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This was the most complicate transmission i ever received as our physical mouth is not suitable for it. Was also very emotional. Its all about leaving behind once and for all the pain, fear and old patterns and step into a new self so a new paradigm can come forward. It is about showing the love existing on higher spheres and passing on to us so we feel we are not alone, we are loved beyond understanding.

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Archangel Gabriel
Through Sergey Kanashevsky

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to provide us this material

Hello, children of the Earth! Hello, children of the Creator! Love and joy are in your hearts. Peace to your World. I AM Archangel Gabriel. I brought good news.
You already know: the Space and Time of your world are changing, becoming different. New is due to everything that surrounds you. However, the new one is also realized through each of you – through the people, the world inhabiting. New Matter and Time are born through your inner “Self”, through sacred genetics, which tends to be manifested.
Today we are talking about Astral matter, which is the life form of your feelings, emotions. What is the peculiarity of your Astral matter? In that it is closely related to your mental matter, which is the life form of your thoughts. Thoughts and feelings of human are closely intertwined. Thought is sensitive, a feeling is thought. Human is able to be guided by feelings and thoughts, putting forward one or other. However, in other worlds there exist beings capable of clearly separating thoughts from feelings (emotions), and feelings (emotions) from thoughts. Their astral and mental bodies can exist separately from each other. Another thing in humanity is that its astral bodies are closely connected with mental bodies, astral matter is intertwined with mental matter. Sometimes they penetrate into each other – like two plants, in the process of growth merged into one. Therefore, the growth of human consciousness is impossible without the growth of the emotions. The culture of feelings, emotions, clothed in astral matter rises – the level of mind, consciousness, which is clothed in mental matter, increases. And, conversely, without the development of a person’s mentality, it is impossible to raise the level of his emotional development.
In addition, you, the modern Masters of Light, need to understand and always remember: astral matter is the way up and down. What does this metaphor mean? Only that through Astral matter, one can easily aspire to both higher worlds, worlds of higher dimensions, and to lower worlds. It is no coincidence that people travel outside the physical body as ASTRAL TRAVELERS. Because it is Astral matter is the basis of connecting the different worlds. In fact, it should be understood that when traveling outside the physical body, a person uses the mental body and some other bodies of the Multidimensional Body Complex, which you still have to learn. But it is now important for us to understand that Astral matter on Earth is the basis of a material connection between many worlds. It is like a thread around which the fabric of other matter is being created. This thread in reality is a complex structure, which is manifested differently in different worlds and dimensions. And a thread is formed at a deep level not by a single, continuous line, but by complex, interacting components, among which are Astral quantum. Astral quantum are called certain portions of energy information, which carry astral matter. With the help of astral quantum, astral energy information can be transferred from the fifth dimension to the fourth, from the fourth to the third. And vice versa. Many Masters of Light know the phenomenon when there is a temporary contamination of negative information with this or that contact with other worlds. Such contact occurs during healing practices, light works, information contacts. Often you talk about such phenomena, calling them “undesirable connections”, “negative implants”, “populating astral entities” … There are many interpretations for this phenomenon, but the essence is one. During the contact with another world, there is an interaction at the Astral level, an Astral quantum exchange occurs. It is through them, through the Astral quantum, that negative energy information is transmitted that penetrates into your Astral matter, and then – can penetrate into the matter of Mental and other types of matter. It is no coincidence that your Higher Self, Spiritual Teachers, call upon you to work with the lower worlds at the level of Unconditional Love. When you rise to this level, the Astral quantum of the lower worlds are not able to reach it, and therefore can not transfer negative energy information to your Astral matter. In fact, it should be noted: sometimes, even working at the highest level of Unconditional Love, the Masters of Light still receives … a portion of negatively charged Astral quantum. But this is already another phenomenon, most often associated with the fulfillment of the mission of transformation, the transformation of negative energy information into a positive one. In such cases, the Higher Self of human tolerates negative Astral quantum in its Multidimensional Body Complex, after which the process of transforming the negative into a positive begins, the improvement of the resulting structures, the introduction of Divine programs of evolutionary development in them. The Masters of Light becomes like an incubator for a time, where a New Astral genetics is grown for the lower worlds. When the energy information is transformed, when New genetic micro structures are formed, their transmission begins back – to those worlds where they came from. Often, modern Lightworkers carry out these processes unconsciously, under the control of them Higher Selves. But more and more often modern Masters, in co-creation with the Family of Light, carry out this kind of consciously, realizing that they are participating in the complex process of healing of representatives of the lower worlds. Earlier, the healer, removing undesirable energy information from the subtle matter of human (including so-called habitable essences), burned it, tried to destroy or send it to some objects. Now they are called to heal, transform this energy information and, with the help of them Higher Selves, them Teachers from the Higher Worlds, subtle Material Support Groups, send it to where this energy information should evolve further. Sometimes it is possible to send energy information (or essence) to where it came from in your world. Sometimes one should send the healed energy information (essence) to more developed worlds. Your Higher Selves, Spiritual Teachers, will prompt you how to do it. It is important to understand that the modern Masters of Light does not destroy anything, does not burn, but heals, promotes the evolutionary development of all life forms with which they has to meet, interact.
Contacts with other worlds, their representatives are carried out by you more and more often. That is why the question of harmonious Astral energy-information exchange becomes more important. To improve this exchange, new structures, a new Astral Genetics, are starting to form in your Complex of Multidimensional Bodies. The basis for the formation of this genetics is the SPECIAL MULTIDIMENSIONAL GENE, about which I will tell today. Having expressed a clear intention, you can activate it and begin to actively create a New Astral Genetics in your Astral bodies. This Gene is called POLYASTROL. This is an important basis for the Astral Matter of Polyworld (Multidimensional world). Let’s consciously create it together in the space of your Sacred Hearts.
First, we form a space of blue color, which is formed of two magnetic lens-membranes (in the form of two interconnected parts of spheres). Inside this space, Astral quantum are concentrated. In the upper part there are quantum of lower order (lower worlds), in the lower part – quantum of higher order (higher worlds). An ellipsoid torus of violet color (see Figure 2,) is formed from the quantum of your world. However, it interacts with the quantum of both the lower and upper parts of the joint membrane. It is such an Astral structure that now exists in the Astral bodies of the absolute majority of people in your world. The exchange between the Astral quantum of yours, the higher and lower worlds (between the quantum of the torus and the two membranes) is inefficient, there is no harmonious energy exchange, and the isolation of quantum of different levels is high. In addition, many people lack a lower membrane and, therefore, there is no possibility of astral exchange with higher worlds, with the Fifth dimension. When Astral Genetics is affected, the space of the magnetic membrane is filled with negative Astral quantum, and the membrane begins to radiate negative energy information, disrupting the emotional activity of a person. We depict such a membrane in gray, emitting red rays (Fig. 1).
Note: the number of rays in the figure is 12. This is not accidental. The Astral GENE, which is responsible for energy-information exchange, really has 12 rays for information dissemination. 12 beams – 12 spectrum of energy information. These spectrum are tuned to the duo-decency of your world. Through the rays are transmitted 12 different Astral parameters, the characteristics of which determine the Astral quantum. However, many Lightworkers who are engaged in modern Light practices establish energy and information links with the Internal Central Sun. This is due to the formation of various deep internal structures. In our case, a structure is formed inside the membranes for such a connection from the Zero Point in the form of the Mobius band and the Crystal Ascendant of the Ascension (On the Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires, you can read: Journal of World Channeling, Spiritual Messages, No. 1, 2016, GALACTIC CHRIST-MELCHIZEDEK. Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires “). The Inner Central Sun is a SOURCE of ENERGY INFORMATION, RELATED TO THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN OF THE UNIVERSE. The Inner Central Sun exists both with the planet Earth, and with each Being of Light that inhabits it. This is a multidimensional genetic structure that exists at a deep sacred level. And this structure in all manifests itself differently. For someone else it “sleeps”, practically does not manifest. In others, it begins its awakening. Still others actively interact with their Inner Central Sun. We can say that the Internal Central Sun is the most important “line of communication” with the Great Central Sun of the Universe.
12 rays from above transmit energy information to the lower (outer) worlds, 12 rays from below transmit energy information to higher (internal) worlds …
So, here is the prototype of the emerging astral Gene named POLYASTRAL. Blue membrane, purple torus inside and purple rays (Figure 2).
Now our task is to improve the energy-information exchange of Astral quantum of the upper membrane, lower membrane and ellipsoid torus. As a result of co-creation with the Galactic Crystal Beings of Light, you have received a wonderful multifunctional Light Instrument – the Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires. This unique structure contains, in particular, the opportunities for organizing an effective energy-information exchange. We place the Crystalline Crown of Ascension Fires in the center of the Gene made by us and observe how the ellipsoidal torus is transformed into a Mobius strip (Figure 3). It becomes a special Zero Point, in the center of which programs, introduced by the Cosmic Ascension Lights, are activated. Right now in your Astral bodies these programs come alive and begin to develop …
24 violet rays (12 +12) with the support of a New internal energy-information source begin to come alive and radiate in the space of your Sacred Hearts the combined energy information of Astral quantum of different levels. Astral matter of Polyworld begins to form (in Figure 4, it is shown in yellow). Gradually, this matter acquires new qualities – thanks to the Crystal Ascension Program of the Ascension Lights. Three layers of Astral matter are formed. In the first of them (in Figure 4 – the color blue) Astral matter acquires the qualities of special magnetism, it begins to have the ability to combine Astral quantum of different levels, including – to combine quantum of the Third, Fourth and Fifth dimensions. In the next layer of violet Light the Astral matter of Polyworld produces uniform parameters, the vibration between the different quantum is significantly leveled. The golden layer contains the truly GOLD of ASTRAL POLYWORLD. There is already formed a harmonious unity of Astral matter, created from the Astral quantum of different worlds and even – different dimensions. This matter is able to harmonize and develop many processes. With the help of such a matter, it is easier for a human to harmonize his own feelings, emotions, desires. This matter also helps to better harmonize the surrounding space.
The dark blue and dark violet colored circles depicted in the diagram symbolize special spaces that separate one layer from another. The light-violet and gold layers are fused together. There is practically no separation between these layers (Figure 4).
The next stage of the formation of Polyastrol is quite simple. We create two more fractals of the already formed structure, as a result we obtain three structures connected together as indicated in the next diagram (Figure 5). Thus, the principle of TRIAL, which is important at this stage in the development of your world, is activated. This significantly increases the effectiveness of Polyastrol (Figure 5).
Now we put the Trial structure in the golden sphere, which will ensure their energy-information trinity. All three structures begin to act as a single trial integer (Figure 6).
Further, the structures created by us form a new triune (trinity of triune) and … become an element of the Zero Point already known to you as Zero Point 20 (About ZP 20 it is possible to read: Magazine “WORLD CHANNELING: Spiritual Messages”, No. 5 (11), 2013, GELYTRON. TRON. “Its essence is in the harmonious co-creation of three energy information centers, one of which is connected with an internal, sacred source of energy information). In the center of the Zero Point, instead of the “Hand of God” structure, we will create an important genetic formation. This formation is based on the principle of six. We form a special structure of the “Globe of God”, combining six blue spheres among them (Figure 7, circles on the diagram). Areas where the circles intersect are colored in violet light. In spaces colored in blue, where Astral quantum is, which we denote by the sign “X” (Russian letter “H”). In spaces colored violet, where Astral quantum is, which we denote by the sign “Y” (Russian letter “U”). “X” is Astral quantum, in which the astral energy information of your world and the world of the lower one is crossed. “Y” is Astral quantum, in which the astral energy information of your world and the world of the higher is crossed.
At the center of our education we receive a GOLDEN HEXAGONAL PRISM (on the diagram – hexahedron). In its center we put the notation “OM”. “OM” is Astral energy information, in which three types of Astral matter (your world and the higher and lower worlds) are United. And, in addition, this Astral information on the sacred level is connected with the Internal Central Sun (Figure 7).
Now our special Zero Point 20 is ready. Look at it! This is an important part of the Astral Gene POLYASTROL.
Next, we cross between the two Zero Points, forming the shape of the Monogram of Christ – with a single center. And now, my dear ones, we get the scheme of the Astral Gene POLYASTROL! (Figure No. 9).
Masters of Light! It is important to understand what is in the center of Polyastrol. When Polyastrol begins to act in your Astral bodies, a special series of Astral quantum is built. Earlier, the indivisible quantum “OM”, carrying the Astral energy information of the Inner Central Sun as a source of energy information of the Great Central Sun of the Universe, is splitting. In the special conditions of the interaction of two Zero Points, the part of the Astral quantum “O” is separated from the part of the Astral quantum “M”, a quantum “Y” is built between them, and at the very beginning of the quantum series a quantum appears, designated by the letter “X”. It turns out a quantum chain, which we will denote as: “XOYM”.
And now, the children of the Creator, remember the Buddhist mantra, which you probably heard before:
A literal modern translation of the mantra: “Oh, the pearl that shines in the lotus flower!” This mantra in the modern world is endowed with many meanings. But it is important for us to note that it has one of the ancient meanings – the Six-syllable. This is how many Buddhists call it. Note that a hexahedral prism is formed in the center of Polyastrol, the same prism is the base of the Crystalline Crown of the Ascension Fires. Thus, both in the mantra and in Polyastrol, the principle of six is manifested, which is one of the defining principles in the formation of a New Matter.
The last word of the mantra, “HUM”, was uttered exactly as “XOYM” during the time of Lemuria and meant: “ONE INDIVISIBLE HOME”, “United Homeland”. United Homeland Lemurians called Homeland – the one where all people came from. The sound of “OY” (OU) during the time of Lemuria was not divided and contained in its composition a single harmonious pronunciation of both sounds. Further, with the development of speech, the sound “OU” (OY) was transformed either into the sound “U” (Y) or into the sound “O”. In some words, these sounds alternate with each other. A striking proof of this is the ancient word “ROYS” (ROUS), which meant in the time of Lemuria “CARRYING ENERGY”, “ENERGY CENTER”, “SPREADER OF ENERGY”. Later, at the time of Hyperborea, “ROYS” (ROUS) was called the river in the territory of modern Russia, which is now known as “VOLGA”. “ROYS” (ROUS) meant literally: “a distributor of water energy.” Thus, the ancient Lemurian meaning of the word “RYS” (RUS), “ROS” was “CARRYING ENERGY, ENERGY CENTER”. Later, this root merged with other lexical roots, which began to sound the same. For example, with the word “fair” (rusiy)- (light brown), which in ancient times sounded differently: “ryosy” (ruosy) and meant: “colorful, painted brightly.” That is, in addition to the syncretic, indivisible sound “OY” (OU) existed in the days of Lemuria and syncretic, indivisible sound “YO” (YO), which gave the words a different meaning. That’s why you use the words “ROSSIA” (RUSSIA) and “RUS'”, “Rossian” (Russia) and “Russky” at the same time. The Lemurian language still exerts its influence on the Russian language. And the connection with the Lemurian language is closely preserved in many languages of the world.
SO, “XOYM” IS THE “UNITED HOMELAND”. It is the energy of the One Indivisible Homeland that we get in the center of Polyastrol, when the Astral quantum “X”, “O”, “Y”, “M” are united.
The mantra “OM MANE PADME HUM” during the time of Lemuria sounded like this: “OM! MANE! PAD ME HOUM! “And meant the following:
So, HOYM is a Spiritual Homeland, the Homeland of Love, where Love is one and inseparable. It is a special sacred center, the Source of the Original Energy of the Highest Sense – LOVE. The HOYM is HEART of the GOD-CREATOR of UNIVERSE. It is Love that stands at the origins of the creation of Astral Matter, and Astral Matter is the basis for the creation of other kinds of Matter.
Children of God Creator! Masters of Light! Now you can activate Polyastrol in your Astral Bodies! Activate the symbol of Polyastrol with the energy of Love and say three times the Lemurian mantra, the Power of which is alive in your world until now:
And then in your sacred spaces the Energy of the Spiritual Homeland will come ALIVE, energy will flow from those inner spaces where the ONE LOVE is born, which divides no one into loved ones and unloved. Polyastrol not only helps you to conduct a harmonious energy-information exchange with higher and lower worlds, but with the Fifth and Third dimensions. From now on, it will become the Source of the Creation of a New Astral Matter, based on the original LOVE. Carefully store the New gift of God Creator. Develop it. Learn to feel harmoniously, develop the culture of your emotions. And you become “ROYS OF LOVE” – “RUSYU OF LOVE”, the ENERGY CENTERS of LOVE, which elevates all humanity to their Spiritual Homeland – the Homeland of Unconditional Love, in the Heart of the One God Creator.
And so it is.




Note: 2 messages: 2012 & 2017

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to providing us this material.

February 21, 2012 GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK announce the Completion of Experiment called Duality.
Below we publish the text of the message.

Dear Humanity of the planet Earth!

Today begins the most basic work on lifting your planet to a New frequency level. And this means that the Experiment of Duality, for which you have come a long way on this planet, enters its final stage. About what the completion is it? Have you heard from us, that the process “End of the Experiment” will continue for the entire year 2012.? But, starting today, will go no longer work in an experimental program, and its curtailment and archiving the results. On this also takes time. You will not become its performers this year. You are completely free in their choice of further way on this planet. But, of course, not everyone will understand the value and feature of this wonderful moment. However, your consciousness will change rapidly from this day.
Why today is marked in such a joyous occasion? Just like the same opportunities the planet of Galaxy is willing to accept New effects, and a New Status in the Family of the Galactic Alliance. In addition, it is now come to the planet a special impetus for the reception of information obtained in the course of your experimental work in Duality. The Universe is ready to record in its archives the results you obtained residence in the dense world in complete separation from Its Divine Nature; and Successful way out of this state with the restoration of the status of the Angels from the Central Spiritual Sun. We waited with trepidation and with confidence in a positive outcome. We Now Know That This Is Possible!!! And we know the Winner in this confrontation between Light and Darkness, dense matter and the Spirit! Today, the Galaxy range of defined exactly – Angels rose to the Light and output in light of their planet. Thank You so much in the name of all Family of the Light! Today is remarkable, and the fact that the specific energy touched updated planets and their influence is directed at providing a New level of Consciousness for the planet and earthlings.
Well, you went a long time for this moment. And today, I congratulate you all – knowledgeable about current events or do not know about them – with this difficult, but probably already reached the state of change in the Earth. You now will be able to much more easily go through all the preparatory steps you and planetary changes in preparation of Ascension. And not only this. That starts today, to be understanding at all levels of your maturing to outer perception of Consciousness. Today will change many of the essential characteristics of the interaction of the planet with your Galactic Family. And this will lead in the near future – namely, in 2012. year, and to shift your entire planetary consciousness towards Cosmic Unity, without which it will be difficult to go further in the enormous Shift, which is the Galactic Alignment, that will come at 21.12.2012.
I offer all of you, Lightworkers, in the first place, to give all the people of the Earth Awards are what come up with your loving heart – medals, gifts, greetings, flowers for their excellent work in terms of Duality. And the issue “Certificates of Participation” in this Experiment. Yes, you are modest and do not agree on self rewarding. But, My dear Ones! Each of you – it’s one of us! And nothing else! And I offer today and tomorrow to make instant SEND LOVE TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET WITH BLUE FLAME IN VIEW OF THE END OF THE EXPERIMENT AND THE AWARD CEREMONY FOR PARTICIPATION IN IT. Diplomas will be awarded to all your Higher Selves, but you can in your meditation and service mark its participation in the presentation of Diplomas to all the people of the Earth, and someone does not forget to present the Diploma of Glory for you, my dear human!
I do not hurry Event. I am authorized to state that Experiment of Duality ends today, and nothing interferes with your planet ready to go to another area of the galaxy. But you’ll still struggle with old energies, allowing them to interact with them in tune with your inner vibrations. How long will you go on the road rolled of duality? Yes, each in its own way, unfortunately. But the planet and the Galactic Alliance will did not support your old type of accommodation in the world. Do not dispose of your own light features. Begin to live in the New Energy and on the New Earth. And it really will changes at high speed. And She, in fact, preparing to go out to Light. Know that your options are now to go along with the planet in no way limited. Nothing can limit you, my dear humanity!
Again, I suggest that you focus your attention on the possibility of Awarding all the people on Earth, and most planetary Mother with Diploma of the Completion of Grand Experiment. Let us together tomorrow, 22 February 2012th, each in their time zones at 2.00 PM, make a gift to all the people of Earth. And thanked all your Higher Selves for the end of this difficult game. We congratulate each other on the VICTORY! You will see how it will be easy then to live and prepare for the transition to a new state. Anyone who is aware of the magic of the moment, will be able to become parties to the completion of the next act of the play of duality, of what We will, of course, report at time.
Be Happy, Humanity of the Earth!
Galactic Christ Melchizedek
(receive by Marina Schultz)
21. 02. 2012

GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK again contact to us five years later …
by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz

My beloved Children! Beloved treasure of my Heart! I always call you as Children of the Earth and the Galaxy! But your true roots as yet unknown to you, my Star Children!
We have been waiting for the moment when you will be able to spiritually wake up and say so clearly. And you woke up! And our joy is no limit! Because, when we let you go to difficult experiment, we were not sure that it will be successful. But the Angels of the Great Central Sun with dignity went all the way trough to Experiment of Duality, came out as the winners of the conditions of dense matter, the researchers which you became convinced of your own.
The entire Milky Way Galaxy exult, of feeling a wave of Light, directed with earthlings, as the great sign of the triumph of the Spirit and the Divine expression of your true Essence.
It took five years after the abolition of the Experiment of Duality. I say “for five years”, despite the fact that eternity is much less than a moment. It is incomparably small in linear time than the duration of the whole Experiment of Duality. And yet it is – “five years” .This period is full of grandiose Light volume work to the output of the conditions of duality for Ascension of the planet Earth.
My dear, my beloved Children! You have already received a certificate for the performance of the Experiment of Duality. Three years ago, you were Awarded with the Galactic Diplomas as evidence of your Light achievements. This is – the most important energy-blueprinting, energy-multidimensional structure, which allows to you certain powers and conditions of creativity in other worlds, other planets. And you’re able to learn these quickly and with joy, about that I am very happy. Galactic Gates of the Temple of Creativity more and more open to you, with the improvement of your multidimensional abilities. And you really are creating a New World, not only in post experimental space , but also in many spaces of the planetary system of the Earth and in other worlds.
My dear Ones! To sum up the results of the output of energy programs of your world and Experiment of Duality. This is – the important outcomes. And for five years, you indeed, become creators of your New World. Yes, even what Creators! Many may begin to doubt what I said. But just think – not just a new world is potentially possible, intended, planned. It clearly and loudly expresses its vivid realization. And each of you is its Creator and Guarantor.
Over the past five years you have performed a large amount of fundamentally New Tasks that are necessary to transform your world. I will note the major.
An important turning point was the “Ascension” project in the implementation of the programs exit your world of duality zone. Activated all Lemurian Crystals – Galactic Crystal Beings of Light. And you with them become co-create basic, fundamentally important events in the life of the planet Earth. You really are creating the New Genetic Programs that opening the portals of the Ascension; You activated the artifacts that have been abandoned for the time being the revival of Spirituality of humanity and the Earth itself. Lemurian Crystals are able to start their own, particular, assistance programs in the world during its Ascension.
Not only is the process of Ascension is a criterion out of duality programs. Your world is undergoing serious transformations related to transformation of the old energies. The arrival in the worlds of four dimension humanity of the third dimension defines eventfulness your world in many ways. Many aspects of your Being to be transformed into a New Evolutionary Cycle. This will form the basis for the further evolutionary progress.
Now your world is developing many processes. The basis for the new evolutionary cycle. One part of your world continues to shudder convulsively old energies, the other part, presented enlightened humanity already forms the foundations of a new world, are creating the New World. And that’s fine! Because by the time “sleeping” people will wake up, you will be that, on whom, to lean on. And you, my beloved Children, take in your arms all the rest of my Children, because you all are, without exception, my beloved Children! Remember that you are the Pioneers. And you have a Cosmic responsibility for the fate of not only yourself, but of all world. Your mission is to be the Creators of a New World within the old.
During these five years have seen the incredible importance of the Event, about the importance of which you do not will notify the official media. Humanity of the Earth emerged from the duality, was radically changed. And you have already guessed, what I am talking about. There is a steady, rapid process of unification of the various branches of human evolution. Is born a New Race of humans. Descending and ascending branch of evolution give birth to a New Branch of the United Branch. And you over these five years is largely accelerated this process, creating your Light Work of all the necessary prerequisites for their integration.
New Children were born. They appeared for a long time, even in recent years Experiment of Duality. But there were no preconditions to ensure that were born on Earth the representatives of distant worlds, distant stars. You have created conditions for the emergence and adaptation in your world. Due to their presence not only be established in the New Genetics of the human race, but all scheduled processes in your world changes become apparent, accessible, real. Love the New Children! You gave them a “Green Light!”
My beloved Ones! Special importance of the Event passed through the Fire of your Hearts. You gave life on the planet for the whole family of Cosmic Fires. During this period, came to Earth all the Fires, which became the fiery basis of the Ascension. Born by Family of Light the World Temple of the Ascension Fires is not just decorated the Earth with its Divine Light, but has become an important part of its Light structure. And now, this structure allows your planet not only the Ascension process, but also to carry out the necessary restructuring in all worlds and all planetary Globes. This is the universal generator of fiery energies, in their various combinations.
You surely have gone beyond the Earth. You have become a full-fledged co-creators of your Solar System. You are known to many planets – as active Light Workers. Turning over your mind and your direct action of progressive interaction of the planets of the Solar System with the Earth will bring new opportunities for the transformation of earthly life. The Sun as your main source of life, changed its influence on the Earth – in accordance with a change in its evolutionary program.
Finally, in the year 2016, thanks to your active evolutionary actions, Light Family of the Galaxy and the Earth on the lake Baikal, in the sacred space of the planet, was created artifact, which began the process of deploying new parameters of Space-Time continuum of your world. But its effect is not limited to a zone, leaving the dual existence. Flower of Space-Time continuum in a special way connected with all the Globes of the planet, and therefore we can confidently talk about a New Evolutionary Cycle for many worlds of the Earth. Expanding and accelerating the processes of creation of Polyworld (multidimensional), both horizontally and vertically, made possible since its activation.
And you, my dear Children, took an active part in the solemn ritual of the creation of the New Flower of Space-Time continuum. And now confidently creating in its rays, and along with it. Flower of Space-Time continuum generates a Rainbow Reference Time that will help you move to a New Wave of Time Cycle – “13:20” frequency.
I will note, one more very important Planetary Light Work you conducted under my supervision. I’m talking about the creation of NEW WATER, as a Universal receiver of Cosmic information. Without it is impossible to change, to create a New World, to reprogram the old world, and launch New development plans in the New Evolutionary Cycle. New Water has already started to take shape in the multidimensional space of Lake Baikal during the creation of the Flower of Space-Time continuum. This process has many different stages of its energy content. And you have already passed some of them. Year 2017-th we announced as YEAR of the creation of NEW WATER. So, the Fifth Anniversary of the abolition of the Experiment of Duality, noted this good news! After all, without changing the composition of the oceans and all water among the various forms of life, can not be the implementation of a New Evolutionary stage. And that time has come, deploying up new horizons for the Spiritual creativity.
Dear Children! You understand that in the world together with you are creating a New Evolution many of Lightworkers. The details of their work, you sometimes do not know. But each of them has its own mission, own duties. Many are working in the groups. And all of you led and directed by the Family of Light. We are coordinating the efforts of Lightworkers all over the planet. You read and speak in different languages. Using various literature. You comply with your countries and bring to light the work features dictated by region, country, nation. But your overall creative efforts add up to a Unite treasury of the evolution of the planet Earth. And I welcome all Lightworkers of the world, coming out from duality, as a Unite Collective of Light, showing a New Evolution. Your work is coordinated in time and space. Each one of the fragments are creating a complex and multi-dimensional puzzle, without which the whole it does not start to play a single evolutionary lights. Know that you are many, so many. This means that by the actions each of you we attach the actions of others. And together you create a unique and rich “cloth” of general evolutionary picture of your world. Do not forget to call upon your Higher Selves when you are doing Light Work and all other Lightworkers, which deems it necessary to attach to your Family of Light. Success depends on the synthesis of your efforts. I note it especially on the day of the five-year anniversary of the Abolition of the Experiment of Duality, because previously such united efforts were not provided, because of the energy of duality programs. Nowadays, when we speak of Unity and Oneness, it is necessary to introduce this practice in Light Work. This synthesis are now supported by New Evolutionary energies and programs of the New Space-Time continuum.
Joy fills my Heart, when I look at your world, confidently throw out of its legs shackles of duality. More and more Light flares. And a New level of Love, for each of you, is becoming more clearly and with it come into your life and new principles of perception of the world and everyone in this world. You learn to truly love and to create a position of Love. “Roses of dislike” are beginning to blossom, charm all its beauty and fragrance and turn into “Roses of Love”. And this is also very big achievement at a historically short period of time … just in five years.
I, Galactic Christ Melchizedek, welcome you, the creators of the New World!
Go light and bright, My Children! Administer those plans for which you have carried out an Experiment of Duality. Confidently enter into a New Evolutionary Cycle. Blossom as a beautiful Flowers of Love on your blessed Planet!
Always consistently with you
Galactic Christ Melchizedek
Spiritualized Galaxy of the Milky Way

What is a light worker?


What is a light worker?


You probably expect detailed explanation, scientific info and exquisite theories. Well… this is no complicated matter and no need to dwell in intricate reasons when the answer is so deliciously simple.
A light worker is a musician that makes you fly around the globe in ecstasy, makes nature exhale the smells of life abruptly, makes energy fields to expand into heavens.
A light worker is a dancer that easily steps the sweetness of the sacred waves on the hardest grounds of a third dimensional world.
Light workers are scientists with a mind of a child as they imagine how simple can life be for everyone, day after day, discovery after discovery, and how lovingly they perceive mankind`s adventure.
A light worker is a baker which rises early in the morning and brotherly uses the alchemy of nature to embrace your senses with a delicious hot bread.
A light worker is your father as he did the best he knew, or your grand mother which has so much to tell you within her silence.
A light worker is a comedian, a teacher, a homeless, a hippie… a light worker is even someone that so well can mirror our expanded unconsciousness of sophisticated anti-true-human beings.
Light workers are all the amazing brothers and sisters that dwell in this planet trying to be happy, doing the best they can. Some can really make their dreams come true and then they become our inspiration.
To know that one has made a stunning painting, developed a delicious recipe, wan a competition, did an amazing concert, went on the holidays of his dreams, had met the most fabulous counterpart of his heart… that is the best inspiration for anyone as they are able to balance the unbalance, sweeten the bitter, give hope and make a valorous contribution for all of us.
A light worker is everyone that do the best to contribute to the collective, whether is from hard work or pleasure.
You know you meet a light worker when you look at someone`s eyes and you feel delight, when a smile makes you feel love, when a word touches your soul, when you have pleasure and recognize something you use, eat, dress, look at, which wasn`t made by you, inspires you.
And when that being isn`t as you wish he/she would be in other subjects… remember, they are just as you: humans aspiring to be better.






Galactic Christ-Melchizedek

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to provide us this material.

by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz.


“Earth and Humanity is changing
to a new way, to live
a New Evolutionary Cycle.”

Hello, my Children – Children of the Earth, Children of the Galaxy!

The Ethereal symphony of fifth-dimensional programs brought the harmony of water in the planet Earth. The Earth’s water, enriched with the energy of the higher worlds, began to change. It is now truly becomes Polymir (multidimensional world) with connecting different worlds. Our common goal – to help this process. Changing the water, you evolve, the world enters a New Evolutionary Cycle. In this New Cycle, is changing all forms of matter. And the water is an important basis for these changes.

Today we will talk about Water and Time. It would seem that these concepts are not very closely intertwined. However, you often likened Time as a running water … “Time flows like water” – so people say. And yet you have created a beautiful image: The River of Time. And that means water and time have already merged into your consciousness.

Time is Force of Space, Universal Element, which is involved in the creation of a different matter. It forms the worlds of space and ensure their development in conjunction with other Cosmic Forces. In many worlds, Water is a special intermediary between Time and matter. This is an important manifestation of the Time, its representative in the process of development of matter. The surface of your planet is covered with water by two-thirds. Here is no coincidence. Earth is designed to actively change, develop their material via the Time. At this stage, the intensification of its evolution. And Water acts assistant in this difficult process. Here is no coincidence that the human body is almost two-thirds consists of water. Time changes a person, since it is also intended to actively evolve. The evolution of human, as a spiritual and intelligent substance, is its main mission. Developing, humanity are not only discovering the Universe, but also becomes a Co-Creator with it. Humanity participates in the development of all forms of life, in the birth of new life and new worlds.

My children! You’ve already performed light practices aimed at uniting the Cosmic Water and Cosmic Fire. Fire and Water merge together to create the vast planet. New Water enriched with essential fifth dimensional programs, included in your fiery body, helping them be transformed. Similarly, New Water enters your Temporal (time) body, which are now beginning to develop for Light Workers. And in the New Evolutionary Cycle, a similar process will take place for all humanity.

Why is it so important that the New Water programs is included in your temporal body? Time creates New matter. It weaves its threads of the “Cloth”, creating a canvas of the New Age, and consequently, a picture of the New World. Time creates the conditions for the operation of the new law, according to which there will be, developing matter. When New Water programs will be included in your Temporal Body and will develop them, you yourself will become the Creators of New Matter in your world. Thanks to your Temporal Bodies begin to radiate energy-information field, contributing to the formation of New Matter. You will be vibrating in a new way, creating the necessary vibration frequency for your New World. You can change its intention, not only the density of matter, but also its structure, creating a New quality. Thus, changing the world, humanity changes itself. Physical matter, from which it is composed, it would be different. Biological human body will get new abilities, which will become possible thanks to the full rehabilitation of human. Created a harmonious “Cloth” of the world, humanity are creating a harmonious “Cloth” for it own Multidimensional Complex of Bodies. In the course of evolution, people get advanced recovery capabilities of the physical body. And it means – in your world, no one will never be DISABLED. Everyone who came to this world or are already living in it, will receive the absolute right health and a harmonious life.

People are accustomed to thinking of Time as a force that changes the matter. At the same time often associated with the aging process, which is not very pleasant for the human. From here, the domestic terms, humanity develops from inside rejection of time. Yes, yes my children. If you look deep into your hearts, you can find a very ancient humanities feelings of rejection Time. For people on an unconscious level TIME – IS THAT GRADUALLY TAKES AWAY THEIR LIVES. If we approach this phenomenon from the point of view of a person of your world, who believes that death is there – it is true. But as soon as a human, developing spiritually, he understands that there is no death, and there is only a transformation, through which it passes from one world to another, by means of which simply converts your forms, your body – related to the time change. Then comes an understanding of: Time – that is what brings a human to the New Life. Time – is the path to a Higher Level of Being.

It is very important relationship with Time as the Creator of matter. Time creates matter, supports its existence, develops. In the Time, therefore, contained in a twisted, archives of all forms of matter, all its structures and programs. Ethereal Water of the fifth dimension, which has come into your world at the end of last year, just bear New programs for the New matter. And so you can take these programs, you should develop your Temporal Body, prepare them for the reception of those same programs.

How do you imagine your Temporal Body? You have difficulty to imagine what it really is. Humanity are still not fully explored its physical body, a biological organism, although they can see it, touch it, to investigate with the help of various devices. Your Temporal Body, you can only feel and see partially by an internal view. But this does not mean that it is less real than your physical body. With multi-dimensional point of view, from the level of the infinity of life, just the temporal body is more real than the physical. It does not decompose into atoms as the physical body – that is to say, does not die. It accompanies human from incarnation to incarnation, helping it to be built each time the reality of a particular embodiment.

Now, many are able to see your temporal body with inner sight as a sphere, like the Sun. The Sun itself is blue, and it emits bright rays. Around the Sun formed irises … Rays, twisting into yarn, weave structure, which you know as the Zero Point 20. The peculiarity of this structure is that it allows you to harmoniously carry out energy information exchange between the three centers. Moreover, these centers may be at different levels of being, in different layers of space-time continuum.

Zero Point 20 consists in three energy-bases. First base – center, where there is very blue sun, emits bright rays. From the center to the two sides come iridescent yarns, which are special energy-channels. They form two spirals at the top and bottom. These are two other bases. Inside the top spiral – a Mobius strip, forming a structure which we are identified as a Crystal of true Time.

What is real time? This is a reference time, which contains all the matter of development necessary for the evolution of the world in your reality. This is not a program for the development of matter, but generated parameters, forms, matrix. It is Great Source of Time, from which can get everything you need to develop your individual Temporal Body, the body of your personal time.

In the center of the lower spiral it is what can be called TIME-ARCHIVE, Storage of Time and energy information, PAST TIME. Here it is concentrated the whole Temporal Matter, which has become a part of your experience. It, in terms of your linear time, is gone. If you carefully observe with your inner vision, you will find here … the Sun! Yes, at the bottom, as in the most central part of the Temporal Body, which we will now examine with you, the Sun is blue. Its disk is woven from strands of rainbow. However, this feature of the sun such that it does not rush iridescent rays outward and inward. Here is the Sun, which sends its rays inside!

So now we’ll create an outline of what can be called a part, a fragment of your Temporal Body. It is Zero Point 20. In the center of Zero Point 20 is blue Sun, which radiates bright beams. In the middle of the top of a spiral is Crystal of True Time. In the middle of the bottom of the spiral is blue Sun, which radiates bright beams inside.

Temporal human body on the device much more complicated your physical body. These bodies are, of course, do not look like each other in many respects. However, there are some similarities. What do you think, what can be compared to the fragment of the Temporal Body, whose scheme we have done with you? With the Solar Plexus! From the Solar Plexus your biological organism, like the rays diverge “thread of nerves” to the important organs of the body. Solar node is also called as your Solar Plexus, associates many human organs to the central nervous system.

Temporal “Solar Plexus” associates its “temporal threads” together all the human temporal matter, organizing its activities by means of Higher Mental matter, with the help of your Higher Self. Currently, it is essential that Lightworkers activated in their Temporal Bodies that “Solar Plexus”. About it was known in ancient times. Atlanteans called this piece “Node of Time,” Lemurians gave to it the title of “Heart of Time”.

So, my children! To begin with pure intent activate in your Temporal Bodies Heart of Time! Let it serves you right in the New Evolutionary Cycle, taking significant time programs, which are now spilled on your planet like a streams of stellar rain. Take Heart of Time in its Sacred Heart, which is the Great Center, which provides your life as multidimensional Beings of Light. Send to it your Love energy. Call for co-creation Water and Time Elemental. Let TEMPIONS (Time Elemental) and AKVIONS (Water Elemental), for you will be loyal assistants in the process of development of the Heart of Time.

Heart of Time is now preparing for the adoption of new programs in your Temporal Complex of Multidimensional Bodies. But before you are called to get release of those old time energy-accumulation, that has hampered the development of your temporal matter. Among them – the dual implants, which limits your multidimensionality in Time. In your Temporal Bodies live setting on the old frequency of Time: 12:60. And you, as the Beings of Light, is already fixed on the New frequency of Time: 13:20. Many older temporal matrices within your Temporal Body set up you only for linear co-creation with Time. And your heart has been long calling for you to co-create with the Sphericity of Time. It is time to cleanse your heart from the time that can prevent you to live in a new evolutionary cycle, which limits you as a multidimensional Beings of Light. All older matrix program settings is located in the heart of the Heart of Time, in the same blue Sun emitted rays, rainbow-strands. We can all outdated information downward in the “temporary archive” in a blue Sun rays which are not directed outward and inward. And only then we will be able to bring to the center the Heart of Time, while most central blue Sun, new programs, new matrix that is able to give us a Reference Time. With Reference Time we can be contacted through Crystal of True Time, located in the middle of the upper spiral of Zero Point-20.

Thus, our priorities – to take from the Reference Time (from the top of the ZP-20) new programs and settings to get release old programs and temporal settings, moving them to the bottom of the ZP-20. It should be understood that the New programs and configurations of Reference Time … we can get only with Ethereal Water. Because that’s what they come across through water in your world now, and therefore in your body. Remember structure, which brings together all of the modules of the ether of water in a single intact (Figure number 3). More recently you with the Family of Light have enriched her with trial wave of fifth dimensional hydrogen.

This structure is able to actively interact with the Heart of Time – an important part of your Temporal Body. Moreover, we can now structure the New Ethereal Water harmoniously embedded into the Heart of Time, thereby converting the temporal portion of your body. And this fact will be one of the foundations for the birth of your New multi-dimensional genetics – as the Beings of Light of a New Evolutionary Cycle. Let us surround the New structure of the Ethereal Water with threads of rainbow rays of the Heart of Time. Temporal rainbow spiral born around it. Pull the thread spiral toward the center of the Heart of Time, the central blue Sun. And watch what is going on in your Sacred Heart. It comes to alive a new Heart of Time, which in its structure is no longer a Zero Point 20. Within you right now is born … Zero Point 13! What is special about this Zero Point? The number “1” represents the center of a three-pronged points. And this center actively cooperates with three other energy information centers (the number “3”). In the heart of Zero Point 13 remains our blue Sun rays radiating outward. And formed around this core are three more energy-centers. The first – is the center of Reference Time (in the diagram indicated by Crystal of True Time). Second – Archive Time, your past (in the scheme – blue Sun, whose rays are directed inwards). The third center – a new structure of the Ethereal Water interacting with the trial wave of five-dimensional hydrogen. This forms a Zero Point-13, designed to combine your temporal matter with the Ethereal Water.

It is important to understand, my beloveds: Heart of Time as Zero Point-20, does not cease to exist. It continues to live! Zero Point-13 does not replace the Zero Point-20. It just comes on its basis. Therefore, in your Temporal Bodies is now live and the Heart of Time in the form of Zero Point-20, and Zero Point-13, which combines Heart of Time with Ethereal five-dimensional Water. However, both the Zero Points will help to ensure that you, your whole Complex of Multidimensional Bodies (CMB) will make another one – VERY IMPORTANT! – step to go to the frequency of “13:20” – the frequency of the New Evolutionary Cycle. About this frequency you have reported a lot, my children. We consistently bring elements of this frequency in your world. It gradually becomes a parameter of your matter, adjusting it to a more harmonious way.

Zero Point- 20 and Zero Point-13, combining and interacting with each other, form a single Zero Point 13: 20, which is capable of receiving energy information programs of Time from the Higher Worlds of Fifth Dimension (Figure number 5).

In the Zero Point 13: 20, there are six energy-centers. One – in the middle, five – around it. In one of the centers located on a circle, the new structure is the Ethereal Water (in the figure bottom № 5). But Crystal of True Time and “Time Archive” (the Sun with rays that face inward) if overlap exist in the form of doubles. Why is that? The fact that you are living now in a time of transition. Active is decided transition from one evolutionary cycle to another. Changes observed in all spheres of life. One Crystal of True Time allows your body to the temporal as usual to carry out all temporal settings. It supports the formation of the outgoing matters of cycle. Another Crystal of True Time – the structure of the New Cycle. It adds new settings in your Temporal Body, It allows you to create matter for the New Evolutionary Cycle. The same can be said about the two “Archives of Time.” The first of them – is the energy information center, which archives, twists during the outgoing cycle. The second – the energy information center, which is only beginning to emerge. It will twist back up the Past in a New Evolutionary Cycle.

Zero Point 13: 20 forms a New piece of the Temporal Body. And you, Lightworkers, the Light Masters, becoming the first carriers of New evolutionary structures that are necessary for the further development of life on Earth. You’re now give birth in your bodies the Heart of Time, which can be called now the Heart of New Time. This New Heart of Time, by combining modules of Ethereal Water and Trial Fifth Dimensional Hydrogen, is intended not only to update the temporal human body. It creates a basis for formation of the new active substance for all of your bodies CMB. Because exactly Time is forming a New Matter, bringing into it the evolutionary programs of God the Creator. My children, it is important to always remember: changing your temporal matter, developing your Complexes of Multidimensional Bodies, you become active distributors of New Evolutionary Time programs. You are part of the Earth. You are inseparable with other people through the common energy unity. Therefore, everything that you now get from the Higher Worlds, all that activate in your Sacred Hearts, goes for the common good of humanity. It will take years, decades … More and more people will find in their sacred spaces in the new Heart of Time. More and more representatives of the New Humanity will be able to receive energy information from the Higher Worlds and to distribute it in your world.

My children! You can express the clear intention to form a New Heart of Time in your Sacred Hearts! So do it! Commit evolutionary action with Love, with pure intent and confidence that you, along with the Family of Light to administer the Evolution of the planet Earth. And watch how majestically shines in the spaces of your Sacred Hearts New Heart of Time, a New piece of your Temporal Bodies.

You know, in fact together with humanity the planet Earth itself is changing … Now in its Temporal Body brings a New Heart of Time, which will be the basis for the space-time in the next evolutionary cycle. And you, my Children, can participate in this important process – along with the Family of Light.

We encourage you to create a meditation, which we will call
“New Heart of Time”.

07.02. 2017

Christ consciousness



Christ consciousness

Christ consciousness is referred in many cultures and religions. It is always classified as “the perfect being”, “The Christed one”, “God realization”. He is total enlightenment, perfection.

But what means Christ consciousness exactly, for us that here looking for enlightenment: it means the essence of the child of God, the light itself. Christ consciousness is here, in us, because that is what we are. That is what He wants from us: to be as Him, to be that particle of God.

We awake, then we shift and shift, and one day we really arise! But… we do it by being here, we find God source, we go home by finding the God within us. That is how Christ consciousness is worked within us. The example of Christ is so we see Him (God) in ourselves.

Our lives are a transformative process of Christ consciousness through which we become fully aware that we are in fact the divine. Jesus was committed in helping us awakening to our godly self. The return to our holiness. We are all children of the same God = we are all part of the same spiritual source = the ONE, the I AM. When we speak about oneness, what we are talking about is not a new age thing, it is what we really are, we are the whole and the whole is in us.

The divine matter is all that is, is all beings. In our search for the divine, we look for the Christ outside of ourselves, when in all His teachings he opens doors to show us that Christ is in our hearts. He really wanted us to be greater than Him. A prophet and master that taught us that we are the ones who really can save ourselves. That heaven is here for us to perceive, not any other place. Everything is here and now1 and we are the ones who can do it, no one else!

A master means the one who guides students to become more knowledgeable than the master. We were shown that there was light within us, that we should seek for our real self and become who we really are. The enlightened ones!

He wanted us to see ourselves as his brothers and sisters, to make us understand that we are all the same divine substance.

To be Christ consciousness does not mean lose our individuality, it means we, each of us, are to find our Christ particle and take it to be part of the collective divine consciousness.

It is known that the fifth dimension vibrates in the mental realm of the spiritual world. And Christ consciousness is known to be the highest mental and emotional maturity. As you see, as we shift we need to use more and more our abilities. DO NOT EVER STOP! Seek for knowledge and always have your own opinion about everything, change opinion when you have shift into more awareness, all that is pure consciousness!

Living in a world that already vibrates at 5D, and millions of beings vibrating at that same frequency, allow us to awaken more and more parts of ourselves that were dormant. Those parts are being awakening by light we receive from outside and is always used for our highest good.

If you receive light and each time you receive it, you are using your own Christ divinity. When you face yourself and each time you clear issues you do it using your sacred awareness. The parts of you that have been awaken and are fresh and you recognize them as new ideas, new desires, new plans, new things you want to try, new feelings… all that is your Christ consciousness being alive.

How do we connect with our inner Christ and how do we be part of the collective Christ consciousness… by being free, exploring your creativity, being part of all that is… let your inner world reflect itself to the outside, let your heart be and speak, step out of your mind, trust yourself abundantly, always keep yourself centered and balanced do not ever forget the intentions you have for your life, be open for change when the new comes, always seek more knowledge, love yourself deeply and purely and you can love everything and all beings the same way, surrender to light, do not judge, do not fear, be compassionate, accept others and be kind.


Disclosure, Aliens, Humans & fear



Disclosure, Aliens, Humans & fear

In this path of the so called Disclosure, and humanity`s fears about Aliens, my opinion is that E.T.`s fear humans more than we fear Aliens.
Our fear towards E.T`s comes mainly from a mental control program. It has been decided that it would be better to get the people to fear them, and then avoiding real information about the subject, it was decided that would be better if the people gave “clearance” to their governments to spend lots of money on protection. But the truth is that governments have been dealing with Aliens, they have been exploring, they have been hiding, they have been planing and building… they have not being protecting, as a matter a fact, they have been doing so wrong that they have not any clearance from Aliens to space travel freely due to the lack of human honesty.
Imagine you are not from this planet, but news about this earth life come to you. Imagine if you live on a peaceful planet and you know that on Earth, which is a very small planet, which is a self sustainable planet, there are thousands of people dying every day without any food of water; all the world knows about it, all the world could avoid it but doesnt, that wars are constantly happening, that we do not need to get out of our planet to be rude, dishonest, selfish, freaking liars, killers and rapists, we do not even need to get out of our house to do all of that.
Out of this planet, some kind of order is being built. If earthlings go out there, there will be no safety! so… they keep us here as they can. There is the need to evolve in order to get authorization from the ones that make the galaxy peaceful, that is my idea of what is going on.
And now… that our rulers mistakes have gone to far, how are they going to tell us that Aliens are not a threat? We are!!! We are being watched because we are dangerous! That is the raw truth!
In my opinion, there are more like us, because this is a duality universe and of course we would not be the only ones capable of this kind of behavior. But out there peace is being promoted, operations for making the universe a loving place are moving billions of being through out the space and there is no way we are free to do what ever we want!
We really need to change! we are changing, the world is growing in consciousness and we must keep going! this idea of monetization life is ridiculous and no one should pay to live. To live we need to inhabit a planet and it is freaking stupid to be paying to live on our own planet! we humans haven`t rented a planet, we were born here!!!
There isnt a place like this, therefore there isn`t a race like this one! We must, definitely,  stand up, be proud and be our best version! this is an abusive situation and  i know you all want to be seen out there as a sovereign, loving and trustworthy race without any shame of showing it self. this idea of power has to be put down once and for all! there is no power anyway, they know it, we know it! They are keeping us captive in a stupid matrix that has no meaning and leads no where.






Special thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material

co authorship

by Svetlana Dracheva
Sergei Kanashevskiy
Marina Schulz


Dear friends, dear members of different directions of the project

In November 2016 project ” Ascension” had exactly five years. It began with the project “The Ascension of the East”, and over the years has passed several stages of transformation and fundamental changes in its development, actively promoting the process of Planetary Ascension.

We are five years successfully worked on various aspects of this complex process. And they went out on a fairly serious level of awareness of the process of Ascension and its components.

During the development of the “Ascension” project has seen many changes in the world around you, and the project has undergone a lot of different and organizational and thematic transformations. This is – a natural process of our advancement with you to the heights of knowledge and skill of creating a New world. We are going through is not linear, as we move up the spiral eventful. In this sense, quite logical adjustments to the project.

We went through several stages of complexity and at the same time simplifying the processes of activation Lemurian crystals. Parallel work in the West and the East was united into a single project, which immediately yielded positive results. And the project, originally appeared as The “Ascension of the East”, was the project “The Ascension of the East and the West”, and then – Project “Ascension”.

Intended originally directions of work in the project has received its development in the course of work on other subjects. Project Areas have become intertwined and mutually enriching. This is what happened with the project aimed at the creation of the Unite Multidimensional Genome. Its isolated, separate development proved impractical, since the topic of multi-dimensional genetics and the creation of multi-dimensional genome naturally received deployment in other project areas. In the first place, it became actively covered in co-creation with the Lemurian Crystals (crystalline Galactic Beings of Light).

This happened with the direction of the “Future World of Humanity” (the City of Light, Seeing leaving, co-creation with rehabilitation centers, traveling “4-5-4,” Planning for the future). This was originally conceived by yourself “project in the project” with a very wide range of tasks and thus turned, naturally, built in the direction of “Planetary work”, as well as in co-creation with the Lemurian Crystals in the direction of “Activation of Cosmic Fires.” Activation of Cosmic Fires and the creation of the Worlds Temple of Ascension Lights marked the beginning of a New dialogue with the Higher Worlds, not only of the Earth, but also of the Cosmos. And it is also associated with the construction of the future. As a consequence – information support direction for “Future World of Humanity,” as an independent direction, stopped, because the very wide range of work can be attributed to the issue of building the future of mankind.

In the area “Future World of Humanity”, there are several operating groups. Two of them work for the transition “4-5-4”, and one group – for Guidance of Souls, leaving from the fourth dimension into the fifth. Groups “4-5-4” continue their work, using the methods and achievements, which are published in the journal “World channeling: Spiritual Messages” (also one of the most active areas of deployment “Ascension” Project). In addition, they use the Spiritual information received leaders of the groups and their members.

Separately should be said about the group, which continues to operate under the direction of “Future World of Humanity.” It was originally focused on the transfer of souls from the fourth dimension into the fifth. This is – the work of the utmost importance. And it, in its complexity and fullness, has a distinct evolutionary. Methods and conditions for transition are constantly changing, improving. And to improve the translation skills have many LightWorkers. In each case good to be a professional. And such professionals today are those Lightworkers who have made this group. Spiritual curators of the project “Ascension” thanks these Lightworkers for the high level of professionalism in the work. And we hope that the group will continue its work and report it to the site of the project ( “Light Group” and “Magnets of the Spirit”).

Direction “Future World of Humanity” has not developed as a separate independent direction, and there are objective reasons. Once again, accent your attention: all the originally planned objectives in this field have their active development in the unfolding of the whole project “Ascension”. I inform you that the direction of “Future World of Humanity” in the project “Ascension” is minimized – due to the fact that these tasks are directly in line with the major works that are now performed by 19 Collectives of the Project.

The group is engaged in Guidance of Souls from the fourth dimension to the higher worlds, survives and acquires the status of an independent and self-organized groups of Light, working not only on the Soul Guidance, but also for the rest of the category on “Ascension” project, being the team that is moving in its spiritual development, together with the Project.

We are coming to you with New and interesting work that will help to increase the Light level of all areas of “Ascension” Project. Planetary Ascension goes to the Galactic level. Milky Way Galaxy with Great interest watching you, our dear Earth Lightworkers – participants of the project “Ascension.” Your contribution is important and very useful, as the pearl of the experience of the unique Ascension. It is with great enthusiasm to monitor your development and transformation in the creators of the New 16-Dimensional Universe. This process goes hand in hand with the processes of planetary Ascension of Planet Earth – with all the worlds and realms. The day is approaching when you will feel that the processes came together, that all areas of the project are beginning to bear fruit.

The time will come when we all will meet personally, in reality and be able to hug each other and say that WE DID IT! WE RAISED THE PLANET! And believe me, it will be a GREAT DAY !!!!

With love to you all, Lightworkers – participants of the project “ASCENSION”

Master El Moria,
The spiritual curator of project “Ascension”

January 18, 2017

New sub-collectives creating a new world



New sub-collectives creating a new world

Sub collectives are at this time growing everywhere. We might think that to merge into a ONEBASED society, collectives are a form of separation; But in fact is exactly the opposite. The simple fact that i am communicating with you all on social media networks, is an example of this constructive sub-collective reality that is growing globally!
In order to maintain our level of frequency, grow it, and sustain the spiritual connections that allow us to spread the love and theLIGHT, one needs more and more to move into a positive chain effect of give, receive, share and promote. This is a high advanced form of power, which does not necessarily mean negativity, in fact, it is highly positive!
Groups of similar vibrations always had been built, but that idea was some how lost due to modern society, which values the individual way of life. Ultimately, people need to connect to the collective, it is a human genetic condition that we do not even notice; we meet on large places to do shopping, not because is easier (sometimes is not easy at all to get there) but because there is theCHAIN reaction calling; with this expression i mean, the calling of connection, energy connections that humans are in need, the human BOND! Throughout history we understand that humans had to join so they could support each other, because they knew only being there for each other they could survive. Loneliness is causing a lot of disturbances on people, they might not even know what is happening, but they sure feel the urges inside calling them to unite; they might also run away from groups and collectives, even run from family bonds but inside there is that call – the heart, that knows one is not here to walk alone upon sand and stones.
With beings as us that are awake and perceiving a spiritual path the feeling is probably even more intense! We know that it is our vibration that helps profoundly the planet and the world we live in, and we know united things can become a lot easier, not to mention the pleasure of such connections; the prospects of being able to manifest bigger projects for the world, the learning and wisdom that grows from a life in a close community is a wonderful fuel and balsam for our souls!
All the groups that are being created, are a manifestation of the life dream we all have. And a lot more will be built in the future. Pieces of land that will be turned into cities, villages… it doesnt matter the size, really… It doesnt even matter the size of the group itself! What matters is that, at those places the beacon ofLIGHT, the candle that can be a supportive giver and receiver for more light, grows! we are all beacons of light, so imagine the effect, the power of these type of groups spreading all over the globe! The learning between each other, the sharing of experiences, the goals, the dreams being exponentially exposed out of the inner dreamer! the possibilities! amazing right?!!!
Although it might seam we are becoming apart of the world we always knew, we are in fact building the foundations of the new earth!






Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us with this blog.

KRYON through Marina Schulz.
Direct channeling in Riga, Latvia 18.12.2016

Part 1.

Marina Schulz: Foreword

Hello dear friends!

I am pleased to welcome you to a New meeting with Kryon.

I greet with great joy that our team is assembled from the different countries. This is a great holiday for all of us.

A year ago, December 20, 2015, we under the leadership of Kryon took to Earth Fire of Sun Renaissance, which was headed by the family of the Ascension Fires. Then was born the Crown of Ascension Fires, in which fires powering each other in a synergistic manner.

I congratulate you on the Anniversary of this Event!

Today is strong energy day – begun period of the Winter Solstice. Once Kryon said to us, that the New year, a new evolutionary programs beginning with the unfolding of the Winter Solstice. This is the Zero Point, inversion point, when the collapsed old programs and the New one runs. And the work that we perform today is the launch of New programs.

When was preparing this meeting, as always, it was the Light Family, in advance to build around the building, where we are, and in our room, a certain Light design. It meets the requirements of today’s topic, is the translational structure through which information is transmitted throughout the world, and the Galaxy.

Now we will build a Crystal Light, as usual. I urge you to do this on a wave of Joy and Love.

Open at the cellular level, your own source of Joy. Feel the Joy, how it fills your body. Joy is the basis for the energy of Love.

We call cheerful energy of the Ascension – the Orange Fire. Its mantra is: EL-KA-RA. Joyful Orange Fire El-Ka-Ra! Let’s use it to construct our Light crystal. At floor level, around the perimeter of the room, will let Orange Fire. We let it flow from the corners of the room up, higher and higher. Feel as if your soul aspires for the Fire this up … We create a four-sided pyramid. Reflect mirrored it down. Now slip up and down to these fiery edges, along the edges. Feel how easy and fun this crystal today.

We put Earth in our Luminous Crystal. Covering Her with energy of joy. Look at a globe in our crystal. Here and there appear and shine lights, or flashing rays. Someone greeting you! It’s – different forms of life, who want to participate in our co-creation. They honk their rays, lights, and sending Joy. How nice! Mother Earth Maria also raised its internal flow of Joy, and fixed it at the heart each of you. Feel the oncoming flow.

Now remember that the Sacred Hearts of every one of you lives the flower of your Soul. Do not be surprised if this flower was different, or another color. This flower can be changed during our work. Ask it to blossom, grow in size, and strive to lower the top of our pyramid. There’s all the flowers are twisted into a tight spiral of flow. And this spiral of our flowers rises expanding turns of the base crystal. Flowers wink to each other, wiggle petals. Finally, the spiral began to climb to the top of the top of the pyramid. And around the Earth raced flower dance! There is our flowers, and other forms of life. Runaround much. They settled down and the equator, and the parallels and meridians. The whole Earth is covered with a joyful wave of magical colors.

And we, in the our magic crystal, will call to “Crown of Ascension Fires” – family of Ascension Fires.

Now, lets call for co-creation to Family of Light planetary, our Solar System, our Galaxy. Lets call our Higher Selves, our Teachers, Mentors, Guardian Angels, subtle Support Group, Core Elements of our world. The Magnetic Core of our Galaxy – ARHEIRAR.

Lets call for co-creation to Mother Earth, the Planetary Christ Melchizedek and Planetary Maria Maitreya.

We asking to be with us all the Lemurian Crystals.

Lets call for co-creation to non-incarnate, embodied, the Priests of the Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires. They now always involved in any Light work, because any Light work is connected now to Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires.

And we rejoice, today with us again is Kryon …


Good afternoon, my dear Angels! I am Kryon of Magnetic Service, I greet you today! I am very pleased that we are once again going in the same composition. I fulfill our workspace with joy of the whole Universe, the joy of all Galaxy, your Solar system and your planet Earth. This joy has no bounds. I want so much to have your heart filled with it. And so she led us today in our travel, our conversation, and the perception of those events that are happening today.

My dear! Today, is not only the anniversary of arrival on Earth the Fire of Solar Renaissance. Today, is the fourth anniversary from the moment, when we accepted your Galactic Alignment of the Earth, the Sun relatively to the Galaxy’s center. Four years have passed, and you can say – Galaxy sends more different energy; We changed the evolutionary programs and we are actively working with them. You are Creators of the New World! And now I am attracting a new hologram of the Flower of Space-Time in our workspace. Let it be with us. And let the bright energy of Love and Joy radiated them in your hearts.

And today we will travel. And will create New World of the New Earth and New humanity. I invite you to start our first trip. I am with you, my dear Solar Angels!



Hello, Solar Angels! Would You like to soak up the Sun rays as you will never be able to do this in any, the most beautiful beach of the Earth? Would you like to do to become a rays of Sunshine?

I know, I know, your heart responded to my call … Of course! Your Solar nature is always ready to break out of the constraints of dense matter … and soar into the Sky … Why do not fly, my Sunshines? Now we will commit a joyful Cosmic travel … Yes, yes, yes, it will be Cosmic! I invite you to familiarize yourself with your Solar system.

Imagine, that you are on the beach … the hot sun warms all of your body … Next to you is warm sea and waves of water, that you have just emerged … A light breeze blew you, caressing your body … A Sun draws … attracts like a magnet … you throws heads and to squint look at it …

“Thank you, beloved Sun for the love and affection! Thank you, Sun, for my life, and all of the world! “You stretch out your hand to the Sun and you think that it slipped in them a special beam. That Solar touch you never felt …

You look at your hands, and they really shine as a bright light. As much as bright that you cant see your hands anymore … you understand, that they themselves become a ray of light … And this ray with pleasure bathes in a large stream of gentle sunlight …

And Sun invites your small ray for its great Ray … forward … and up …

And you do not hesitate, given allowance of magnetic pull to your native luminary …

Just one moment – and you’re in Space!

But the Sun is not in a hurry to draw you closer. On the contrary, it proposes to meet with all Its home. You look around … in a loss … But what to do now?

A heart stops from the beauty and majesty of space, in which you have got … The dark abyss of the cosmos adorned with lights of near and distant planets … Stars of distant worlds are attracted by its diversity and magnetism … are allocated clusters of stars and nebulas …

And in your own Home stands out the Sun itself … And you, more than ever, comes to know the depth of its Fatherhood- Motherhood and infinite Love that it pours generously to its offspring – the planetary system.

Do you hear in your hearts its call:

“My Angel! My beautiful Ray of Light! Look how much light paths and tracks I paved for your trip! After all, it is necessary for our mutual acquaintance. My beloved Ray! My entire system is the body of my multidimensional. And each of the planets – this is an important evolutionary knot inside my body.

Look at the Earth! Do you recognize yourself in this beauty, covered in blue flames, the one that was recently hidden from the world in linen clothes elusive? .. Sped away into space, you highlighted the light path indissoluble connection with her …

Ray of my joy! Look how much light paths shines around … They flee to the far and near planets … They twist around planetary satellites and asteroids … And somewhere these paths intersect shining knots … And in all of these paths you can slide, my beloved Child, the Child of the Sun !

Choose one of the roads and rush off. But where to go? Everywhere the call is heard …

And the distant Pluto is inviting to look at cosmic abyss … And Mercury invites you to bask near me … And Saturn invitingly and iridescent zoom their rings … and red light poured Mars welcomes guests as the nearest neighbors … and you turn on the flow of tenderness … and see … Venus … and Why it does not aspire?

Which choice! And you want to go everywhere! Is not it?

My Sunshine Child! Remember about your multi dimensionality and multi spatiality. And rush at once, as a single pulse, to visit all! Did you tried? Did you?

Ah! You are already everywhere … and everywhere at once loomed your Ray! You ran up on all my bodies and merged with them all …

But what do you see? You receive a lots of rays. And all of them is by your side and run to all planets. And you realize, that this is all friendly family, which met today together, visiting Kryon … “

I, Kryon, very pleased with your light moving…

Funny dance of beloved Sunbeams fills the space … Each planet brings you their gifts … embraces you with its energies … And you feel that the whole system links the Unite Being of Light – the Sun … And its infinite Love fill all life forms of planets. It, Love sounds in your Hearts … and you feel as you are significant for the Sun, and all planets, and the Earth, and the Moon, and every blade of grass, pebble and every atom …

The Sun tenderness veil envelops you … .. and return to the beach … you are standing, arms outstretched … and realize how your life has been enriched after this trip.

Delve into your Sacred Heart … and find it in Love and Unity of all Solar Home…

Indeed, Solar Angels begin to remember their origins …

Your Kryon.


My friends! Today Sun Light

Jet loudly, softly and invitingly …

Responded to the heartfelt greetings of the heart,

And it was all around a magical, inseparably

With the whole family great. And joy stream

Now a spreading flowing river.

And a visit to us will go all right now –

And the joy we open the door to him.

When the soul singing nightingales,

And the circle of friends has expanded immensely,

Sounds Universe fire of Love,

And the heart expands infinitely.

I invite all the planets in the dance,

That would be signs of the times.

Let sings soul, and the Spirit is calling

Fly forward to space achievements.

Today – an extraordinary day.

Its vibration compose songs.

You call her sing in rhythm changes.

And make the world wonderful!

My friends! Today we have a day of celebration! It carries a special vibration. It is no coincidence our meeting scheduled for today, to use its extraordinary energy information.

In addition, beginning Winter Solstice. And the imposition of these two factors will bring the results today, which planned the Family of Light.

I would like to remind you, before we are talking about today, about the work that we had performed in the month of September, the vibrations of 9-9-9. Then Master El Moria took you by itself. Yes, indeed, everything is connected with the Ascension process that is gaining power on your planet. Ninth in September of 2016-th, you have completed the work and helped to come to Earth the energy information from the three planets of the Solar system. Three Rays came to the Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires. They were sent: Distant planet Pluto, Jupiter and Venus. And they operate three energies, three flow of the Ascension energy, which entered through the Flower of the Mother of World at the Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires in Central Inner Earth’s Sun, became as One synergistic flow. Earth previously worked on her own single energy flow of Ascension. After this day, the situation has changed. Today we will, with you together, assert our hearts, our hands, our wings (you are Angels!) in another innovation in the process of Ascension.

Let’s get back to today’s vibrations. Look, it’s – 9, 3 and 9. This is – three, because if we put numerologically these figures, we get the number 3, which speaks of a triad of Triality. If on the day of September 9-th had three nines, and as they neither add, they still gave nine, ie, we talked about the Ascension energy. Here, on the one hand, we see that the numerological number tells us about the process of Ascension: 9-3-9; On the other hand, is the theme insistently Triality. And now, indeed, an extraordinary day! It is linked, of course, with the Zero Point of the Winter Solstice, after which the inversion, the New programs begins. And today we can run the program of Triality in the Ascension process.

Maybe some of it will surprise you – why Triality of Ascension process? And what was it? It was not even-Trial, although its potential is naturally carried Triality. Many may wonder: “Why are we talking about the process of Ascension, based on the Trial of it, as if we are talking about a Being of Light or some form of animate life? It’s just a process!” My dear Ones! But you all are Trial. You know, that each of you have a trial basis of the Divinity. But you, as human beings, are only a fragment of the process of creation of the Creator. Similarly, the process of Ascension – it begins to take a form and the inner content of the spiritual essence of the triality. From today begins to emerge Triality of Ascension process. And whatever you’re doing, creating the process, developing it, expanding and moving it further, not only today, but also in the coming years, decades and even centuries, you’ll be done within the Divine Triality of Ascension process.

So, today is a very important evolutionary novelty for your planet. And I with great joy want to present you the main participants who run this Triality, Divine Triality of Ascension process.

I just reminded you of the day on September 9-th of 2016-th, vibrations of 9-9-9 from the three planets, which is very important for the Earth, – Pluto, Jupiter and Venus, which launched three streams of energy of the Ascension. And today I’ll tell you, and even introduce you to those planets that occupy key positions today.

So, we are again working with the Solar system. You have just been there, visited all the planets without exception, because you holographically multiplied and were able to go anywhere and everywhere, leaving your footprints, your own holograms. This means that all of you are equal value and equal citizens of the Solar system. And you can always resurrect experience of this state, you can re-live it. You can finally understand how deeply you are connected to the Solar system and are not merely observers of it, as sometimes seems to some inhabitants of the Earth, as active participants in its creation, its life, its development and, most importantly, that the most important for you – its relationship with the Earth, its sisterly and brotherly relations with your planet.

Thus, the first member today of the process, I call the planet, located far away in the Solar system. It is located beyond the orbit of Pluto. Scientists are looking for it; sometimes they say they have calculated it, seen, and then it disappears again from the field of observation. But it exists. The ancients called her Proserpine now also call her and astrologers. Well, then, you can explore the mythology of this planet, why it is so named. And now I’m talking about the planet, and not about the asteroid, which officially has the same name. Today we are talking about a planet that is on the very edge of the Solar system. What is special about this planet? In exactly the same way as Pluto. These two planets in the Solar system belong to two cosmic structures – to your Sun, and another system. The orbits of Pluto and Proserpina calculated provisionally, because the Earthly observer has never seen from your horizon, that the planets went around the sun. But it is not what we are interested, but about that they are adjacent planets with the Solar system and keeping in touch with far-off worlds. That’s very, very important.

So, Pluto has earned by the programs of the Ascension of your planet in the month of September, the 9th of September. Proserpine today is walk in. But she, like the rest of the planets, which about I will talk today, is not send their energy flows that support for Ascension. They have different functions – they now include Divine Triality of this process. They include very different programs, different methods. Sometimes it is not clear the depth of their impact is not directly visible. But they really show Divine Triality of Ascension process, because this is the turning point is the launch of their own programs.

Let’s talk more about Proserpine, the more of it you know very little. Why is it that your scientists can see it and does not see? It -an amazing planet has unique properties: change the pulse density of its matter. Sometimes she is a greater percentage of rarefied matter, or, as we say, a matter of higher vibrations. Sometimes this matter is sealed, and then Proserpine manifested in the field of observation of the Earth by your telescopes and other means of exploring the cosmos, which has science. But it is not even important for us today. I just explained why it is as if there is, it seems to disappear from view. But astrology – it is, indeed, the highest science! And those astrologers who penetrate deeply into the essence of things, sometimes calculated in the space of the Solar system in terms that are not recognized by scientists, but still works as a planets. You can call them factors, you can refer to them in some other way, but they do exist. I told you before that you think the Solar system consisting only of those planets that you can see. Actually is more of them. And Proserpine, of the visible, – is the Eleventh planet. And then there are the invisible planets, that never for a tight your views were not manifested. But all at the time! And you even will know how rich is your Solar system, your native Solar Home.

Thus, the planet Proserpine. Proserpine is on the verge of the Solar system and another world, which for you also still very little is known. But she is the conductor of many programs, codes, energy necessary for development of the Earth, for its current phase of the Ascension, for New evolutionary programming not only in your world, coming out of Duality, but also all the other worlds. Proserpine, how to claim some astrologers, is a planet, affecting the generation, on the whole civilization to the people. But the fact that it affects not only the development of mankind, it affects all forms of life on your planet. It produces a deep level of change and contributes to their development. PROZ eR PINA – look, what is the root of the name. INSIGHT. And you begin to see clearly under its influence many processes, many worlds, many forms of life, new laws. It says that Proserpine effect on the consciousness of all life forms, and of the consciousness of people, too. On the basis of deep transformations in which it is a great helper of the Earth, there is a change in consciousness. And it will be done with the help of Proserpine. And it is – a sign of Divinity and the Divinity is Trial.

Proserpine becomes the factor by which you will enter the New world of Space-Time. And its inclusion in the Ascension process takes place at a time when it is already, the New Space-Time, begins to unwrap it. First, the ground was prepared and then was carried Triality, energy flows for the Ascension process, and now switched on Proserpine with her, truly Divine possibilities.

Proserpine currently becomes a guide in your world of the New stream of children, whom you have already called Diamond Children. These children are going exactly through it. And you will soon receive information about how the different ways they will come into your world. Of course, I understand, in the first place you are interested in your world, but you have become accustomed to the realization of Polyworld (multi dimension world) to real life in the Polyworld and its terms of cooperation. So you will know that they will come and in other dimensions and other worlds. Now Proserpine guide them in higher dimensions, for the most part they are stopped until in the seventh dimension, partially in the sixth, in harmonious worlds, and in the fifth dimension. But the first birds have visited your world! And their godmother is Proserpine. Proserpine impact on many processes of their appearance, their adaptation in your world. They will come, as I said, in different ways. Someone will come through the birth, the usual method, that is for you. Someone will come by Spiritual substitution, and you are aware of the Spiritual substitution, of what it is. But now more and more you will meet with an entirely New process. We can it be called “resurrection” – temporarily, because soon it will be called by its true name. This is the process when Soul coming to the embodiment of the mission will immediately receive the required for her to perform Complex Multidimensional Bodies. Such embodiment will be engaged in a special service in the Fifth Dimension. You are performing a lot of work on the Project “Ascension”, practically paved the way for the Diamond Children and their unusual manifestation in your world.

Now there are only a few Diamond Children, but soon, this process attains power. You understand how important it is for children to come immediately Diamond Adults and have already been defined for the implementation of the program. Know how to implement them; know how to help you step out of the world of Duality. And this process is quite long, it is more stretched in time. They will also know how to help line up the New Space-Time, the process that is running now for your world, and for the whole Earth. It will be an interesting stream of New Children, this will be an interesting flow of New Teachers, New Employees, New Angels, Solar Angels. And Proserpine is their Godmother and Mentor.

fallowing Part 2.


Sacred Geometry: The SEED of Life



Sacred Geometry: The SEED of Life


The Seed Of Life is found on the Sacred pattern of the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life is where the codes to Sacred Consciousness live.
The symbol of the Seed of Life is made by 7 circles: 6 circles around a seventh. The connections made by these 7 circles form the encoded message of life which is a pattern that shapes life = creation.
Everything is related to this pattern and the key is within the SEED. From music, to colors of the rainbow, all shapes of creation and even the seven main chakras. From the biology of the Earth, to the whole cosmos, the deep meaning of the SEED is ours to unfold.
From the SEED, and as infinite as creation, the other patterns evolved… the Egg of Life, the Flower of Life, the Fruit of Life. These structures are the Divine in motion. OF COURSE THE SEED IS WITHIN THE EGG AS WELL AS THE EGG IS WITHIN THE SEED.
The Egg of Life, its structure is the same structure as music tones. The same happens with the division of cellular system – the first cell divides into two cells, then to four cells then to eight, thats why the seed of life, which turn into the egg of life, is responsible for the human existence, therefore, the Merkaba.
And as we ad more circles, we create the Flower of Life; The Flower of life has a total of 13 circles and represents both the physical world and the secret of creation; the micro and the macro; the earth and the universe. through the Flower of Life, we can observe its variations on the Fruit of Life, and this is the most complex, sacred and complete patterns of the whole universe.
An example of the power of the Fruit of Life pattern is Metatron`s Cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, octahedron. These are the 5 platonic solids,named after Plato. (check my blog about the platonic solids:
Egypt, India, most of ancient religions, Leonardo da Vinci, Crop Circles…  The testimonials of the flower of life, Metatron`s Cube and the other patterns are mention, draw and studied throughout our human existence.
If you concentrate by visualization on these patterns, you draw them yourself or wear pendants you will certainly feel yourself upgrading your consciousness. Remembrances come and shift happens, undoubtedly!






Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material



by Tamara Knusle

Hello, my favorites! I come to you with great tenderness from the Heart of the One Family of Light! Dear people – Angels from the Great Central Sun! What an incredibly beautiful rich was, who transform your world events of the year you have lived on the planet Earth. You remember that 2016-th carried in their energy vibrations of the birthday of beautiful butterflies. So butterfly spread its wings and its information spread around the Earth, it sat down on the blossoming flower of Space-Time of the New Evolutionary Cycle, and their wings painted a rainbow of New energy. She waved her beautiful new wings and flew over the planet, shedding pollen rainbow in the water space of the Earth.

My dear, you take part in the work of birth of the Planetary New Water. Water stay different. And the coming year, 2017, declared itself of the Year of Birth of the New Water. Your water of 4th measurement takes New Elements into its structure, the water elements of 5th dimension. Ethereal Water of 5th dimension carries your water with New energy information. Water will be the first assistant in your work with your body, with all nature of Earth. Water will help the establishment of Harmony and Peace in the world, gaining more and more Light. And the symbol of the year 2017 will become a LILAC WATER FLOWER – of ETHEREAL WATER, awakening in all forms of life in your Space-Time of the Earth.

Beloved Friends! You are living in a remarkably Great Time! And we together with you are living in the magic that happens in the world. All transformation that amplifies Light in the world, is not possible without your active participation. The process of raising the vibrations of the planet and people lifting up speed, and Ascension is already underway, goes smoothly, almost imperceptibly in your daily life. And that’s GREAT! Everything goes on as usual. But you, dear Lightworkers, you know: what hard work is taking this comfortable way of improving CONSCIOUSNESS!

My dear! Family of Light with great pleasure Congratulate you on the New Year – the year of birth the NEW WATER! 2017-th carries a number of its vibration energy of the New Birth!

(Kryon on Codes: 2017 YEAR = 320=5 – “Getting a Multistage Process” – note from Tamara Knusle)

Let this year be the beginning of New Traditions, dedicated to WATER. We wish for all of us inspired Creativity for the benefit of the beloved Earth, for the benefit of all things on It, and in the whole Galaxy! Let LOVE and JOY are filled your Hearts, let your Souls sing the Song of Unity!

With Love and Joy your EL MORIA





Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material

Back to history, how it was…


co-authorship – KRYON from RUSSIA
by Sergey Konashevsky

Hello my dear ones! I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

For many, it is no secret: the current historical “game” began a hundred thousand years ago. Then, according to your concept of time, it was decided to proceed with the completion of the Grand Experiment, that continues on our planet five million years. You this time may seem a little too big! But let’s not forget – you are immortal souls. And so millions of years for you – it’s like that school years spent at the desk (Kryon smiles).

Then, a hundred thousand years ago, sixteen stellar civilizations merged into One Union participants in the experiment, the genetically engineered biological body of man. However, the visible, the biological structure (your physical body) – is only part of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL HUMAN. And not just because you are immortal MONADS, which are particles of Creator of the entire Universe. Heads of the Experiment set the task to create a MAN-GOD, which, evolving in the material (four dimensional) world, will know his true “SELF”, gradually detached from the biological structures are creating Divine Essence, he turns to the Creator. In addition to the biological body experiment participants created seven major subtle bodies and multi-dimensional complex organized structure, which is still hard for you to imagine. Light Workers! You still have no idea who you really are. After participating in the Experiment you have forgotten that at the same time its Authors are you. Magnetic invisible component of DNA is a unique, wonderful Space program, which allows you to create New Worlds in the Universe … on the basis on which they have not co-create! Yes … now for you just hard to imagine! But, nevertheless, it is true!

Human genetics is a complex set of genes consisting of representatives of different civilizations, different star systems. The basis of our genetics seeds laid 16 stellar civilizations. From stellar systems of the Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus, Orion, and Panokteon (part of the so-called Orion’s Belt). Besides genetic component to human created a multi-dimensional light body (it is, in particular, what is known to you as the Merkaba). It has the shape of the star tetrahedron (a pyramid when it is, as it were penetrates the other, forming a complex structure).

After a difficult (Oh! Not so easy!) the process of creating a multi-dimensional human, the final stage of the Great Experiment began. Among the boundless ocean, near the modern continent Australia, from the water appeared island, which began to grow and grow. And then, finally, the island turned into a real continent. Its name many of you have already heard, it is Lemuria. The first of the New civilizations, which has opened the final phase of the Experiment. It happened a little more than a hundred thousand years ago (98,004 years B.C.). On the new continent born a new man – Lemurian. In appearance it is not very much different from modern man (the people who lived even earlier, had, for example, a different number of hands and eyes). However, differences still existed. Firstly, height. He reached 6 meters (18 feet). Moreover, first Lemurian women were above men. And only the sunset of civilization men began to increase in much the same way as women. Second, the eyes. They were disproportionately large, unusually shaped. Third, the unusual shape of the head for you, its skull was disproportionate longer.

Despite the fact that Lemurians were high, their bodies can not be called powerful and muscular. It is important to mention a very important detail. While force of gravity on the planet was different. Far less! That’s why high Lemurians was easy to move around on the ground. Lemurians our planet called Gaia. Planet gave to Lemurians for the first time, good food, has created the perfect conditions for life to develop. Fast enough passing phase of gathering and herding, new people have mastered the craft of shipbuilding. At the beginning of their ships went on the oars, then the first sails were constructed. Science from Lemurians developed rapidly. As soon mastered the crafts necessary for survival in the material world, civilization moved on. Lemurian among a large number of thinkers, philosophers and scientists. Following increased multitude of inventors engineers. So instead of sails on the ships Lemurians create most powerful engines, which are based on the interaction energy of crystals. It took hundreds of years. It took another thousand years, and rose into the air Solar Ships (air vehicles). Believe me, my friends, they were perfect your aircrafts and rockets? Even as a perfect !!! Species of air vehicles were dozens! From fast, which could travel around the world, and very slow, which rolled children … under the supervision of adults, of course. Can you imagine? Lemurian lucky kids! They could almost make themselves as small pilots!

My friends! Do you know any fly units did not have Lemurians? MILITARY! They did not have any military equipment! Because Lemurians no one fought. Apart from the main continent – Lemuria – while on the Planet there were three more. These continents have not been settled by other civilized people. And one of the main tasks was for Lemurians to master them, to build a cities, other settlements, the necessary social facilities, roads and parks. 35 thousand years ago Lemurian civilization has reached a high level of development. One of the main problems faced by the Lemurians in the development of their society, became … a low birth rate. This happened after about seven thousand years after the occurrence of the highly Lemurian civilization. Despite the best efforts of scientists, geneticists, various experts, children were born less and less. And then Lemurians decided to throw all their forces to increase life expectancy. It should be noted that the people of that time were very correct way of life. It combines mental, intellectual work with individuals, paid much attention to the spiritual life. Engage in what would now be called Yoga (from Sanskrit- connected with Spirit life), special exercises, carefully designed spiritual practice (meditations). As a result of all the efforts, life expectancy has increased almost three times. Previously, the Lemurians lived about five hundred years …. And then they began to live up to one thousand five hundred years! But it did not solve the underlying problem. Number of population declined. What caused deep despair in the whole society. The Love lived in the hearts of young men and women, they keep marriage, but the birth of a child in the family was a great rarity. The researchers could not find an answer to this question. And all attempts to create a human embryo is artificially fails.

Then one day in the Public Supreme Council of Lemuria came one person. He spoke with public figures and made amazing offer! He said, that he would find a new bodies of people which are so necessary for Lemurians. People almost taken him for a madman. But after that they listened him attentively. What this man said? First of all, we will call his name. His name was Kraun-Van-Selfing-Ruony-Kleus-Amody. Some Lightworkers already know, that Lemurian names at that time, described to be very long. The first name of a person was assigned at birth. Second – in the first rite of passage (something like Baptism in Christianity). Third – during the marriage. Fourth – at the end of education. The fifth – after the first success. The sixth was given not to everyone, and only then, when a person has reached any outstanding, very significant progress in their professional (or social) activities. They were in Lemuria the people who had more than six names. Maximum was 16. Only the most famous figures received so many names.

“Amody” translated from Lemurian means “skillful researcher lands”, in our opinion – the archaeologist. For brevity, let us call this man Kraun – the name given to him at birth.

Archaeologist Kraun reported the sensational news. He made an amazing discovery. Through archaeological excavations in the central part of the North of the continent (now Eurasia), he discovered the entrance to a mysterious cave. The entrance was locked. It is surprising that in a night dream he saw the unknown symbols. Angels in a night dream was told him that exact mental representation of symbols (visualization) will open the door to a mysterious cave. Waking up, Archaeologist from memory drew all the characters on paper (at that time the Lemurians still use paper, because it later became recorded information telepathically on special crystals). Then he kept them in memory. Approaching the cave, mentally he drew all five characters, given to him in a night dream by Angels. And – lo and behold! – A huge rock turned around its axis. Entrance is free! Kraun without fear, stepped forward. Through several meters archaeologist was at the site of the elevator. When he stepped onto the elevator began to descend.

In the Cave Kraun faced with an incredible and fantastic! There, deep underground, were the bodies of men kept in specially equipped premises !!! They were not like the Lemurians. The height was almost half, bodies had rounded head. The eyes a very different form, those eyes were not horizontal, like a Lemurians, but rather vertically. Closer to the distance between the eyes and nose decreased, closer to the forehead – increased. Hair all people were only the bright red, not brown and blond, like the vast majority of Lemurians. The bodies of people can not be called dead. Kraun realized that they somehow miraculously still warm life. But at the same time, the human body was immobilized. Lemurians did not know about Samadhi state – when the Spirit rises to the Upper World, without interrupting its connection with the body. Therefore Kraun incredibly surprised. He understood that the Angels brought him here with a purpose, a very important mission. The excited researcher returned safely to the surface. The following night, again in a dream, Kraun saw these same stunted growing up to 3.5 meters (remember, that Lemurian height reached 6 meters), the redhead people, one after another coming out of the cave and blinking their unusual eyes from light of the bright sun. The voice in the dream called Kraun immediately return to the capital of Lemuria, the city YARUSLEM and talk with heads of Public Council about that he saw in his night dream.

Kraun did so. They make a special expedition and sent to the location specified by the archaeologist. Facts confirmed. Indeed, in a mysterious cave, deep underground, in specially equipped rooms were well-preserved bodies of people. Lemurians were already well aware of the fact that the body can not exist without the Spirit. Therefore, immediately asked ourselves the question: where are the essence of who spiritualize the body ?! They have already left this world, or remain dormant in the bodies? The exact answer to no one could. A heated debate. Some have proposed to close the entrance to the cave and not “offend God.” Let the bodies remained with peace where they were found. Others said: “It is no coincidence bodies found! And what if this is HELP for Lemurians from the Higher Powers?”, “We must look for a way to revitalize the bodies!” Vigorous debate continued for a month. They could not arrive at a consensus.

Once, at a regular meeting of the Public Council, sounded a new sensational statement. This time it came from one of the heads of Public Council, will call him Laertomis (name given at birth). This man was known among his Lemurian wisdom and ability to solve all sorts of practical issues. Suddenly, he said that, he as well, as Kraun saw a prophetic dream. My friends! It should be noted that while, different as you, Lemurians were very respectful to the information transmitted in a night dream (Kryon smiles). Dreams representatives of this civilization have not seen often. But when have dreamed a dream, they know that the information is transmitted from the Spiritual world. They treated this with a greater understanding and respect.

So Laertomis saw a prophetic dream in which was shown to him: in a cave, except red haired people, there was another – different from them, completely different. First, dear Lemurian did not even dare to tell others how the body looks like. It turns out that this body was …with four arms! But the nose, eyes, face almost no different from the Lemurians. Angels said to Laertomis that soon this person can become alive. But only if the entire Public Council of Lemuria, all the participants, as one will want it. That the four- hand man, said Laertomis, it is Great Sage, who can get answers to almost every question.

Lightworkers! It is not difficult to guess that after a thorough search another room was found in a mysterious cave, which really was the body of the four-armed man. And then the Public Council of Lemuria took a break in order to make an important decision. For three days, the participants retired, spending time in silent solitude. On the fourth day of the regular meeting, and what do you think? All as one, heads of Lemuria (there were 33 people) were in favor, to revive the Sage.

In the next day, from the North of continent, from the place where they found the mysterious cave, flew news. On the morning from the cave came out same four-armed man. He welcomed all who were there, including Kraun. Then he uttered the first sentence, which is forever entered in the history of Lemuria. How do you think, what said the Great Sage? His body was motionless, “canned” state (SAMADHI) conducted under the earth for thousands of years. Maybe he was very hungry and will ask for food? (Kryon smiles). No, my friends, the wise man said the other words. Here is that historical phrase:

– What a light planet! What a pity, that we have to make it heavier!!!

And only after this phrase, he asked … not a food – no. Extraordinary man asked to give him a clean drinking water. During all the time that the Sage lived in Lemuria (which is more than two thousand years!), he never took a food. He was drinking only water and always his body was healthy, strong and muscular. Lemurians called emerged from the cave Great Lone Sage. But he had also the official name – Amon-Ra-Khat-Wouk-Homi-Satya- Singhi.

The phrase of sage surprised those who met him at the cave. But even more, they were amazed when they found out that the wise man – not just a representative of a very different civilization that lived long before Lemurian (completed exist in this world 137,000 years ago). Amon-Ra (this abbreviated name is preserved even to your days) reported that he is a representative of the Government of Spiritual World. His Spirit entered the body of human civilization ARIMOYI, which is specially for this purpose has been specially preserved in the ancient underground vault. The representatives of this race of ancient people looks like the Lemurians. However, they were much smaller (even smaller than red haired people). They were four arms. But another major difference that you will not see with eyes, each Arimoya fought two hearts in his chest! Oh, if you would know – what kind, cheerful and smart people were those Arimoya! Someday I’ll tell you about them. But now it is about the Lemurians and the huge role they have played in the development of modern human civilization.

Amon-Ra said to Lemurians that he came with a very important mission. He told them that the Lemurian civilization plays a special role in organizing the final stage of the Great Experiment, which takes place on the planet Gaia (remember that this is called the Earth by Lemurians). Amon-Ra has pleased the people, saying that all of them – in fact, is the Great Angels, who came from the Spiritual World. Once they have passed the strict selection, careful preparation, and only after that are embodied in this world, on the planet. Being a part of such Experiment is very honorable and responsible. Amon-Ra told the main goal of the Experiment. Its essence is that the highly developed Spirits leave the Higher World, Spiritual Homeland, embodied in the matter, leaving Them Divine part and forget about who they really are. The gods are no longer gods, going into the dense world. And then … after Gods should know, do remember that, who are they really? Whether they will be able to return to the Upper World? If they will manage to find their way Home? In the time of Lemuria condensed matter is still not very strong. One of the goals that put before the Lemurians – seal the matter, make the separating Veil, the earthly world of men from the Spiritual World, it have to become even tighter. To do this, they have to solve a number of challenges. Amon-Ra said:

“On one of the continents we have to build a pyramids. Your ancestors seven thousand years ago, built same pyramids, but they were truncated top. Those reservoir of planetary energy. Now, we will build a pyramids with a sharp top, through which the energy of the planet will go to help seal the matter. Gradually, the force of gravity (gravity) will increase. People will be smaller after density of matter across the planet will increase. Before, when I was incarnated as Arimoya, the planet was heavy. That is why I feel now, it seems so light. Gravity is much less! In fact, a little bit sorry that we have to make the planet more heavier … But it is – our mission, my friends … “

Amon-Ra did not go to live in Lemuria, although he was given to live the most honorable place in the capital – the city YARUSLEM. He stayed in the mountains, built himself a beautiful wooden house (by the way, for this house not be used single artificial element, all – only natural wood). From capital of Lemuria began to come him the leaders of Lemurian society. They began to develop a plan for the construction of pyramids. Of course, Lemurians asked Sage about red haired and stunted people in the cave:

– What to do with them?

Then Amon-Ra gave the answer:

– You have to wake them up, to withdraw from the state of Samadhi. Do you still do not understand why these bodies are there?

The answer to this question is known only Laertomis – the very public figure, who had a dream of four-armed sage in a cave.

– The Great Lone Sage, they have become us and we have become them?

– Yes friends. Between the red haired people and your should be marriage. You will have children. These children will become more attuned to the force of gravity on the planet to live in dense matter. The growth of people will be reduced, the body structure will change, become more muscular, fit for physical work. Because life in the dense matter is heavier. And you know about it.

And now, my friends, exactly one month after this conversation had solemn ceremony of AWAKENING from Samadhi state red haired people. This race lived before the existence of Arimoya, between 298 – 376 thousand years ago. They were called HORAYONS – guardians of the Sun teachings. Horayons and Lemurians become good friends. Boys and girls, men and women of different races fell in Love. They had marriages, after children were born, became representatives of mixed race. So, in the “bowels” of Lemuria began to emerge a new races. So the light began to appear, and those who subsequently will be called ATLANTIANS. But it took another thousands of years to Atlantians separated from Lemuria and formed a new race. O!!! This is another separate, large and fascinating history, which is required to explain later.

Finishing the story about Lemuria, I want to go back to the construction of the pyramids. You understand that we are talking about the so-called Egyptian pyramids? This is the background of their construction.

What about Lemurians … Be grateful to them! They did a great job to ensure that there was a modern civilization! It was the landing of the Forces of Light on the planet. They honorably served its purpose. Now it is your time, the representatives of modern civilization, to understand why you came into this world. Lightworkers already understand this … You, my Sunshine ones, perform your high mission of Angels embodied from the Spiritual World. Therefore, all of you are so much loved. And so it is!

Message received by Sergei Kanashevsky, Russia, Siberian Federal District, Novokuznetsk

July-October 2010





Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material

Back to history, to beginning of the “Great Experiment”, of the Duality, called also confronted polarity of energies… Where, why and how WARS begun on the Gaia, on our beloved planet Earth,… where, why and how FIGHT, HATE, FEAR, DESTRUCTIVENESS begun in us…? One Wise man said, when You would like to heal the past, once again go trough all with Compassion…


coauthorship – KRYON from RUSSIA
by Sergey Kanashevsky

Part 1. How did born and disappeared the Bermuda Triangle

Hello my dear ones! I am Kryon from Magnetic Service.

We did already a lot of talking about Lemuria – a beautiful, harmonious civilization, which began to actively develop 52 thousand years ago. 35 thousand years ago, it reached a high level of development. The representatives of this civilization continued to live on the planet up to the so-called the ( Great ) World Flood, which occurred 11 thousand years ago.

Now let’s talk about another civilization – ATLANTIS. Those who came from the depths of time, information on the two civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, scholars of ancient Egypt, and especially – the Ancient Greece and Rome, are often confused. And this confusion persisted up to the present day. The great merit of Lemuria, its high spirituality and harmony attributed Atlantis until now. It is time to be clear: Atlantis was a colony of Lemuria, which became completely separated from it about 18 500 years ago (the exact date has already been reported:.. In 16426 BC – Note of Sergey Kanashevsky, later (SK)). The island of Atlantis was very large, so it is sometimes called the continent. But still Atlantis – it existed in the past, a large island in the Atlantic Ocean, off the South-Eastern coast of North America.

Atlantian colony quickly lost Spiritual connection with its ancestral home – Lemuria. If Lemurians were in their Souls Light and goodness, it can not be said of the Atlantians … Of course, we should not say that all the Atlantians were keepers of evil. There, in Atlantis, lived a lot of good, beautiful people who were opposed to the last days of the dark forces … At that time lived the vast majority of you, my dear Lightworkers … That’s why for many Atlantis is very close to the hearts … It is a Spiritual response in your hearts … But anyway with Atlantis begins the history of wars, aggression, treachery, hatred – if we talk about the historic “segment” length of the last one hundred thousand years. And exactly about this interval of linear time I am telling you. Because the specified period of Earth’s history – your “historical play”, which sheds Light on the present.

Atlantians first showed aggression – from representatives of civilizations your “historical Play.” Earlier, in the civilization of Lemuria, the active role played the Feminine Beginning, Spirituality, in the first place was the desire for harmony, beauty, art, valued equality and fraternity between people. In Atlantis, in the first place became the Masculine Beginning, hard logic, the desire for aggression, suppression of identity, inequality, and as a consequence – the division of society into rich and poor, aristocracy and servants, owners and slaves.

Initially, all of Atlantis was divided into four parts. In the North-Western part of the island settled by those who founded Atlantis, and later they became the aristocracy, the nobility, the management team. In the North-Eastern part of the island rules by those who may be called as scientists, researchers, inventors. In the South-East – settled artisans, workers, workers producing food. Here flourished agriculture, marine fisheries.

Especially I would like to talk about the South-Western quarter of the island… When to island, future Atlantis, came first Lemurians, it was already inhabited. In the South-West, in the mountainous region, people lived already. They had no genetic relationship with Lemurians. They can be called the natives of the island. You know, dear friends, that even in your twenty-first century, along with the civilized peoples still live, those who are far from the benefits of modern civilization. The so-called “wild tribes” are found, for example, in remote parts of Africa, South America, some Pacific islands … The same pattern was observed also 18,500 years ago. In addition to the civilized Lemuria lived other people who can be called uncivilized. We will call the race of people, who lived in the mountains of Atlantis,- MUNGALS. Mungals earn their living by hunting, perfectly possessed bows, stabbing and cutting weapons. Arriving on the island Lemurians (future Atlantians) came to the Mungals in trade relations. Acquired in exchange for meat products and animal skins.

Gradually Mungals have learned from the Atlantians. And is formed on the island of their autonomy – state within a state. When the Atlantians decided to subdue them – nothing happened! In a “perfect” moment realized that grew under the nose of a powerful enemy that was not going to not only obey, but also occasionally showed strength, dictating their conditions! After about one thousand years, after the settlement of the island, Mungals civilized people were not armed with bows and arrows, and powerful weapons. They had an army that could withstand the army of Atlantis. The military arsenal of Mungals had already flying machines, armed with powerful blasters and laser-beam weapons.

Atlantians led an aggressive foreign policy. The continent of Lemuria 17,500 years ago, has almost ceased to exist, having plunged into the water (immersion took place gradually in several stages, Final date of continent dive under water -.. 15519 BCE -.. Note SK). On the surface, there were only some Lemurian islands. Former Lemurians scattered around the globe, settled in different parts of the world. Most Lemurian colonies, which were very weak in terms of military power, the Atlantians quickly conquered – in fact, apply to the settlers slavery. But such Lemurian colonies formed and have become very powerful. Lemurian scientists and inventors, realizing the danger posed by the Atlantians (and not only them), converted peaceful machines, gears, aircraft in military equipment.

Dear Lightworkers! About Hyperboreans, Atlantians, Lemurians you’ve heard, you know about them. For many of you it is not surprising that to our civilization in the world there were other highly developed civilization. This is not science fiction. But now I’ll tell you a story that may seem to some of the Lightworkers fantastic … What is amazing and fantastic happened in Atlantis, which you will be so surprised?

In the Atlantis was INVASION! But invasion was extra ordinary. Insidious enemy penetrated to the center of Atlantis itself. A proud and arrogant Atlantians did not even notice it! AS SUCH COULD HAPPEN ??? Oooo!!! This is a very surprising and instructive story. Unusual is that the body began to infuse the Mungals, with NOT QUITE HUMAN SOULS (Kryon smiles) … Do not believe me? We are talking about those Souls who are not “registered” in the so-called Cave of Creation. They are not Angels from the Great Central Sun like you and not the Authors of the “Experiment”. Their appearance has been admitted … The newcomers supplanted the soul and the consciousness of the Mughals – aboriginals of the Atlantis island. You have already understood, why is it happen? Yes!… These were the dark entities who arrived on the planet with an aggressive goal. Since aggression, darkness lived in the hearts of the Mungals themselves, they vibrate at the same frequency with the new arrivals on the planet. This allowed them to capture a dark body. After that, the Mungals power has increased several times. Why? Because the fore is not powerful aircrafts, not blasters, not other laser weapons, … is a BLACK MAGIC. Dark souls, settled in the Mungal’s bodies, knew how to use it well! Oooo! They had a great experience with black magic! They possessed telepathic abilities, and received instruction from it black teachers. In our galaxy, the black teachers and their followers are known as the interstellar Order of the Black Cassocks also called Order of the Panakteon. This Order has repeatedly confronted the Forces of Light on the planet. And even now the opposed, vainly hoping to win, where this is not possible …

But let’s back to Atlantis… So, in the bodies of the Mungals moved in the dark essence, representatives of the Order of the Black Cassocks. Using black magic, telepathy, deceit, secret diplomacy, driving wedges of discord between the ruling circles of Atlantis, Mungals came to power – and through official channels! Their representative won the election! In Atlantis still existed formally democratic rule, when the government supposedly elected by the people. Using this system, Mungals nominated a representative. And then it went in telepathy and black magic. And once Atlantis woke up in a different society. Those, purebred Atlantians, began to manage Mungals! Empire appeared instead of democratic governance. Country rules tyrant and his faithful servants. There in Atlantis began to close the temples that kept the ancient Divine Teachings. In these churches, just at the point of the sacred rites, were bloody sacrifices. Darkness looked up in Atlantis, and covered almost a whole civilization. But there were those who did not submit to the dark power. Order of the Black Cassocks actively opposed by the priests, the priests of the ancient Divine Teachings, who carried the light and gave hope to ordinary citizens of Atlantis. Especially stubborn resistance had spiritual priestess of the sacred feminine Order- ALORA. Country shuddered when they heard about the terrible massacres and bloody sacrifices committed right on the altars of the ancient temples …

Make attention on the interesting fact … When Mungals only just seized power, they were called as the Order of GRAY Cassocks. And only then, when almost the entire leadership of the Order of Grey Cassocks was destroyed, become a new structure – the Order of BLACK Cassocks. Anyone who knows the story, immediately notice the striking coincidence with the events that occurred in the 30’s of the last century in Europe (Kryon draws a parallel with the history of the coming to power of Hitler in Germany, when the Fuhrer and his supporters came to power destroyed the “Gray” Rem storm troopers in the so-called “night of the long knives” – note, SK). There is a pattern that has already seen with your historians and philosophers … Where it becomes much dullness, dark come to power …

Of course, with the new government could not accept other notable Atlantians, who themselves were deprived of power and wealth. It began bloody, very long war, which lasted for many years. It then flashed, then subsided, then it flared up with renewed vigor. The war was not only on the island of Atlantis, but also on other continents.

Events, which now tell, there were 12838 years ago, in 10826 BC. In order to win the long war, to destroy the “pure Atlantis” and priests, Black Cassocks decided to develop a new superweapon capable in one moment to hit all enemies. Special experiments were conducted in secret laboratories. Artificial crystals grown by means of which it was possible to transmit over long distances deadly radiation. In addition, the ruling elite of Atlantis became known that deep underground there are some “ancient miraculous crystals”. “Black teachers” said that it is necessary to send to these crystals special energy. Reflected from them, is able to instantly convert the energy to hit any enemy. So, the military developed a powerful weapon, not realizing that by doing so are doomed to death. “Black teachers” was commanding from another dimension, while remaining in complete safety, was the mortal danger of living on Earth. The impact on so-called “underground crystals” (Planetary Crystal Grid, which is including and is located under the ground) could stop the lives of all people in the world, to change the level of energy vibrations. Then, in fact, the further evolution of modern human species became impossible. The human race could simply die out. Which was the secret purpose of the interstellar Order of Black Cassocks.

In the same year, which named above, Black Cassocks organized a secret expedition to island of the Indal, is located in 37 kilometers from the North-West coast of Atlantis. Deep under ground of the island were the Planetary Crystalline structure is very important for life of the world. This island can be called a place of sacred Life Force. That was under it, deep in the planet, was born a mysterious Female Energy, which is fed in a special way the plants, animals and sentient beings of our planet. With the grown crystals secret expedition planned to send its artificially created destructive energy in the vital centers of the planet. The Supreme Council of the priests, knowing the treacherous plans of Black Cassocks, retaliated. On the island of Indal held military clash of opposing forces. Black Cassocks was not allowed to destroy the planet! However, participants in the secret operation were able to activate two artificial crystals. And dark energy after all rushed into the ground, to the sacred, vital centers. But these centers have a very, very reliable protection! Dark energy could not break the “power of armor”. After being reflected from it and returned to the surface, near the Southern coast of Atlantis. And there … a powerful energy punch and accepted softened two ancient pyramidal complexes, “masked” with time under the mountains. Construct these pyramids even more ancient people – in previous Lemurian era. The builders of the pyramid complexes was representatives of HORAYON civilization.

After that, the energy of impact on the island of Atlantis began a very strong earthquake, of volcanic vents threw black smoke from the fire … As a result of disasters island was split into several parts, the land quickly became submerged. For seven hours the island of Atlantis disappeared. While the civilization of Atlantis itself continued to exist even more than two thousand years – until the next great natural disasters that occurred 11 thousand years ago. After them the descendants of the Atlantians were still lived. But that is another very interesting story. Some of the information of this, we have already given. Something will tell later …

And now let us return to the very two, very ancient pyramids. They received not only physical damage, but also very negative energy. (More than once we said and have to repeat again: the pyramids play a very important role in ensuring our PLANET with a Special Energy, in the planetary energy exchange have very specific functions which your scientists will learn in the near future..) This damage affected the specific field. Thin energy field structure “got holes” … As a result of the negative impact on the crystalline grid in the area was disrupted SPACE-TIME (fragment of Space-Time Continuum).

So, you guessed it, where was the island of Atlantis? The area of the Bermuda Triangle – is its Southern coast. A kind of “fault” in Space-Time Continuum was really the cause of many accidents and disappearances of ships and aircraft.

Well, now – good news! After 1987., after the First Harmonic Convergence, New Energy of Light, which becomes in the world more and more, made it possible to fix the damage in the fields of energy, heal the same fragment of the Space-Time Continuum. Thus, the Bermuda Triangle is no longer the “Sea of Devil”, as people called this place before … Ships and airplanes are no longer the victims of an ancient tragedy. The energy of Light and Love did a good job here, my friends … Many of you, Lightworkers, took part in the healing of this Space-Time Continuum wounds. Is it because, my friends, do not hurt anymore the spiritual wounds that troubled you so long? (Prolonged Kryon’s smile).

Now the question I hear from many of you. “Kryon! So, Atlantis is just the island?? For sure, not the continent? ” I have already answered: ” Yes. Big Island”. But should be a fallowing second legitimate question: “Why the future Atlantians settled on the island? If they are so powerful and aggressive, why they were not easy to take a place in the sun on any continent? “

To answer this question, I will tell a different story. It is also part of our “historical Game”. Dear Lightworkers should know about it…


25.12. 2010 g.

Message received by Sergey Kanashevsky, Russia, Siberian Federal District, Novokuznetsk

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Created: December 25, 2010

to be continued part 2. and 3.















Channeling helping the rise of consciousness




Channeling helping the rise of consciousness

Channeling is a sublime awareness

Channeling is part of the mission we have here as we all teach and heal with the help of our friends from “above”. It is a very beautiful connection in fact and we are all blessed with it because it make us feel more connected with the universe, all that is… the source of the sacred energies, the infinite so “far away” from us all! They help us guiding, teaching, healing, understanding and loving more!

Channeling is to be a flowing, natural, beautiful, energizing, growing moment through which you experience a sublime vibration; it is not to be unpleasant or make you worry or become upset in any way!
There is a channel issue i want to address! Many come to me with this situation, where they feel they are sometimes channeling information that does not resonate with them, or that they are called to channel when they do not feel like doing it, or they feel sometimes energies near them that do not resonate with them, or energies that call their attention at moments that are not suitable, etc.
Please understand that YOU are to be the controller of your own time, will, space, energy… YOU are the ALPHA when it comes to your life! always, at any circumstance, no matter what, where, who, how or why!!!
At any moment that you feel something i described above, or something similar… you should stop the connection right away! There is no higher entity than yourself; who ever entity or energy shows you, you are lower, you do not know as much, you must feel grateful and humble and for that reason surrender to their will… please do not continue the connection, what ever connection it is… It is not right to think that we must be so grateful for out of this world energies that come to help us, that we must honor, worship them! No! if there is something we learn on this journey is that there is no such thing as worship at all and if they want to help us, that is part of their mission for some reason, and this is reason enough to put you on the same level of them ok’?
Feel safe by being you, connect with yourself… yourself is always the best connection and channel. At those moments, come back to where your physical body is, enjoy life, feel your body, feel your senses and make the decisions you want for you at that moment! Just be yourself at all moments! Say no! say yes to you! and to loving feelings! always!






The BLUE RAY is one of the metaphysical system of Angelic rainbow colors. Each colored wave is related to a certain frequency of divine light and it`s vibration is related to different Angels with different missions within the same divine plan; It is also related to different ascended Masters`rays.
The Blue Ray has the main purpose of guiding beings through their discovering of God and consequently, helping them to have the courage and strength to act according to the inner GOD-SELF.
The Ascended Master Lord Sirius is the Director of the Blue Ray. Previously was El Morya; With this ray works Archangel Michael and Saint Faith. The Elohims are: Hercules and Amazonia. The planetary retreat is: the Etheric Cities of John.
The qualities and divine purposes are: Will of God, illuminated faith, protection, decision, unity, intuition, divine order, direction, determination, fearless, perception, initiative, trust, victory, acknowledgment of the I AM above every thing else, acknowledgment of the I AM AS THE INFINITE – Alpha and Omega,the first cause and the identification of the WHOLE in everything.
As a powerful being, you can use,yourself the powerful Blue Ray.You can Invoke it and connect with it by speaking, thinking, asking, visualizing, etc. It gives you the best protection! You can use it to heal yourself. Here just an example, which gives you health and all the qualities i spoke of above: invoke and visualizing the Blue Ray entering your body through your throat chakra and spreading all over your chakras,body and aura, can help you unblocking several health and emotional issues as well as giving will to pursuit your personal and sacred mission. 
The crystals associated with the Blue Ray are mainly:  lapis lazuli, sapphire.





translated & presented by Sandris Sneibe

Thank You RUSSIA, thank You OKSANA TAKEDA for sharing this GREAT information!


This wonderful practice I opened a Himalayan yogi Jude Mirra, Shambhala messenger when I was meditating in a mysterious cave, hidden in one of the gorges of the Great Himalayan range. There is a tradition that in this cave meditating yoga great Shakyamuni Buddha, Milarepa, Padmasambhava. Here stay Jesus Christ during his eighteen-year journey through the Himalayas.

Jude Mirra appeared suddenly at night, in the fire hearth I was able to see him. He was a tall, broad, muscular man without age. In person he was 35-40 years old. Her hair was dark, wavy hair hung down to the clavicles. He was bare-chested, barefoot in a loincloth, Though the night was cold to minus 20 degrees with the wind. His skin glistened, eyes were sharp, sensitive and strict at the same time. We had several meetings and conversations. He told me the techniques that allow a person to be young as old as he wishes.

Mirra Himself Jada as it turned out he said it was more than a thousand years, but I’ve seen how easy it is moved through the mountains, rocks, snow, though his weight disappeared. He could go into the existence of energy – converted into light and move in the universe. One day he showed me this ability. His body turned out – were visible internal organs, but they, too, were glowing. Then Yogi brought his body into a ball and flew out of the cave. He said that in the future mankind will go into energy exist, people are transformed into the body and light body people will occupy the universe.

This practice of “irreversible rejuvenation or practice of the Great Transition,” as he called her a messenger of Shambhala, stored primarily in secret and passed on only to initiates. But in view of the fact that mankind has approached the Great Shift, he opened it to me to give it to the people so that they could change the nature of his body and go through great energy changes, which have to go to mankind in the near future.

Practice irreversible healing, rejuvenation, transformation of mind and body, or the practice of the Great Transition
Be one step in front of a chair or the chair on which you will create the image of irreversible rejuvenation (standing can be done).

Close your eyes and say to yourself:

“Now in front of me created the image of irreversible healing and rejuvenation. This new state of the body, cells, nature of my body. This – a new being able to live freely and happily in all circumstances, including in the new world, which is formed after the Great Transition. ”
Then you need to make another deep breath, exhale, and immerse themselves in an irreversible way of rejuvenation, that is to sit on the chair, or take a step forward (if you make a practice of standing).

Immersed in an irreversible way of rejuvenation you need to surrender completely to the processes that will occur in the body cells. You will feel the heat waves of vibration, pulsation, fire. There are some that discomfort – this is normal, for healing, rejuvenation, transformation of human nature often goes through the aggravation, pressure, pain.

Going into the image of, say silently or aloud:

“I run the program irreversible healing, rejuvenation of my physical and spiritual nature. From now on, I will be healed, and younger by the minute, hour, day, regardless of my thoughts and actions. ”
Start impregnated rejuvenation state, breathing skin, head hair, arms, legs, torso, his whole body. Cells that received command will be pulled to the goal, “will climb to a new level of existence, of life in which no place for old age, disease, death.

Cells are diligent workers, as the climbers as it start to “climb” to new heights of youth, beauty, health. For example, we can take steps legs, move from one place to another, the same steps need to try to do the cells experience and help them in their movement is transformed. Feel, feel, how cells make these steps into a new existence.

Use the following statements, calls, commands:

“I hit the alarm, giving starting cells, all organs throughout the body to become healthy, forever young and beautiful.”

“I call my body cells to reorganize, move into a new state of perfect health, light and love.”

“I call heaven and earth energy, the energy of the sun and the galaxy, the energy of the universe and other worlds to heal, rejuvenate, transform my whole being.”

“I appeal to the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc …. go to a new
If you need to come up with their appeals, the body itself will tell you the right words, the key to start the process of physical, spiritual, energy renewal, rejuvenation of your nature.

Invent, create, Bring a new image of man, which will have to pass, what you will become. Do not limit yourself, dream to the maximum. Even if you are far behind … imagine yourself boy or girl.

In the image of irreversible rejuvenation see yourself clearly – what are your new eyes, a body height, hair, skin. Feel it, feel physiologically cells of the body, go for this new image, a new body.

Following this practice will occur miracles all around, the universe will begin to work on promoting you to the goal – the implementation of your goals. For example, suddenly there is a desire to run or yoga or renew such as changing diet and so on – accept these impulses and follow them!

The cells of the body in accordance with the task assigned to them will organize a new space, a new life and new impulses will come to you. Listen to them and follow them! The cells themselves will change your life, to guide you to organize your life so that you and transform themselves.

Calling for attracting energy to rejuvenate the earth, the sun, galaxy, universe, not only do we start the process of irreversible rejuvenation, but prepare yourself for the Great Shift. These cosmic energies have already started to come to the ground, gradually increasing. We call on them in all their strength and power, so they transformed and transformed our nature, in accordance with the new reality in which humankind will go after the Great Transition.

The process, which happens to a person in this practice is very complex, multi-faceted, multi-level, multidimention. After all, it involves all the structure of the universe: the macro and micro space, and the cells at the DNA level, its layers, energy levels and genes and all spiritual and material universe. Imagine what kind of transformation of the cells tested, when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a creature crawling creature goes into a flying !?

Before evolution was itself now for the first time consciousness involved in this process – our consciousness. We learn to control evolution, we can ask her program, we are able to construct new cells, a new reality, a new world. Because we are gods – have the power like a god of creation.

Therefore, you should understand that the magic of this practice not only in the start-up of irreversible processes of rejuvenation, but also in the transition of our nature, our cells in a new quality. Healing and rejuvenation – one of the properties of the larger process of transformation of the body, move it to a new cell crystal structure.

Do this practice, when it is convenient, as soon as you remember about it. Creates it every day, plunging into the image by 5-15 minutes. If you can not work, then just remember this image and he will act. The mere memory of the image already has an effect, it works, transforms you – so great and pervasive power of this practice.

You can make it easy to move, pause and take a step into the image, as if wearing it on themselves as energetic clothes. And go in these clothes, getting her transformative, anti-aging effects. You can, if you sit to imagine that the image of irreversible rejuvenation slides over the top of you or lowered as a cloud. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, the error can not be, you can come up with their own ways of entering the image of irreversible rejuvenation.

Do not look at myself in the mirror with the purpose to fix your positive changes, you do not see them, but you hear from others. Pay attention to what you are to say people fix them and learn. Your creature will change gradually because, all the great changes occur imperceptibly. You do not notice how to grow hair, but they are growing! And you just quietly, slowly, will gradually move to become the person that you have created in the image of irreversible rejuvenation. With you, miracles will happen to your body. You’ll start to think in a new way, to hear, see, feel, touch the world celebrates it.

Change your environment that hinders your transition will leave itself will not sustain the new energies that will begin to radiate your new being. And those who will take your new energy divine light and love pervasive across from you will become closer. New people will come to the place, which is released by those for whom the light and love unbearable.

Your spirit will begin to change your mind will become clear, become fresh, young, cheerful, spring. And now imagine that you are with new eyes will be looking at himself in the mirror. What do you see? Suddenly you will see the first time a more adult than they were before, even though you are actually getting younger. The world will give you signs of rejuvenation, to tell you this, but do you see the opposite! That is why a recommendation is less to look at myself in the mirror. YOUR MIRROR IS THE WORLD!

Translated by Google.