose, a meaning and a goal and this is probably a moment to reflect longer and set an intention of knowing better, learning more about whatever… an intention of healing, clarifying and perceive joy. Centering on our heart, connect deeply with the truth of who and what we are, contemplating a lot more the reasons of why are we here, of what we are supposed to be and do and understanding the bigger picture of this mess. Ultimately we are all seeking, healing, building, creating and we are doing it together from the highest love that lies in all our actions, thoughts and feelings.
AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/






Archangel Gabriel
Through Sergey Kanashevsky

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to provide us this material

Hello, children of the Earth! Hello, children of the Creator! Love and joy are in your hearts. Peace to your World. I AM Archangel Gabriel. I brought good news.
You already know: the Space and Time of your world are changing, becoming different. New is due to everything that surrounds you. However, the new one is also realized through each of you – through the people, the world inhabiting. New Matter and Time are born through your inner “Self”, through sacred genetics, which tends to be manifested.
Today we are talking about Astral matter, which is the life form of your feelings, emotions. What is the peculiarity of your Astral matter? In that it is closely related to your mental matter, which is the life form of your thoughts. Thoughts and feelings of human are closely intertwined. Thought is sensitive, a feeling is thought. Human is able to be guided by feelings and thoughts, putting forward one or other. However, in other worlds there exist beings capable of clearly separating thoughts from feelings (emotions), and feelings (emotions) from thoughts. Their astral and mental bodies can exist separately from each other. Another thing in humanity is that its astral bodies are closely connected with mental bodies, astral matter is intertwined with mental matter. Sometimes they penetrate into each other – like two plants, in the process of growth merged into one. Therefore, the growth of human consciousness is impossible without the growth of the emotions. The culture of feelings, emotions, clothed in astral matter rises – the level of mind, consciousness, which is clothed in mental matter, increases. And, conversely, without the development of a person’s mentality, it is impossible to raise the level of his emotional development.
In addition, you, the modern Masters of Light, need to understand and always remember: astral matter is the way up and down. What does this metaphor mean? Only that through Astral matter, one can easily aspire to both higher worlds, worlds of higher dimensions, and to lower worlds. It is no coincidence that people travel outside the physical body as ASTRAL TRAVELERS. Because it is Astral matter is the basis of connecting the different worlds. In fact, it should be understood that when traveling outside the physical body, a person uses the mental body and some other bodies of the Multidimensional Body Complex, which you still have to learn. But it is now important for us to understand that Astral matter on Earth is the basis of a material connection between many worlds. It is like a thread around which the fabric of other matter is being created. This thread in reality is a complex structure, which is manifested differently in different worlds and dimensions. And a thread is formed at a deep level not by a single, continuous line, but by complex, interacting components, among which are Astral quantum. Astral quantum are called certain portions of energy information, which carry astral matter. With the help of astral quantum, astral energy information can be transferred from the fifth dimension to the fourth, from the fourth to the third. And vice versa. Many Masters of Light know the phenomenon when there is a temporary contamination of negative information with this or that contact with other worlds. Such contact occurs during healing practices, light works, information contacts. Often you talk about such phenomena, calling them “undesirable connections”, “negative implants”, “populating astral entities” … There are many interpretations for this phenomenon, but the essence is one. During the contact with another world, there is an interaction at the Astral level, an Astral quantum exchange occurs. It is through them, through the Astral quantum, that negative energy information is transmitted that penetrates into your Astral matter, and then – can penetrate into the matter of Mental and other types of matter. It is no coincidence that your Higher Self, Spiritual Teachers, call upon you to work with the lower worlds at the level of Unconditional Love. When you rise to this level, the Astral quantum of the lower worlds are not able to reach it, and therefore can not transfer negative energy information to your Astral matter. In fact, it should be noted: sometimes, even working at the highest level of Unconditional Love, the Masters of Light still receives … a portion of negatively charged Astral quantum. But this is already another phenomenon, most often associated with the fulfillment of the mission of transformation, the transformation of negative energy information into a positive one. In such cases, the Higher Self of human tolerates negative Astral quantum in its Multidimensional Body Complex, after which the process of transforming the negative into a positive begins, the improvement of the resulting structures, the introduction of Divine programs of evolutionary development in them. The Masters of Light becomes like an incubator for a time, where a New Astral genetics is grown for the lower worlds. When the energy information is transformed, when New genetic micro structures are formed, their transmission begins back – to those worlds where they came from. Often, modern Lightworkers carry out these processes unconsciously, under the control of them Higher Selves. But more and more often modern Masters, in co-creation with the Family of Light, carry out this kind of consciously, realizing that they are participating in the complex process of healing of representatives of the lower worlds. Earlier, the healer, removing undesirable energy information from the subtle matter of human (including so-called habitable essences), burned it, tried to destroy or send it to some objects. Now they are called to heal, transform this energy information and, with the help of them Higher Selves, them Teachers from the Higher Worlds, subtle Material Support Groups, send it to where this energy information should evolve further. Sometimes it is possible to send energy information (or essence) to where it came from in your world. Sometimes one should send the healed energy information (essence) to more developed worlds. Your Higher Selves, Spiritual Teachers, will prompt you how to do it. It is important to understand that the modern Masters of Light does not destroy anything, does not burn, but heals, promotes the evolutionary development of all life forms with which they has to meet, interact.
Contacts with other worlds, their representatives are carried out by you more and more often. That is why the question of harmonious Astral energy-information exchange becomes more important. To improve this exchange, new structures, a new Astral Genetics, are starting to form in your Complex of Multidimensional Bodies. The basis for the formation of this genetics is the SPECIAL MULTIDIMENSIONAL GENE, about which I will tell today. Having expressed a clear intention, you can activate it and begin to actively create a New Astral Genetics in your Astral bodies. This Gene is called POLYASTROL. This is an important basis for the Astral Matter of Polyworld (Multidimensional world). Let’s consciously create it together in the space of your Sacred Hearts.
First, we form a space of blue color, which is formed of two magnetic lens-membranes (in the form of two interconnected parts of spheres). Inside this space, Astral quantum are concentrated. In the upper part there are quantum of lower order (lower worlds), in the lower part – quantum of higher order (higher worlds). An ellipsoid torus of violet color (see Figure 2,) is formed from the quantum of your world. However, it interacts with the quantum of both the lower and upper parts of the joint membrane. It is such an Astral structure that now exists in the Astral bodies of the absolute majority of people in your world. The exchange between the Astral quantum of yours, the higher and lower worlds (between the quantum of the torus and the two membranes) is inefficient, there is no harmonious energy exchange, and the isolation of quantum of different levels is high. In addition, many people lack a lower membrane and, therefore, there is no possibility of astral exchange with higher worlds, with the Fifth dimension. When Astral Genetics is affected, the space of the magnetic membrane is filled with negative Astral quantum, and the membrane begins to radiate negative energy information, disrupting the emotional activity of a person. We depict such a membrane in gray, emitting red rays (Fig. 1).
Note: the number of rays in the figure is 12. This is not accidental. The Astral GENE, which is responsible for energy-information exchange, really has 12 rays for information dissemination. 12 beams – 12 spectrum of energy information. These spectrum are tuned to the duo-decency of your world. Through the rays are transmitted 12 different Astral parameters, the characteristics of which determine the Astral quantum. However, many Lightworkers who are engaged in modern Light practices establish energy and information links with the Internal Central Sun. This is due to the formation of various deep internal structures. In our case, a structure is formed inside the membranes for such a connection from the Zero Point in the form of the Mobius band and the Crystal Ascendant of the Ascension (On the Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires, you can read: Journal of World Channeling, Spiritual Messages, No. 1, 2016, GALACTIC CHRIST-MELCHIZEDEK. Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires “). The Inner Central Sun is a SOURCE of ENERGY INFORMATION, RELATED TO THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN OF THE UNIVERSE. The Inner Central Sun exists both with the planet Earth, and with each Being of Light that inhabits it. This is a multidimensional genetic structure that exists at a deep sacred level. And this structure in all manifests itself differently. For someone else it “sleeps”, practically does not manifest. In others, it begins its awakening. Still others actively interact with their Inner Central Sun. We can say that the Internal Central Sun is the most important “line of communication” with the Great Central Sun of the Universe.
12 rays from above transmit energy information to the lower (outer) worlds, 12 rays from below transmit energy information to higher (internal) worlds …
So, here is the prototype of the emerging astral Gene named POLYASTRAL. Blue membrane, purple torus inside and purple rays (Figure 2).
Now our task is to improve the energy-information exchange of Astral quantum of the upper membrane, lower membrane and ellipsoid torus. As a result of co-creation with the Galactic Crystal Beings of Light, you have received a wonderful multifunctional Light Instrument – the Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires. This unique structure contains, in particular, the opportunities for organizing an effective energy-information exchange. We place the Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires in the center of the Gene made by us and observe how the ellipsoidal torus is transformed into a Mobius strip (Figure 3). It becomes a special Zero Point, in the center of which programs, introduced by the Cosmic Ascension Lights, are activated. Right now in your Astral bodies these programs come alive and begin to develop …
24 violet rays (12 +12) with the support of a New internal energy-information source begin to come alive and radiate in the space of your Sacred Hearts the combined energy information of Astral quantum of different levels. Astral matter of Polyworld begins to form (in Figure 4, it is shown in yellow). Gradually, this matter acquires new qualities – thanks to the Crystal Ascension Program of the Ascension Lights. Three layers of Astral matter are formed. In the first of them (in Figure 4 – the color blue) Astral matter acquires the qualities of special magnetism, it begins to have the ability to combine Astral quantum of different levels, including – to combine quantum of the Third, Fourth and Fifth dimensions. In the next layer of violet Light the Astral matter of Polyworld produces uniform parameters, the vibration between the different quantum is significantly leveled. The golden layer contains the truly GOLD of ASTRAL POLYWORLD. There is already formed a harmonious unity of Astral matter, created from the Astral quantum of different worlds and even – different dimensions. This matter is able to harmonize and develop many processes. With the help of such a matter, it is easier for a human to harmonize his own feelings, emotions, desires. This matter also helps to better harmonize the surrounding space.
The dark blue and dark violet colored circles depicted in the diagram symbolize special spaces that separate one layer from another. The light-violet and gold layers are fused together. There is practically no separation between these layers (Figure 4).
The next stage of the formation of Polyastrol is quite simple. We create two more fractals of the already formed structure, as a result we obtain three structures connected together as indicated in the next diagram (Figure 5). Thus, the principle of TRIAL, which is important at this stage in the development of your world, is activated. This significantly increases the effectiveness of Polyastrol (Figure 5).
Now we put the Trial structure in the golden sphere, which will ensure their energy-information trinity. All three structures begin to act as a single trial integer (Figure 6).
Further, the structures created by us form a new triune (trinity of triune) and … become an element of the Zero Point already known to you as Zero Point 20 (About ZP 20 it is possible to read: Magazine “WORLD CHANNELING: Spiritual Messages”, No. 5 (11), 2013, GELYTRON. TRON. “Its essence is in the harmonious co-creation of three energy information centers, one of which is connected with an internal, sacred source of energy information). In the center of the Zero Point, instead of the “Hand of God” structure, we will create an important genetic formation. This formation is based on the principle of six. We form a special structure of the “Globe of God”, combining six blue spheres among them (Figure 7, circles on the diagram). Areas where the circles intersect are colored in violet light. In spaces colored in blue, where Astral quantum is, which we denote by the sign “X” (Russian letter “H”). In spaces colored violet, where Astral quantum is, which we denote by the sign “Y” (Russian letter “U”). “X” is Astral quantum, in which the astral energy information of your world and the world of the lower one is crossed. “Y” is Astral quantum, in which the astral energy information of your world and the world of the higher is crossed.
At the center of our education we receive a GOLDEN HEXAGONAL PRISM (on the diagram – hexahedron). In its center we put the notation “OM”. “OM” is Astral energy information, in which three types of Astral matter (your world and the higher and lower worlds) are United. And, in addition, this Astral information on the sacred level is connected with the Internal Central Sun (Figure 7).
Now our special Zero Point 20 is ready. Look at it! This is an important part of the Astral Gene POLYASTROL.
Next, we cross between the two Zero Points, forming the shape of the Monogram of Christ – with a single center. And now, my dear ones, we get the scheme of the Astral Gene POLYASTROL! (Figure No. 9).
Masters of Light! It is important to understand what is in the center of Polyastrol. When Polyastrol begins to act in your Astral bodies, a special series of Astral quantum is built. Earlier, the indivisible quantum “OM”, carrying the Astral energy information of the Inner Central Sun as a source of energy information of the Great Central Sun of the Universe, is splitting. In the special conditions of the interaction of two Zero Points, the part of the Astral quantum “O” is separated from the part of the Astral quantum “M”, a quantum “Y” is built between them, and at the very beginning of the quantum series a quantum appears, designated by the letter “X”. It turns out a quantum chain, which we will denote as: “XOYM”.
And now, the children of the Creator, remember the Buddhist mantra, which you probably heard before:
A literal modern translation of the mantra: “Oh, the pearl that shines in the lotus flower!” This mantra in the modern world is endowed with many meanings. But it is important for us to note that it has one of the ancient meanings – the Six-syllable. This is how many Buddhists call it. Note that a hexahedral prism is formed in the center of Polyastrol, the same prism is the base of the Crystalline Crown of the Ascension Fires. Thus, both in the mantra and in Polyastrol, the principle of six is manifested, which is one of the defining principles in the formation of a New Matter.
The last word of the mantra, “HUM”, was uttered exactly as “XOYM” during the time of Lemuria and meant: “ONE INDIVISIBLE HOME”, “United Homeland”. United Homeland Lemurians called Homeland – the one where all people came from. The sound of “OY” (OU) during the time of Lemuria was not divided and contained in its composition a single harmonious pronunciation of both sounds. Further, with the development of speech, the sound “OU” (OY) was transformed either into the sound “U” (Y) or into the sound “O”. In some words, these sounds alternate with each other. A striking proof of this is the ancient word “ROYS” (ROUS), which meant in the time of Lemuria “CARRYING ENERGY”, “ENERGY CENTER”, “SPREADER OF ENERGY”. Later, at the time of Hyperborea, “ROYS” (ROUS) was called the river in the territory of modern Russia, which is now known as “VOLGA”. “ROYS” (ROUS) meant literally: “a distributor of water energy.” Thus, the ancient Lemurian meaning of the word “RYS” (RUS), “ROS” was “CARRYING ENERGY, ENERGY CENTER”. Later, this root merged with other lexical roots, which began to sound the same. For example, with the word “fair” (rusiy)- (light brown), which in ancient times sounded differently: “ryosy” (ruosy) and meant: “colorful, painted brightly.” That is, in addition to the syncretic, indivisible sound “OY” (OU) existed in the days of Lemuria and syncretic, indivisible sound “YO” (YO), which gave the words a different meaning. That’s why you use the words “ROSSIA” (RUSSIA) and “RUS'”, “Rossian” (Russia) and “Russky” at the same time. The Lemurian language still exerts its influence on the Russian language. And the connection with the Lemurian language is closely preserved in many languages of the world.
SO, “XOYM” IS THE “UNITED HOMELAND”. It is the energy of the One Indivisible Homeland that we get in the center of Polyastrol, when the Astral quantum “X”, “O”, “Y”, “M” are united.
The mantra “OM MANE PADME HUM” during the time of Lemuria sounded like this: “OM! MANE! PAD ME HOUM! “And meant the following:
So, HOYM is a Spiritual Homeland, the Homeland of Love, where Love is one and inseparable. It is a special sacred center, the Source of the Original Energy of the Highest Sense – LOVE. The HOYM is HEART of the GOD-CREATOR of UNIVERSE. It is Love that stands at the origins of the creation of Astral Matter, and Astral Matter is the basis for the creation of other kinds of Matter.
Children of God Creator! Masters of Light! Now you can activate Polyastrol in your Astral Bodies! Activate the symbol of Polyastrol with the energy of Love and say three times the Lemurian mantra, the Power of which is alive in your world until now:
And then in your sacred spaces the Energy of the Spiritual Homeland will come ALIVE, energy will flow from those inner spaces where the ONE LOVE is born, which divides no one into loved ones and unloved. Polyastrol not only helps you to conduct a harmonious energy-information exchange with higher and lower worlds, but with the Fifth and Third dimensions. From now on, it will become the Source of the Creation of a New Astral Matter, based on the original LOVE. Carefully store the New gift of God Creator. Develop it. Learn to feel harmoniously, develop the culture of your emotions. And you become “ROYS OF LOVE” – “RUSYU OF LOVE”, the ENERGY CENTERS of LOVE, which elevates all humanity to their Spiritual Homeland – the Homeland of Unconditional Love, in the Heart of the One God Creator.
And so it is.